June 25, 2017

About Prepared Christian

When it comes to preparedness, I think many Christians might wonder if they are showing a lack of faith by stocking up on food and other supplies. I had some of those same questions and concerns and in ”Is Preparedness a Sin?” I list some of the questions and answers I had. 

”Scripture Related to Preparedness” shows you that God has called His people to prepare many times throughout the Bible and how we can use Scripture to be prudent in today’s world.

There are many preparedness/survival sites out there that have a wealth of information. Most don’t touch on faith. Those that do often feel like faith takes a back seat to preparedness, at least in my opinion. I put Christ first and I will attempt to provide a Christian world-view on preparedness related topics.

Over the last few years I’ve visited many sites and bulletin boards. Some were helpful and others not so much. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and found some very useful sites. I will attempt to compile this information and add my own take to it.

That being said, the information I’ll provide should be viewed as “best practice” and not a hard and fast rule. I make every effort to provide accurate information. If you think I’m wrong on something, please let me know and I’ll make every effort to verify. If I’m wrong I’ll make corrections.

This site isn’t denominational; it’s about preparing the body of Christ, not arguing over who is in it. While I know that there have been prophecies in many churches regarding preparedness, I am not covering them on this site. This isn’t a place for “The End Is Nigh”. It may or may not be, no one knows but the Father. We prepare for the things that can happen between now and then.

We live in a world that has some real dangers but this isn’t a place to dwell on gloom and doom. I may cover some topics that aren’t exactly puppies and rainbows. That being said; Jesus reigns and there is no room for fear. This also isn’t a place for extremism. By that I mean Branch Davidian’s, Hutaree or any other group that uses God or a distortion of Christianity to fuel any agenda.


  1. Gina LaPan says:

    Thanks for putting this all together for us Christian to read. My husband and I are putting together a preparedness class at our church and I made reference to your website for them to learn more. Blessings; Gina

    • My pleasure Gina, thank you for mentioning the site. Bless you and your husband for putting together a preparedness class.

  2. Thank you for this site. I have been struggling with my decision to prepare. While my husband supports this decision and has been wonderful helping to prepare (ie: food, personal supplies, etc.) we had a discussion that continues to disturb me.

    Here is a short version. My brother in law and his wife do not save anything..not a dime. They are constantly mentioning being short on money, food, etc. yet dump major money into things instead of paying bills and saving.

    We know that if things get much harder, stores not having food or supplies, that our 2 grown boys will probably be bringing their families to our home. This leads to the what do we do problem. In the story, the ant and the grasshopper, the ant had to make the grasshopper leave to die. If we make the decision to add my brother in law and his wife to our limited supply…their 2 grown children (spouses and children) will expect same.

    We are constantly hearing how ‘family is to help family’ from them…however major money has been handed over with none being paid back, since Jan we have purchased a shower head and clothes dryer for them and when the water heater broke they had their hand out. This doesn’t even touch the money over the last 10 years we have given by paying past due bills and repairs at their home while we went without or put our bills on payment plans. We made the decision Jan 1 2012 to stop after the purchase of shower head and dryer with no money being offered to pay back.

    What is the right thing to do here? wow this turned out a lot longer than I had planned but I want to do the right thing. Do we prepare for ourselves and our children/grandchildren…do we automatically add additional family? How does someone make these decisions when so totally confused?

    Thank you for any help on this. God bless.

    • My pleasure Nancy. I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer this, but I’ll give you my opinion.

      This is my personal stance on helping those who don’t help themselves, family or not. I don’t help, at least not twice. Scripture goes both ways. Jesus tells us to lend without concern of being paid back, but I’m not sure He meant that literally. In other scripture He tells the disciples to shake the dust from their sandals if a town won’t welcome them. In Proverbs 6:6 – 6:11, Solomon tells of taking a lesson from the ants, and being struck with poverty for not working.

      Now my $.02 on your situation; you and your husband lent without worry of being paid back (you would have preferred it, but lent to them nonetheless). It might be time to shake the dust. You could always store some beans and rice for them, they would eat, but it wouldn’t be fancy.

      I hope that helps some. Pray, ask for guidance, I’ll pray for it for you as well.

      God bless,


      • Chris
        thank you for your answer. This is exactly what I needed to be reminded of. So many times we find we give and give only to then be told that we ‘have to’ help.

        We have struggled terribly with the decision to close the ‘purse’ and not help unless it’s life or death. This decision has been met with pushing and some bullying but we have stood firm now for 2 months..not a long time but each day is getting easier.

        My husband and I discussed at length your response and both feel that this is exactly what we needed to hear, struggled because we worried and couldn’t find the answer and yet knew it was there.

        After posting, we both prayed about what we needed to know and the answer has really given me personally relief that we are doing the right thing. 2 months and counting sometimes daily that this is not our money/our things but the Lord’s and we have to be be good stewards.

        Thank you again and God Bless

        • Hi Nancy,
          I’m glad that you and your husband found affirmation in what I had to say. Be ready for satan to attack you with guild and condemnation, that you’re not being true family to your in-laws. The truth is that those who are in Christ do not have condemnation. If you have brought this before to the Lord and are open to His leading and correction, and have His peace, stand in that.

          Timothy 5:8 comes to mind, “But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”

          In my way of thinking, If I apply this verse to your situation, you and your husband are not responsible for your brother in laws house, he and his wife are.


        • Nancy, closing the purse is the right thing to do I think, however I would prepare foodstuffs for your kids. Right now it’s easy to talk about ants and grasshoppers, but when you see your kids and grand kids starving that will go out the window. It will not hurt them to struggle in the present from your closed purse, but to be hungry with no relief in sight is another issue. We have struggled with this same issue in our family. God Bless

  3. I am an out of state college student living in the dorms on a scholarship and I have always wanted to start preparing for emergency situations, it’s just I never knew where to begin. I definitely got to thinking about this more after Hurricane Sandy that affected my home state in NY. How should I begin? I already prayed to the Lord for guidance today, and so any help from my fellow brethren will be much appreciated. Thanks, God Bless

  4. Peace I just found this site after taking a hiatus for several weeks from preparedness end-times discussions. I had found i was living in fear and the enemy was using this to influence my trust or lack thereof with God. My question is this I come from a VERY strong matriarchal background, since surrendering my life to the Lord I have been convicted about submission and allowing my husband to lead the family. I must admit this has been a struggle but I have gotten MUCH better and continue to let the Lord lead me. My husband isn’t into this. He sees the days we are in and acknowledges it but won’t really take the next step. I have always wanted to live more self sufficient ultimately having land and homesteading (even before Christ and this awareness). I believe God put these desires in my heart yet why would he if I am to be in submission to a man who doesn’t feel the urgency as i do. he would say it’s because of employment and that is very real and valid but there have been decisions he could have made in our recent past that would have brought us closer to this goal. I love my mate and know he loves the Lord but feel conflicted. I had resolved to be here (an extremely urban environment, we live right across the street from a homeless shelter and I know those in such heartbreaking circumstances won’t continue to watch those that have live in there bubbles of protection). My apologies for rambling. i am now finding a balance and don’t wrong or less faithful for having a preparing mindset. It just seems wise and smart. Any advice would help. I know ultimately it’s between my Lord, husband and self but I am sure others are having similar challenges. Even if things never got worse I still want to rear our children in a less urban environment.

    • Welcome, I am glad you found the site. I guess if I was in your shoes I would let my wife know that the Lord has put this on my heart and I believe that He wants us to be more prepared, and eventually to move to a more rural environment. I recently wrote an article on talking to spouses who don’t see eye to eye on preparedness, I will link it below. Pray for your husband, for wisdom and for the Lord to guide you both.


  5. Richard Collins says:

    Thanks for this site, my wife and I have been prepping just a little while and being a pastor I felt for a while that we have been called to prep, and thanks to your site and your studies, I have taken your findings and studied and meditated and find that you are right on. I am now praying for guidance on how to share prepping with my congregation along with some other things I have found in studying Mat 24.
    Thanks again.!!

    • It’s my pleasure, I am glad you were led here. Its good to hear you’re thinking of sharing preparedness with your congregation. If you do a sermon on preparedness and record it, if you’re willing to share it, I would be willing to host it for others to listen to.

      Also if you would like a sounding board feel free to email me.

  6. Thank you for this insight … as a Christian I had the same questions that you posted and answered .. glad to read that I am not alone.

    • Chris Ray says:

      Hi Mike,

      My pleasure, I’m glad you found the site and got some confirmation. I wondered if there were others out there that God was calling to prepare, and I am amazed at hoe many people I see come to the blog searching for others.

  7. One of the most profound Bible lessons that should teach us to be prepared and stocked up would be the the story of the 10 virgins in Matthew 5. 5 were wise and 5 were foolish. They waited patiently for the groom to appear and kept their lamps lit. However, when he finally appeared, the 5 foolish virgins’ oil ran out. The 5 wise virgins would not share as it was now too late. I realize this also teaches about salvation and being prepared but the lesson is still obvious that, as much as a Christian may want to help someone, God has also provided limits. We are not required to help someone who did not help themselves when they could. Its a mighty hard decision and I hope I never have to decide who I must be choose between to share what I have.

    • Chris Ray says:

      I like the parable, I have seen it used for salvation, preparedness and even being filled with the Holy Spirit. I to hope I never have to decide to help someone who wasn’t for whatever reason prepared.

  8. Jurgen Finch says:

    First I would like to thank you for putting this site together. I would like to start a group based on you ideas at my church here at Athens Michigan. I also would like to thank you for posting the bill of rights on the blog. Have you ever thought about sharing your thoughts on the Monroe Doctrine 1823. I think it would be a good Idea to share since there is a false statement about Russian troops helping Homeland Security with security of the US.

    • Chris Ray says:

      You’re welcome. It is my pleasure and my calling.

      I haven’t considered writing on the Monroe doctrine, but I will consider it now.

  9. My wife and I had a long conversation about the recent article on the end of America. we downloaded the book and have begun the journey with you. there is a lot of confirmation to us because my wife and I have flirted with this view several times. we look forward to this study with you and it is in our prayers. I will will be paying this on to four or five like minded people.I truly believe we have opportunity to make a difference.
    God bless

    • Chris Ray says:

      Fantastic, glad to have more of us joining is the study and prayer. I saw you’ve joined the forum, glad to have you.

  10. Chris, thanks for your well thought out commentaries. very helpful and well balanced and practical. So much is out there just pushing an agenda, or merchandise. You have laid out common sense viewpoint on the unknown that is excellent and not something out there on the fringe.

  11. Hi Chris,

    My husband and I began prepping a few years ago. He was the one who rolled up his sleeves and got us prepared. He researched, read books, looked over sites, built what we may need, etc. While I researched, I looked for a Christian perspective and found a few. I was reading an article on a ministry site on the computer, when I accidentally hit some keys and then your site popped up. That was definitely the Lord! And I have enjoyed going through your site!

    You mentioned the Bible Camp for preppers and I cannot tell you what an answer to prayer that is! I had mentioned to my husband,” I wish there was a Christian prepper camp or something we could go to as that would be such a blessing to meet other Christian preppers and learn more!”

    We are planning to move to the Northwest by the end of the year and currently live in California. Would you be planning one closer to us?

    Thank you for your site and for all you are doing!

    Blessings, Deana

    • Hi Deana,

      I love how God works, and steers us toward things.

      As of right now we’re not planning on travelling, but I am not putting God in a box, so we’ll see what He has in store.

  12. Christianmomto4 says:


    I was just recently informed of the need for prepping. I feel a bit lost as to how to go about getting started, keep a Christian perspective and get it all together before something happens! In your opinion, what is the top 3 things to do right now to get started?

    • Chris Ray says:

      I’m glad you have started!

      I would say this:
      1. get out of debt.
      2. get a means to purify water.
      3. get an extra weeks worth of food ASAP.

      these are not a stopping place obviously, but some first steps.

  13. It’s good to find a prep site for believers. Looking forward to reading it in detail. God bless you and your work in this field.

  14. Pastor Carl Gallups has recently published his latest book: — “Be Thou Prepared”. It’s available on Amazon and I’m sure other online sources. He makes the clear cut case that preparing is not only “allowed” by the Bible, but in fact – is mandated. It is a fun and interesting read which will alleviate many worries that Christians might have.

  15. Mr Handyman says:

    Virtually 99% of my friends both in and out of the church have little if any interest in being prepared for the unexpected. I prepared a list of about 15 scriptures from the OT that talk about how God warned people to get ready because He was sending judgment as well as scriptures in the NT that are similar teachings.
    I feel like the Lord has called me to be a watchman on the wall. (Read all about it in Nehemiah 4 and Ezekiel 33.) The watchman’s responsibility is to warn when he sees danger approaching. If he does and people listen, they are saved. If he warns and people don’t listen, people are lost. If he DOESN’T warn and people are lost, responsibility is on his head.
    I don’t intend to be quiet. People have a choice to bury their heads or take heed.

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