May 29, 2017

Are You Willing to be an Ark?

My mom told me years ago that she had a dream that people were coming to Trudee and I for help. We would give them a white container of supplies and send them on to a safer location. I’m not claiming this dream to be prophetic, but it has been on my mind lately. I was emailing with a reader a couple years ago and she said she felt like God was calling believers to prepare so we could be sent out like thousands of Noah’s Ark’s. This too has been on my mind lately.

I’m not going to tell you that it is your Christian responsibility to take care of those who didn’t prepare. In Why Should Christian’s Specifically Be Preparing? I cover this in greater detail, so I’m only going to touch on it here.

There are examples of us being told to care for the needy, and examples where God clearly states that if people do not prepare, they must suffer the consequences; what are we to do?

God told His people through Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream to stockpile food to last through a seven year draught. But when He called His people out of Egypt He had them depend on Him for daily manna. What are we to do?

Be obedient.

I’m not being holier-than-thou here; I struggle with this. I am of the belief that you get out what you put in. One of my favorite verses is Proverbs 27:12: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simpleton pass on and suffer for it.”

I have spent a lot of time, energy and money to prepare for my family. I feel, like I am sure many of you feel, that I am not going to take care of those who chose not to take care of themselves.

However, what if God is telling some not to prepare? What if there are people that, through no fault of their own, find themselves in need during a time of turmoil?

Does this mean that we have to help everyone who ever needs anything, regardless of the reason? “The simpleton passes on and suffers for it” tell me this isn’t the case.

So what do we do? How do we reconcile and make peace with the two viewpoints that could be seen as competing? Being prudent and preparing, and possibly being God’s hands and feet and taking care of someone who “Is suffering for it”?

Listen for the still small voice and be obedient!

I believe that everything I own is God’s, and I am just the steward of it. A good steward doesn’t give away everything he is charged with taking care of. But a good steward isn’t prideful, thinking “I have spent a lot of time, energy and money to prepare for my family and everyone else be damned.”

Like I said, I am struggling through this.

Bringing this back to the top of this article; are you willing to be an Ark? Maybe that means giving aid to someone in dire need; maybe that means giving them some meager supplies and sending them on to a safer place. It could mean you do nothing, as sometimes I think Father just wants to see that we’re listening and willing.

I’ll ask again, are you willing to be an Ark?


There have been some comments made about how to give, and it was mentioned that James Wesley Rawles encourages people to give to their local Church. I do as well, for a few different reasons, you can read about it here: Lessons from the Bible on Anonymity

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  1. Ann Wynne says:

    God has given me a large piece of land and I believe that was so that there will be room for others when the time comes. I have prayed for a long time on how to handle this exact issue because there are a lot of people out there who would be willing to just kill you and take what they want. I have come to the conclusion that if someone is supposed to be here God will tell them to come. Not only will God tell them to come but they will tell us without prompting that God told them to come. They will also need to be willing to work and help provide for themselves for we are told that by the sweat of our brow shall we eat.

  2. FreedmLvr says:

    I found this interesting because for some time now I have been saving containers. That is not something I usually do. So I attribute it to the ‘still small voice of God’ telling me that I will/may need them to hand out food to others less prepared. Never really thought that much about it until I read this. In fact, at times I struggle with myself and the attitude of well, ‘they have access to the same information that I do’. And yet, I know full well, God has blessed me richly not just for my sake but also to help others. I trust the Lord will work within me when the time comes.

  3. Chris,

    Your mother’s dream is interesting to me. Several years ago I started saving some white containers from a product that I was using regularly. I didn’t know why I was saving them at the time but I just couldn’t bear to throw them away. It dawned on me about a year ago that they were the perfect size for a couple of bottles of water, some food rations, a pocket Bible, some hygiene and other supplies. I would find it very difficult to send someone away with nothing but it wouldn’t be right to risk my family’s safety over someone who had chosen not to prepare. This pile of white containers has given me peace in that I can prepackage modest little emergency kits to discreetly give away while hopefully minimizing the risk to what I have put up for my children. White containers…


  4. Son of Liberty says:

    As an ordained Christian Missionary/Minister, this is an area I struggle with as well. I certainly agree wholeheartedly that what I have is not my own, and I am just a trustee/steward of God’s things. Though living in Alaska, I regularly prepare for at least four to six family members who will be here when things go south – though I confess I don’t know if they will come or not. It’s a long way from the mid-west.

    I am very reluctant to be of any long term significant help to anyone who has not prepared – as the signs are all around them, and the teaching/preaching on getting prepared for the time of tribulation is all around us – sometimes almost smothering. Friends – If I know they’ve done their best. If I do help the stranger it will be meager, I’m sure.

    Having pastored for years, I can tell you that people can give you some really sob stories about their situation – and can be very believable. Even now, when things have NOT gone south.

    It will be a struggle, and I like the J. W. Rawles suggestion – give through your local church without people knowing the donor for OPSEC reasons.


    Son of Liberty

    • Chris Ray says:

      you bring up some good points, thank you.

      I agree with Mr. Rawles, and added an edit to the article. I wrote about giving in secret once before, and doing so through a church is a great idea. See the article for a link.

  5. It’s a dilemma of who to help and who not to help. To me it would boil down to the need. If they look in need and ask/beg for help then I’d be inclined to help as much as possible. If they don’t look in need or demand help I’d pass them by.
    As far as accepting anyone in need into the family it would boil down to what talent and skills they have and their demeanor and personality. Would they fit. They would necessarily have to be a Christian, they could be agnostic and still be good people.
    If we have a firm belief in God and trust His Word we will know what to do. It will be common sense for us to share or not. We could be turning away an evil person but on the other hand we could be rejecting an Angel. Hopefully that makes sense.

    • Chris Ray says:

      I agree, the criteria for me is need as well. there are some great non-Christians, and some Christians that aren’t so great.

  6. I LOVE this. I feel like I benefit from other’s talents and gifts right now and I would be willing to share what I have when them should the need arise and I felt prompted to by God. Thanks! Shared on facebook!

  7. Jim Moore says:

    I’m willing to be an Ark, but I would rather God shut the door and seal it until it’s all over.

    An age old question, I’m sure we’re not the first to wrestle with this. Lots of great input already. I hope the Holy Spirit will guide and direct each of us when the time comes to make such decisions. As for right now I believe the honor is in being actively pursuing God’s best intent for us as those He has chosen to prepare. That takes into account doing what we can to provide for our families and our neighbors, to an extent. I agree the wisest way may be to donate through a local organization, if you find one you trust.

    The biggest impression this conversation has made upon me though, comes from Proverbs also; Proverbs 15:22 – Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counselors they are established. Plus, Proverbs 24:6 – For by wise counsel you will wage your own war, And in a multitude of counselors there is safety.

    Throughout the Bible and human history, we find tribes. I believe it will take a tribe to survive the coming days. Call it Church, a village, community or whatever, I believe a group of people (at least 12) coming together in common cause and protection will the most survivable format for sustainability when this society collapses. That tribe will help make those hard decisions (a multitude of counselors) and bear the consequences whichever way the decisions go.

    So, preaching to myself, I need to prepare with a tribe mentality, even though I’m not currently part of a tribe and live in near isolation. That’s my struggle.

    Chris, I’m sorry for your struggle. Be encouraged Brother. Many will suffer far less because of your dedication to the Lord in sharing this Blog and all of the wonderful information you thoughtfully put here. The knowledge, wisdom and practical information you supply and publish here, I see as a white (page) container propelling me and many others to a safer and more informed place.

    As for any of our struggles, I love the direction Proverbs gives us to not lean on our own understanding.

  8. My husband & I have had similar leanings to gather & store both food for the soul & the body. We believe & have for some time that we will be okay if something happens that turns our way of life upside down. But we also believe that if the rapture happens then we have layed up stores for those that The Lord has chosen & that He will lead them to our home where they will be nourished & prepared for the road they must now walk.

  9. Dianna
    This is also our approach. We are watching and waiting – but none of us know what will transpire in that “waiting period.” I know Our Father loves and cares for all those who will miss the Trump of God – but our preparations will help them through.
    I also watch for the smaller sized items when they go on sale. I have many extra little bottles of Dawn, rice, matches, candles, etc. which are all “extras” for giving away.

    • Margaret,

      Thank you for responding. We believed that there were other Christians being led in the same way but it’s not something we talk about to each other locally & we feel the need to be so guarded about what we’re doing. You’ve given me some great ideas for future purchases as well & I thank you for that! May God bless each of us with the path He has put us on! :-)

  10. Wow! Really great to know that I’m not just one of only a few who feel that they have had a calling about this. I have felt that God called me to THIS piece of land for a specific reason and I have let all my family members know that if things go “south”, that they have a place to come.

  11. Papa Bear says:

    There are many ways to be an ark. I live on the gulf coast so my primary preps are for a hurricane. As a Katrina survivor I found out the importanc of having a generator to keep the refigerator and freezer running. I also have neighbors who are diabetic and on insulon. They know that in the event of a long term power outage they can keep their insulin in my fridge. I believe in helping others BUT that help should be planned for. I can not provide for everyone so I also plan to defend my preps, Including my generator!

  12. I don’t think you are alone in your assessment Chris. With natural disaster after natural disaster occurring, why would anyone question one’s need to prepare for such an incident.

  13. willard grimes says:

    Sharing would be great in a perfect world, but it simply will not work, and will only bring disaster to your efforts to survive if you so much as allow one nonprepper into your life after the grid goes down. Please understand we are not talking about your local run of the mill hurricane, flood, drought, or whatever. When the grid goes down you must have a fail safe plan that you and your family have tried over and over and ironed out all the rough spots. Remember, a plan that has not been practiced to perfection is not a plan at all, just a fragmented figment of one’s imagination. If you have any doubts about this then just walk up to your spouse or children and give them 15 minutes to get their short term bug out bag packed. Fifteen minutes to decide what to take, what to leave behind, what route to take, where to take your first rest break, where to get water, where to meet other family members, what to do if the family members don’t show up on time and at the right place etc, you get the picture. You and your loved ones have one chance, and one chance only, to survive. In fact things may get so bad that survival may not even be an option for the most well prepared, just rather a matter of how far we can live into it. Honestly, no disrespect intended, do any of you really realize what we are facing when the grid collapses, and it will, guaranteed. Our own government officals are estimating a minimum of 300,000,000 deaths in America during the first year of no electricity via choas, disease, and violence. That’s 9 out of 10 of us folks. Even my military training or living in Sudan does not prepare me for what is coming upon our once great land. Have you purchased life straws for water filtation? Have you stopped to consider that it will be virtully impossible to retrieve your children from day care if you live in a large city? Imagine the traffic jams and how long it would take to walk to the day care center, if you could make it at all. Would your children even be there if you could get there…hours…days…weeks later? Would your home be there? Panic at every turn. People going insane right before your very eyes. Total choas, bedlam on every street corner and all points in between. Looting such as the world has never seen. Complete breakdown of law enforcement and emergency medical services. Fire departments overwhelmed…sewage backing up in every home! These things will happen in minutes, not days. Yet, you can greatly increase the odds of survival if you can plan a viable all emcompassing practiced plan The largest most important part, and the most simple to do, is the one thing people seemingly never think about, and that is rearranging your life now to fit hand in glove with the prepardness plan you have devised. What possible good is your plan if you yourself don’t fit in to the plan!!! Could you eat your prepper food, all snug and warm in your tent or bunker while your children are starving just a few miles away? If you live in a large city, get out, no exceptions, get out, and get out now or die in it later. It’s that simple. You are not Chuck Norris and this is not a Brad Pitt movie, get out before the lights go out. You respond, I can’t, I have bills, I work here…then get a job in the country at a quarter on the dollar of what you are making now. I’m uprooting my life…you can always put down roots somewhere else. I can’t live without all the conveniences…what a shame to live with all the conviences and then become a bloated body on the street without the convience of a decent funeral. Think, folks, think, stop worrying about what all the family members and friends want you to do. Make a plan, work the plan, and get out of that city. Don’t even be concerned about the countryside becoming overpopulated, ’cause not one in ten thousand city dwellers will ever head for the city limit sign until it is one second to late. Just like Noah’s Ark, when the door is shut eg. the lights go out then the the door is closed and it will never reopen. NEVER! This is the other part of the plan people just don’t grasp…things will never get better folks.NEVER! It’s over when the grid goes kaput. If you can’t survive on your pf [prepper food] until you can learn to survive indefinitely by scavenging, foraging, hunting, and fishing then you are in dire straits and help is not coming today, tomorrow, or ever. Have you taken a thought to cancelling this year’s vacation and purchasing night vision equipment with lots of extra batteries or other items such as bullet proof vests or six inch schedule 40 pvc pipe to fill with long shelf life food and bury the pvc along your route? Have you? No, again, not one in 10,000 will ever give thought to such items until someone that has a night vision devise conks them over the head in the middle of the night. Have you spent the night in a shallow tarp covered hole that you dug yourself? Probably not is the safe bet. Do you have mosquito netting? Do you know how to identify the North Star and travel without a compass at night because travelling at night on foot is the only way you will survive for very long. We could lick this calf all day, but it will never stand up and suckle until you get a viable, failsafe plan and work that plan to the inth degree of prefection…see you in the woods on a dark and stormy night…oh yes I have night vision. I love every prepper out there, just wish you were better prepared. Unless the Lord calls me home I’ll always be available at and yes I would be happy to hear from you and please remember, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. Another big problem is people want to hide in the dark and not associate with other preppers. We live in Victoria, TX., so if you are ever down this way stop by for lunch. We can learn from each other. PS, smokers can’t smoke in the house. God bless all and may He richly bless and guide you through the darkness ahead. Rest assured He has night vision that doesn’t require AA batteries.

    • Chris Ray says:

      Willard my friend, that was a hard read, next time add a few paragraphs for me please lol.

      You list a scenarios that is a worse case breakdown. While the grid totally collapsing nationwide is a possibility, it is very unlikely. I’ve written about the kinds of events it would take, EMP, solar events and coordinated electronic warfare. I think Iran or North Korea would love to use an EMP over our coast, but wanting to do something, and being able to do it are to different things.

      if we do see a complete nationwide grid collapse, yes there will be chaos. But there are countless other things that actually happen, that we should be preparing for.

      • willard grimes says:

        Chris Ray you are correct in the worst case scenerio, but after being in Sudan and other so called third world countries it is just very, very difficult for me to fathom how Americans can live at all without electricity. Believe me I sincerely hope you are correct when you say the grid cannot or should not collapse entirely. The technology to build a super emp weapon capable of putting five million volts per square meter into the atmosphere is already in the hands of Vladimir Putin and he has given the schematics and know how to the North Koreans. China just blasted a Japanese satellite with an emp and Iran is continually looking for a way to develop asymetrical warfare against us and our allies. Again, hopefully you are correct. Nothing would suit me better than to die at 110 without ever needing one teaspoon of my dehydrated food and other stuffs. Either way brother, stay grounded and settled in the faith, and see you at His feet.

  14. However, what if God is telling some not to prepare

    Not happening and not gonna happen.
    No way!
    According to His scripture:

    I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

    • Chris Ray says:

      sorry Jayjay but you’re wrong. For you to be right there could not be one example in the Bible of God telling people not to prepare, to depend on Him. I can’t think of the verse, but He told the demanded the Jews coming out of Egypt depend on him for daily manna. He also had Elijah depend on Him for food sent by ravens.

      You took what I said to the extreme. What I am saying is that we have to be open to what God calls us to do. If He never asks you to share what you’ve prepared, then by all means don’t. But if he had you prepare, and calls you to donate some food anonymously to your church, and you ignore Him, now you’ve sinned

      Some people in these comments have stated they plan to share openly. I don’t think that is the best idea, but who am I to say what God did or did not tell them to do?

      yes everyone should provide for themselves, but happen to believe it is still possible for God to command people to depend on Him for daily bread.

  15. These are NOT biblical times. When I share my provisions I have sacrificed to save(what is cable, vacation, movie out, hair cuts again??) for, I am setting myself up to be murdered, raped, tortured by the element that do these things.
    Are you willing to do that to your sons and daughters??
    You may have to watch.
    Why are those elements any different than me?
    I will feed the children and disabled–that is what Jesus did and so will I–but not at the expense of dying and getting my family killed…or worse.

    • Chris Ray says:

      you make it sound like the only option is to open your doors and advertise that you’ve got good stuff inside. I am a firm believer in giving in secret. Either donate privately to your Church, or find another way.

      For those who feel led to help from their land, no one said they had to help everyone, and do so without a firearm on their hip, and guards helping as well.

  16. willard grimes says:

    Right on jay jay, even Paul said, “Those that don’t work shoud not eat”. Just can’t get any clearer than that, and prepping is work. The only people I will help, and I don’t say this arrogantly, are the children who were too young to know better, and pregnant women. Not providing for the unborn is a salvation issue regardless of the mother and her beliefs. See you in the dark JayJay…maybe you would swap me a life straw for some snickers bars…maybe! Thanks and God bless!

    • Chris Ray says:

      Ok, what about the family that did prepare, and their house caught fire?

      You and Jayjay are taking this to one far extreme and ignoring any chance that God might work outside of the box as you see it.

      • willard grimes says:

        Chris please don’t make us out to be the bad guys here, please. If someone’s house burned we would help anyway we could. The first item on the next prepping list though would be a good fire extinguisher. Such a scenerio is why all my stuff is in a homemade bunker in the backyard. Dug it by hand with a shovel, eight feet long, four feet wide, ten feet deep, timbered with treated posts and lumber, complete with an entrance stairwell, and all for less than a thousand bucks. Put three feet of dirt back on top to stop radioactive radiation and disguised it with a planter box on top and hope to be safe when the lights go out. Prepping that doesn’t account for every bad hair day situation is froth with potential disasters such as fires and so forth. Alas I hope a sinkhole doesn’t come my way!

        • Chris Ray says:

          I’m not trying to make anyone out to be the bad guy. You both went to Timothy 5 saying you wouldn’t help anyone. I am saying you can’t assume everyone in need is a societal leech who wasted their money on frivolous junk.

  17. willard grimes says:

    Ann Wynne would you please contact us at and discuss this property you are talking about. We cannot by any stretch of the imagination say we will definitely leave South Texas, but let’s have a conversation and see where it goes. We are somewhat elderly but in excellent health, and have no children so we travel lite and aren’t afraid to work. Well, it scares us, but we still do it. ha ha! Christ bless and be safe and best of luck with your new endeavour.

  18. My ideas on charity.
    People ask- “Speak to us of Charity”. *putting on my thinking cap*
    We should all have a plan for many situations. Charity is no different. You don’t want to look like you are the neighborhood food bank to everyone who did not prepare for emergencies. Neither do you want to look like a prize for a newly-formed street gang to knock over. Nor do you want your relatives and friends to be spreading rumors about you, saying that you are a stingy SO and SO who has plenty, but just won’t share. So you should have a plan. Your plan probably won’t be the same as mine, but here is mine.
    Family members have been told that they can come and stay on the following conditions- they must NOT demand changes to our lifestyle- (in our case, that means if they don’t like our pets, they should make other arrangements), and they must contribute in some meaningful way to the group. Grandma can’t drive the truck, but she can bake cornbread. Uncle Joe can’t lift heavy objects, but he can hunt. The little ones can’t can vegetables but they can watch each other and help with small chores and give food and water to the pets.
    Friends who show up in need will be given rice or beans (whichever we can spare- probably rice) and sent on their way. This is not likely, since most of our friends know how to take care of themselves, but then again, STUFF happens.
    Acquaintences and strangers will be directed to the local food bank. In our town, it is at one of the churches. We have both given to it, many times, and gotten food from it, once when I was unexpectedly laid off (before we were preppers). If they try to hang around, they will be encouraged to leave.
    At this point, the family members only know that we store bottled water. And not even our friends or neighbors know that we prep. All preps are kept out of sight.

  19. If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person? 1 John 3:17

    Wow Chris – you sure have everyone thinking and re-evaluating on this one. I want to state that contrary to one viewpoint – I believe we are are in “biblical days!!” No, we don’t use camels or donkeys – but what we see happening – wow – we know that we know we are in End Times.

    I find a huge contrast between believers – who embrace the Rapture and those who believe they are going to “tribulate!!”
    No scripture tells us to throw aside the Bible – because times are tough. We draw closer in prayer and ask Holy Spirit for direction more and more. I even ask Him to help me shop – and wow – does He love good bargains!! He has led me to them! :)

    Personally, I believe an EMP or flare will not happen till mid-way through the 7 years of tribulation because “all eyes” will see the 2 prophets raised from the dead. Those last 3.5 years – now that is when the worst of the worst will happen.

    We are told to be “wise as serpents yet gentle as doves!” Applying that to preparations – makes us quiet about what we do, but listening to our inner man – to know what to do, where to out it.

    This is getting serious – but because you are a Christian website – I can also say, “There is power in the Blood of Jesus!!” Preparing – means doing something in advance – – praying the Blood of Jesus – speaking Psalm 91 over our properties and families – we build up a wall of defense – in advance – and the more I choose to believe that – the stronger my God is faithful. He alone – puts me in the right place at the right time and blesses me when I go in and when I go out!!!
    Just because times may get very tough – doesn’t mean the Bible promises are less effective – my goodness – we need to make them more powerful!!!
    We are the Body of Christ – Greater is He who is in us – and if God is for us then who can be against us – and hey – if I get shot – to live is Christ and die is gain!!
    Blessings All

  20. Snake Plisken says:

    Chris, this is one of the most agonizing questions for a prepper. Especially a person who considers themselves a Christian.

    While i don’t have any immediate family in the area I do have friends with small children. I reckon I’ve come to the conclusion that if the kids are hungry then i’ll dole out some of my supplies to feed them. It’s not the kids fault that their parents haven’t taken any precautions against a short or long term. I’m angry with the parents for not having enough stocks on hand to get them thru a short term emergency while I’ve preached and preached to them to take some kind of rudimentary precautions in the event of a power outage or emergency event.

    I know that some of these desperate parents will show up at my door ( some of them with weapons ) and G-d forbid, it could escalate into violence because I live in a small community and they know I garden and have a large water and food cache.

    OTOH, they also know that while being a caring person, I’m one of those who is well armed and not afraid of using extreme violence to protect what’s mine. I’m hoping that will never occur.

    I do share the produce from my gardens with my neighbors ( and they share their produce with me ) and I’d like to think that buys me some protection and an advance warning system in SHTF situ.

    I’m still sorting thru this in my mind. Am I an Ark or a selfish non believer who has taken the precautions to survive when my neighbors have not? Does it boil down to my overwhelming Christian teaching to serve those less fortunate than myself because I’ve been blessed and risk death, rape or torture at the hands of those who are desperate?

    I just don’t know. Hopefully, G-d willing, I won’t have to face such things. However, I am prepared for either survival in harsh conditions or to meet my Maker.

    Snake Plisken

    • Chris Ray says:

      you’re right, there are no easy answers, hence me struggling with this as well. I to hope I never have to make this decision.

  21. Chris, just a minor quibble: The Bible doesn’t commend being **primarily** guided by listening out for a “still small voice.” That modern idea came from 1 Kings 19:12. But do you see in context God commending this as the way to know His will? If so, please point it out to me. I missed it. I see in context that “the work of God need not always be accompanied by dramatic revelation or manifestations. Divine silence does not necessarily mean divine inactivity.” (Source:

    Quite the opposite, if you read the context, you’ll see God directing Elijah using a normal voice both before and after the “still small voice.” God’s direction did not come via the whisper. It only came via the normal voice. In fact, we’re not even told what the whisper said, or even if it even had any words.

    The unfortunate side-effect of attepting to be **primarily** guided by still small voices, dreams, visions, fleeces, open doors, random Bible verses, casting lots, liver shivers, writing in the sky, etc., is that you tend to make decisions based on subjective interpretations. That dream you had might be God, the devil, an angel, a demon, or last night’s pizza. It unintentionally promotes a kind of mysticism, that God’s will is found **primarily** through the subjective. It unintentionally promotes the idea that the Bible isn’t sufficient.

    You may have noticed I said three times, “primarily.” I don’t /entirely/ rule out the subjective. I do believe modern-day prophecy is legitimate, possibly including dreams. Subjective entities such as circumstances (e.g. “open doors”) can be useful. The very effective George Muller understood the role circumstances play in helping to know God’s will. And if you know anything about George Muller, you’ll know he was very clued in to God’s will. But the subjective always took a back seat for him.

    Primarily, George went to the Word. How do you know what God’s will is? Meditate on the Word. Memorize the Word. “But I couldn’t find a Bible verse that applies to my situation.” Sometimes a verse doesn’t seem like it applies until after long and careful thought. The more you meditate on and memorize the Word every day, the more you’ll see which verses apply to which decisions. Sometimes a verse applies, but in a different way than you might expect. For example, the Bible doesn’t tell you what kind of car to drive, but it does tell you how to use your money. This kind of help doesn’t come with a “Bible as an encyclopedia” approach, only with regular meditation and memorization.

    Here’s more from Muller on seeking God’s will:

    Here’s a great message (I’ve listened several times) from a guy who has a lot of helpful things to say on the subject. He does seem to dismiss /any/ subjective help, which I believe is a mistake. But on the whole, this is worth hearing, and it’s free:

    Here’s the book related to that message, if you’d rather read something:

    In summary, the subjective can be helpful, but it’s not primary. God’s primary “voice” is His Word. Meditate on it. Memorize it.

    As I said, this is only a minor quibble. I’m not dismissing the rest of your article :-)

    • Chris Ray says:

      I think you’re taking what I said and running with it.

      What you’re saying is correct, however I cannot explain every aspect of every point I make in every article.

      • It was just a minor quibble, and if you already understand the concepts that’s fine, then my comments are for everyone else :-)

  22. I believe my life’s calling is to be an Ark. But health has held me back. Constant fatigue, a lack of motivation, brain fog, coldness, lethargy, and other symptoms have been my companions for almost seven years. (Before you recommend some treatment, yes I’ve probably tried it :-) I’ve tried many, many things to heal.) After making many changes, this year has been my best year, but I’m still not healed.

    I’ve seen that the global financial system is incredibly hollow and could implode, leading to crime, disease, and death. And there are a number of other factors to be concerned about. It looks like a perfect storm is coming. So I’ve faced the very real possibility that I might die if the balloon goes up. The good news is I’ll be with Jesus. The bad news is I’ll leave behind a wife and kids. Or, they may die as well. This has helped me to get some motivation, but my wife and I definitely know we’re not ready yet. We know we’ll need much more strength, more skills, more resources, and more community, but we’ve got limited amounts on all of the above.

    Not to sell myself short though; The Lord has blessed me with computer skills, some conflict resolution skills (peacemaking), a rich theology, hope and perseverance in tribulation, resourcefulness and knowledge (you should see my library), some writing skills, a bit of gardening skill, a bit of mechanical skill, a bit of home repair skill, a desire to help the needy in the most appropriate ways that are best for them, some apologetic and evangelism skills, technical troubleshooting and problem-solving skills, and a bit of medical training. I have an excellent income but most of it gets absorbed in health costs. The Lord has worked in me honesty. I won’t lie or steal, and if I ever do accidentally slip into a white lie or accidentally get some advantage that’s not honest, the Spirit burns on me until I confess it and pay it back. (Don’t you love the Spirit?) The same if I say something offensive or rude. He is constantly provoking me to confess, and I am grateful.

    My mother-in-law would likely go with us wherever we go. She is not a Christian and can be quite a pistol if you cross her. Treat her well though, and she’ll treat you well. She is in a pretty good BOL but it is still uncomfortably close to crime spots. She is skilled as a homesteader. Raised chickens, goats, cows, gardens, etc., all on her own, even in her 60s. Tough bird, she.

    My wife is excellent at cooking a variety of tasty meals from scratch, has lots of knowledge of healthy eating, has practiced canning, dehydrating, preserving, and stretching out food. She too works our garden (lately, much more than me) and has begun bringing in small harvests. Like her mom, she can be a pistol if you cross her :-)

    We have three young kids who (in part due to my lack of energy) don’t have any skills beyond Minecraft. My daughter, we think she’s slightly autistic, thus she has zero skills.

    I’ve been wanting to hook up with other like-minded Ark folks. I want like crazy to learn the skills of self-sufficiency, to practice conflict resolution, then to turn around and teach these things to others, while sharing the gospel with them and making disciples. It’s been a dream for years. But I’m concerned that if I join a group, that my health and general lack of skills would make me a burden rather than an asset. Perhaps it depends on the group; If they’re strong enough, I won’t be a burden. My gaps would be made up by their strength. But if they’re strong enough, do they really need me?

    I expect that rather than being an Ark, I’ll be looking for an Ark for help. That is humbling, and I don’t know of any Arks who would take us in. But the Bible says to humble yourselves, casting our anxieties on Him. I’ve been expecting collapse since 2007, and perhaps one reason it’s taken so long is so that some day soon I will be permanently healed, and I can then proceed to fulfilling my calling. He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

    Are you an Ark, willing to strengthen the hand of a born-again Christian such as myself with a similar Ark drive and calling? Let’s talk: CBdeVidal (DOT) jk1 (AT) Gmail.

    In summary:
    * I believe I’m called to be an Ark
    * But I’m far short on skills and resources and strength
    * Yet we do have some resources
    * Would we be a help or a hinderance to a group?
    * I may need to humble myself, ask for help
    * He qualifies the called
    * Are you an Ark willing to strengthen our hand? Contact me.

    Any other comments?

  23. willard grimes says:

    Well I’ll just sign off here and head back to the pasture becasue there is noah way I am going to give my food to people that didn’t prep regardless of how hungry they are.

  24. I personally believe that the Holy Spirit has made us take note of the times we’re in but not just so that we can survive. We have an opportunity to make a difference and to lead others to a saving knowledge of Jesus. Love, the kind of love that the Bible speaks of, is ALWAYS outwardly focused. It’s about putting others ahead of yourself. Love, in the truest Christian sense, goes against every fiber of our “flesh”. It’s great to “store up food and goods”. And we have done so to a small extent. But we have also regained our gardening and hunting skills. This is where I feel called. Our goal in all of this has been to help others learn to feed themselves by working with the people God sends our way. Jesus wasn’t focused on saving Himself. He was focused on others. He was focused on YOU!

    • Chris Ray says:

      I wish I had a mentor to teach me hunting. My dad wasn’t a hunter, so I never learned. Good for you for being willing to share your knowledge.

  25. Dr. Allen says:

    A very effective prescription for the Ark concept and preparation in life now on this side of Heaven is to write out each word of John 10 – skip a line between each verse and pray for discernment as to its meaning in context. Perform the Berean discipline.
    Then write out John 11 – as our Lord Jesus defines and reveals what death means on His terms.
    Sovereignty/providence as viewed from Joseph’s story in Genesis 20-50 ( and as taught by Pastor Alistair Begg) is significantly helpful during the current times.
    Another area for contemplation is to find every Scripture which states why Jesus came.
    All of these are powerful remedies/balms for depression/anxiety/suffering until we go home.
    As sheep who belong to the Shepherd we listen to His voice through what He has given to us – which is the Holy Scriptures. They alone are our guide – not our feelings, nor modern day prophets/dreams/visions/words of knowledge/special revelations/trips to “heaven”/signs or wonders.
    We study and meditate and study again – in context – the entire Bible – what the authors intended message is/was – and to whom it was written.
    John 14:6 then Titus 3:5
    Amen to Pastor Mike

  26. We have been given two examples in the Bible about “survival” – Noah and Joseph. Both are mentioned here. They are two very, very different concepts, yet both approved by God, obviously. For Noah, we see someone who gave out the message of impending doom – an event that Noah preached and preached for years. He stored up food for himself, his family, and a huge amount of animals, and built the ark. God was giving him the means to “save a remnant”. Once the crisis came, the door was shut and there was no throwing out food from the windows for people who didn’t listen to Noah – and therefore, to God. No, Noah took in those who committed to protecting themselves from the upcoming storm.

    On the other hand, there is Joseph. God gave him the insight to see what was coming, the same as Noah was given insight from God. Whereas Noah closed the door at the time of the disaster and saved only those “on board” with him, Joseph gave out the call and the entire country was required to give into the store houses. It was not a voluntary choice. At the time of disaster for Joseph, he gave back to the people plus others that came for help from other countries around, in the famine. However, this was not a handout that they received – payment of some sort was required in order to receive food. In the end, Joseph was able to amass huge quantities of wealth for his leaders and for the country.

    This was not welfare, folks. Not in either case. God gave the wisdom to men that He chose. Those men shared that wisdom with those around them. Actually, it went much further than just those around them personally. It was pretty far-reaching. People were given choices to comply or not to comply. There was mandatory compliance in some cases; other times, it was by choice.

    I don’t think God is expecting us to stand up and be the guardians of the people after disaster strikes. If that would be the case, God would have to prepare great quantities of stored goods for each of us – well beyond our means.

    I have often thought that I would be like Joseph, but Joseph didn’t do all the preparing himself. He had the entire country contributing to his warehouses. I don’t have that option. On the other hand, I would have to barter for anything that I handed out. There would be no free lunch. Joseph didn’t hand out free lunches. People even sold themselves into slavery for the price of food.

    For Noah, there was no going back and renegotiating. Once the decision was made; once the door was closed; all the pounding on that door didn’t change things one bit. It was time to live with the consequences of their decisions. No handouts here, either.

    I think that is what I take away from both of these scenarios. If I can afford – if I have stored enough to save myself plus my family – and still have enough to save the world – or my friends or neighbors – or the thugs pounding at my door – then it has to be done, not as a handout, but as a barter.

    I have fought with this question endlessly. My tender heart wants to save the world. My reality is, that even by trying to do it to a small extent, it will probably cost me my life because some bozo out there will want to have it all and will be willing to kill me to get it. We don’t live in a society of moral people anymore. Those days are gone. We are now dealing with animals…mad dogs…the hungry hyena…those people who want what they want and will do anything to take whatever you have that they want. This is the reality. Oh yes, they may have a moral coating plastered on them when the times are good, but watch out for these same people when they have no food – when their children are starving – when they can’t find water to drink and are dehydrated and close to death. These are the people who will become the mad dogs and hyenas.

    • I’m not saying we should share all we have and be “guardians” after a disaster. In fact over the years I have said many times that I will not be my neighborhood welfare system. The point of the article is that we should be open in case God wants to use us and our preparations.

      Both of the stories you listed would be meaningless without Noah and Joseph being willing to be used.

  27. I save seeds for my local community of 650 people. Both for families and for larger commmunity gardens. There is no way I can store enough food for that many people. I don’t have the space or the money. I believe God has led me to the saving of seeds and I pray He will have mercy on us all when those days come.

    • writing out some brief instructions to go out with the seeds would be a great way for you to give them away, with some knowledge of what to do with them.

  28. willard grimes says:

    Jesus’ tender heart wants to save the world but He still has to do His Father’s will. When the love fades away business will be taken care of. Neither we nor the angels in heaven can side step Luke 19;27 “Bring all those that would not have me be their King to this stone and kill them”. Christ will have no particular hatred for those He is killing, but it is His Father’s will that they die by His hand and He cannot deny His Father regarless how much He loves us. So please give love a break and deal with reality. The people that are not prepping have already decided through their slothfulness to destroy you. You can’t rise to the top by sinking to the bottom with the wicked. Go figure! This entire prepping morass is like a continous loop with no exit ramp and no destination except circles. Someone laments they wish they had a mentor to teach them to hunt. Son, you don’t need a mentor. You need a 270 with a good scope. Find a range and have someone zero the scope for you then find an animal, put the crosshairs just behind the front shoulder blades and squeeze the trigger, now you are a hunter. Take a sharp knife, slit the abdomen and gut it. Cut off the parts you want to eat and put it on a campfire. You are now a successful hunter. Why complicate things. Mentors are the ones selling you all the worthless books etc. Folks my telephone and email will be disconnected on Friday. This is my wish just because I don’t feel “private” sending all this stuff out into cyberspace. You see, I’m old enough to remember a world without telephones, emails, and such. Probably there isn’t anyone out there interested in any real prepping, but if there is, there is thing called the mailbox, and will gladly teach and learn from you if you care to drop a line at 408 Cabana Drive, Victoria, Tx. 77901. Christ bless all of you, keep the faith, fight a good and legal fight. See you at His feet. Love always.

    • I don’t appreciate you calling me son, to me its a bit disrespectful. I’m guessing that’s not how you meant it, but thought I would let you know that’s how some take it.

      Saying all you need to do to be successful at something is to go buy the gear and do it is bad advice. You might be efficient, but you will not be proficient. In other words you might bag a deer, but the game might suffer, or destroy the meat because you didn’t gut it properly.

      Willard you’ve made your stance clear and I understand where you’re coming from. But now I am going to respectfully ask that you not post any more in this thread.


      • Chris, in WordPress there is a way to block commenters from participating.

        Under Options>>Discussion, scroll down to Comment Blacklist.
        You can insert the IP address of your abusive visitor.

        You could also try a plugin like this one -

        • nice, thank you Dan.

          I don’t necessarily want to ban anyone, but I don’t want their contributions on the post any longer.

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