February 19, 2018

About Prepared Christian

When it comes to preparedness, I think many Christians might wonder if they are showing a lack of faith by stocking up on food and other supplies. I had some of those same questions and concerns and in ”Is Preparedness a Sin?” I list some of the questions and answers I had. 

”Scripture Related to Preparedness” shows you that God has called His people to prepare many times throughout the Bible and how we can use Scripture to be prudent in today’s world.

There are many preparedness/survival sites out there that have a wealth of information. Most don’t touch on faith. Those that do often feel like faith takes a back seat to preparedness, at least in my opinion. I put Christ first and I will attempt to provide a Christian world-view on preparedness related topics.

Over the last few years I’ve visited many sites and bulletin boards. Some were helpful and others not so much. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and found some very useful sites. I will attempt to compile this information and add my own take to it.

That being said, the information I’ll provide should be viewed as “best practice” and not a hard and fast rule. I make every effort to provide accurate information. If you think I’m wrong on something, please let me know and I’ll make every effort to verify. If I’m wrong I’ll make corrections.

This site isn’t denominational; it’s about preparing the body of Christ, not arguing over who is in it. While I know that there have been prophecies in many churches regarding preparedness, I am not covering them on this site. This isn’t a place for “The End Is Nigh”. It may or may not be, no one knows but the Father. We prepare for the things that can happen between now and then.

We live in a world that has some real dangers but this isn’t a place to dwell on gloom and doom. I may cover some topics that aren’t exactly puppies and rainbows. That being said; Jesus reigns and there is no room for fear. This also isn’t a place for extremism. By that I mean Branch Davidian’s, Hutaree or any other group that uses God or a distortion of Christianity to fuel any agenda.