June 24, 2017

Build a Mutual Assistance Group at Prepper Church.com

My friend Todd from Prepper Church.com and Prepper Website.com has created a way for like-minded Christian Preppers to connect, build community and a MAG (Mutual Aid Group). Here is a video of Todd explaining his vision.

Here is a link to the Community Groups page that Todd mentions in the video.

I wrote an article listing ways find like-minded people, and some things to consider when meeting them. I would recommend taking a look at the video and then reading my article called The Ups and Downs of Finding Like-Minded People to Group With.

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  1. I have been teaching Survival and Emergency Preparedness for about 40 years.
    Back ground; Goggle LinkedIn, look Under RangerRick CPEM III.
    I move to the ReDoubt in 2010 and have been teaching a 52 week course, with some specialized training as requested.
    I have had many come and a lot of them seem to be there as evening entertainment.
    Some get serious and the others may learn or remember something.
    If interested I am in Bonner County Idaho.


    Be Prepared – Be Prayerful – Be Thankful – You are an American

  2. Over the yrs, my wife & I have been in numerous Bible Studies -some met in a church, some in ppl’s homes, occasionally in a restaurant. In my experience, most ppl coming to a Bible study are not interested in prepping. Are there any Bible studies that focus on preparedness?
    Todd’s approach would lead to partnering w/ Christians & common beliefs & shared interest in the Word & the faith. But in my experience, there’s no substitute for spending time w/ people in various settings, to build a friendship where u trust each other. Thus, I question whether this approach would be any faster than the gardening/shooting/ham radio club approach.

    Not mentioned in this discussion is spending time w/ ur neighbors to get to know them. When u see a neighbor out in the yard, go over & initiate a conversation w/ them. It is possible to get to know them w/out disclosing ur own prepping plans. Maybe ur neighbor was a rifle instructor in the military, or is into gardening, or preserving food. Maybe ur neighbor is unemployed or disabled or dependent on govt assistance. When u spend time w/ neighbors, u’ll gradually learn which are trustworthy & which are not. We live in a sm town, but one can do this in the suburbs or city too.

    Bottom line: I don’t believe there is any fast or easy way to form a MAG group. It takes time investing in relationships & a bit of vision to identify what skills such a group would need.

  3. RedC,

    I think you missed the point. The point of this specific Bible study is to start it with the intention to build a community around the Bible and preparedness. That is the reason that I am offering http://www.prepperchurch.com as a place where people can list a Bible study they want to start or is already on-going.

    I agree with you that we should be out building relationships with our neighbors. On the flip side of that, many preppers don’t want to divulge how much into preparedness they are in. Knowing your neighbors and having a MAG are two different things.

    I agree and disagree with you on your bottom line. Yes, it might take time to build a MAG off of a Bible study, but bringing people together around common interests, the Christian faith and preparedness, takes out a lot of the ground work you will have to do when you are trying to find other like minded people in hobby related areas: gardening, shooting ranges, etc…


  4. Getting a 404 error on both of these websites:
    My friend Todd from Prepper Church.com and Prepper Website.com

    Just a headsup

  5. Hi, in orange county, ca. Looking for Christian Peppers looking for bug out home. Have plan and can work with you. Looking for extended family groups of around twenty. Looking for no more than five groups. Build sanctuary farm (bug out). Plan can be made bigger/smaller. Prefer meet up (face to face)to talk ideas. I am fully serious. Buy in not cheap-at least 5k per person. Plan farm, housing, solar, well, grow food, training, guns, remote. Email me to start

    • Chris Ray says:

      I’m not sure how many people will see this, you might have better luck starting a prepper church bible study group Dan.

      • Hi, not really into bible study groups. I nearly always disagree with interpretations, I am strongly Christian, but I think I view things a little differently. I have strong beliefs that our country is going down hard. I want a safe place for my family and trusted friends. I can go it alone easily but want a bigger group for shared protections. My cost of 5k scares off people who are afraid I am ripping them off. No clue what I am offering, which is pretty well planned and thoughthe out. Anyway I am just starting to get interest going. My plan really is good. Thanks for your thoughts. D

  6. My plan is open for anyone to use, just email me and I will send it to you. People really are not thinking things through. Nearly every plan I have seen is limited and small view thinking. Sounds awful of me to say but I know I am right

  7. Rick Pollard says:

    Bringing people together for a common cause of survival and sustainibility is probably the best way to fight back against the tyranny we face today.
    The following article should give those reading it a rational and a basic plan for what we are trying to acheive

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