February 19, 2018

Being Armed at Home

If you have a firearm that you will use for home defense, where is it kept? If Joe Dirtbag kicked in your front door, how long would it take you to put it into play? I believe you should be armed at home. I don’t mean a shotgun over every doorpost and a handgun in every drawer, but a firearm you are proficient with that is accessible within a matter of seconds.

I personally don’t care for the circular keys on many gun safes, they’re fine when things are normal, but when you’re under stress and the adrenaline is pumping, your fine motor skills decrease. Unless you have built finding the key and mating it to the lock into muscle memory, chances are you will not be able to do it quickly under that much pressure.

There are discrete and safe ways to be armed at home. We use the magnets to the right. They keep a handgun hidden, yet accessible. While you could, we don’t keep a firearm here full time, only when we’re in that room.

I am also a fan of the push-button handgun safes over the ones that are key entry only. It’s much easier to punch in a known code under stress then it is to find the key and mate it with the lock.

There are all kinds of creative ways to safely and discreetly keep a gun. Post here if you have any ideas.
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