June 24, 2017

Berkey Guy Giveaway



I wanted to let you all know about a great giveaway that one of my sponsors is doing.    As you can see from the above image, he is giving away ten 5 watt solar chargers.  Follow the link and join his various social media for multiple entries.  I was a bit tardy in posting on this, the contest ends Thursday at midnight

The Berkey Guy is who I have purchased our Berkey unit and sport bottles from, and who I will purchase from in the future, here is a review I did on my Berkey last year.  If you’re in the market for water filtration, please head to the Berkey Guy and see what he has to offer.


  1. I would like to enter the giveaway. I also would like to know more about the big berkey

  2. Yep, already entered, because I followed your advice a while back, and have the Berkey Guy on my facebook page! Would be nice to have one of these. Nice thing is, even if you don’t win, it isn’t an arm and a leg to buy one! Own the big berkey water filter system, and am thankful to have it! Especially since I’m in stupid California, where they are “illegal”. Thank you as always for the info!

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