February 19, 2018

Interview on the Destiny Survival Radio Show

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by John Wesley Smith from Destiny Survival. You can find the interview here.

We talked about some of the topics regarding faith and preparedness that I have covered here on the blog, subjects like why I believe Christians should be prepping, my thoughts on dreams and prophecy as well as eschatology.

We also discuss the upcoming retreats a bit as well!

If you listen to podcasts, you might enjoy the show!
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Speaking at the Men’s Retreat at the Woodlake Bible Camp

I wanted to let you all know I have been invited to speak at the men’s retreat at the Wood Lake Bible Camp on Saturday, January 24, 2015. I will be speaking on why, as men, it is our duty to prepare for our families; based on 1 Timothy 5:8 and my e-book Why Should I Prepare and is it Biblical?

The camp is located in 22460 Assembly Road Grantsburg, WI 54840. If you’re in the area, and would like to attend the retreat and hear me speak, you can register here.

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Thoughts on Some Current Events

I don’t normally talk about news stories unless they could directly impact us. Today, however, I want to weigh in on a couple issues and give an update on the Preparedness Club.
The Preparedness Club

I have negotiated a pretty sweet deal for Preparedness Club members with Wise Foods. Preparedness Club members can now get a 12% discount on all purchases! See the member’s only page for the coupon code. Please know that registering for e-mails is different than subscribing to the Preparedness Club! Paying members have access to exclusive discount codes, while emails are sent to everyone daily for publically advertised sales free of charge.

There are many things I like about Wise foods; one is that you can call and get a free sample of an entrée, a nice option before buying a case of something, and another is that each meal comes in a single vacuum sealed bag. I actually prefer this over a #10 can, as they both have the same shelf life while closed, but, once open, the food in a #10 can needs to be eaten fairly quickly.

Nitro-Pak has agreed to offer a $10 discount on orders over $100 through October. I’m going to let anyone use this code. Simply enter PCNITRO at checkout.

In What You Need to Know About Pandemics, I give my thoughts on pandemics. Here is what I said about Ebola.

“The scare right now is Ebola. While Ebola is incredibly nasty and I mourn for the families who’ve been affected by it, it isn’t what scares me the most. Ebola most often comes from West Africa and patient zero is infected by direct contact with infected animals, some of which are used as a food supply, such as bats. It is then possible for human to human infection via the exchange of bodily fluids. Some of the numbers I have seen for mortality rate of Ebola are 50%-90%. However, I found data that suggests there have been less than 4,000 cases since Ebola was discovered in 1976, including the cases from the recent outbreaks.

What scares me is the illness that doesn’t exist yet or a mutation of an existing one that takes on more deadly qualities. For example, if a form of SARS, which has a high mortality rate, married a version of H1N1, we could then be faced with something that infects a large percentage of people and kills 15%-25% of those infected. To be clear, I am not saying that Ebola isn’t a threat. It is decimating countries in Western Africa, killing civilians and healthcare workers. We need to be vigilant and stay informed on any local cases of it. I’m just not sure Ebola has the same threat level as a more virulent strain of the flu. Here is an article from Canada published on June 23, 2014 where a physician and professor stated the following:

“If we had a case in Canada we’d isolate the case, the patient would live or die, and we’d be highly unlikely to have it transmit,”

At the time I wrote this, there had only been one confirmed case of Ebola stateside, and that was a doctor who had been flown to a hospital stateside. In the last two weeks or so AlertsUSA has done a great job of alerting me to several cases of Ebola stateside, often times before the media has the story.
In each of these reported cases, I believe the infected person traveled via airplane, risking the potential infection of everyone on board. I saw that the head of the CDC said that we could not close the boarder stating:

“Even if we tried to close the border, it wouldn’t work,” the top health official added. “People have a right to return. People transiting through could come in. And it would backfire, because by isolating these countries, it’ll make it harder to help them, it will spread more there and we’d be more likely to be exposed here.”

This might just be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard! Yes, I agree that those returning have a right to re-enter the country. If they are returning from a region with a risk of Ebola exposure, I am fine with them re-entering once they have passed a screening. They do not have the right to get anyone else here sick!

By isolating those countries, it does not make it harder to help them. We can still send money to aid in their fight against Ebola. If anyone understands how, by isolating those countries it would make us more likely to be exposed here, please help me understand.

If our government was serious about protecting our citizens from Ebola, we would have already implemented restriction for entering the country from anyone who had traveled to a hot zone. They would be quarantined until passing a screening.
What Can We Do?

If you haven’t given thought to when you will implement your own quarantine to avoid exposure, now is the time to do so! If you do not have PPE (personal protective) gear, now is the time! Masks and gloves should be in every prepper’s home at a minimum. We’re actually looking at disposable suits.

Right now Ebola is transmitted by bodily fluids. I have seen some express fear of it becoming airborne. If any of you know if this is in fact possible, and what would need to occur for it to happen, please either add a comment or send me an email!

Because it is transmitted by bodily fluid, if someone is even a little sick, treat it all as infectious. If it does become air born, I plan on hunkering down and taking no chances.
Islam and Beheadings

As many of you are aware, ISIS has begun beheading Christians in Iraq and in Syria. There has recently been a woman beheaded in Oklahoma by a muslim, who first tried to convert her.

I don’t want this, or the comments to turn into a muslim bashing rant, but there are some things you need to know.

It is my understanding that when it comes to infidels, muslims must either convert them and charge them a tax, or kill them.

Quran (9:5) – “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them.”

Of course, not all muslim’s are people that want to kill you. However, there are 1,800,000,000 (1.8 billion) muslims in the world and it is estimated that 15-25% of them are radicalized. That means that between 270,000,000 to 450,000,000 muslims are radicalized. As we have seen, they have killed several times on American soil, most recently the beheading in Oklahoma.

I am actually shocked we have not seen this style of attack sooner, and I believe we will see many more. What are we believers in Jesus to do?

Jesus said “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”. Here are my thoughts on this: Islamists made themselves my enemy, not the other way around. I pray for them now. I pray that they experience Christ in their lives. If an Islamist ever poses a real threat to me, I will be a danger to my enemy. If you are someone who believes Jesus called us to be pacifists, I have debunked that in an article called Should Christians Practice Self Defense?

If a muslim attempts to convert you, do not say the prayer or creed that declares Allah as the one true god and Mohamad as his prophet. This would, in fact, be turning your back on your salvation and would not guarantee your safety. One of the men beheaded on camera in Syria did, in fact, say the creed. He was killed anyway.

If a muslim does try to convert me, I realize it does not necessarily mean they have plans to behead me. They will still instantly and forever be placed in condition orange. Knowing me, I will probably poke the bear and declare myself a Christian. If this happened at work, as it did with the woman in Oklahoma, I would seriously consider breaking the rules about being armed at work.

I look forward to your input on these subjects!

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Two Points of Interest, a Personal Update and Requests

Today I want to fill you in on a couple things you might find interesting and I have a couple personal requests.

Free online Permaculture Design Course

I found this on facebook and thought some of you would really enjoy it. It is an online, self-paced 72+ hour program. If you have any interest in permaculture this could be well worth taking. I hope it’s available when I have more free time.

Here are some of the items covered.

• Natural building construction
• Pattern observation and site analysis
• Renewable energy and appropriate technology
• Reading the land and natural cycles
• Rainwater harvesting and conservation
• Soil regeneration and land restoration
• Passive and active solar design
• Food forests, trees, and garden design
• Greywater considerations and system design
• Business and financial permaculture
• Waste recycling and treatment
• Urban permaculture for sustainable cities

If you take the course I would love some feedback!


Gainsville Coins Info Graphic

I was contacted by the folks at Gainsville coins. They let me know about an info graphic they’ve created about junk silver. Junk silver is change that is usually pre-1965. They give lots of tips on how to spot it, how much it’s worth and so on.


Personal Update and Requests

I want to thank you for your prayers! The surgery went well and I am on the mend. I’ll be on crutches for another week or two but things seem to be healing nicely. While Trudee has been a huge blessing, I think we’re both ready for me to be done with the crutches.

New Website To Watch

Todd from The Prepper Website has started a new site called Top Prepper Sites. Unlike some of the other ranking sites that use Google and other analytics to measure traffic, this site’s rankings are purely visitor driven. If you think Prepared Christian is one of the best prepper sites, please take the time to vote for me whenever you read an article (you can vote more than once and the numbers reset each week). There will be a link at the bottom with the following request “Please click here to vote for Prepared Christian as a top Prepper site!


My last topic isn’t something that is comfortable for me to bring up. I have been unemployed for some time now and unemployment insurance has run out. I’m having no luck getting back into my field.

The costs for maintaining this site used to be no problem. With finances getting even tighter I have a request; please prayerfully consider giving a portion of your tithe as a donation to Prepared Christian. There are two ways to give; by clicking on the donate button on the top left, or, if you would like to get something back for your money, you can join the Preparedness Club. The Preparedness Club offers discounts for nearly 20 preparedness business and each membership enters you in a drawing for a monthly prize! A 1 year membership is $40 and a monthly membership is $4.
Anything you give will be humbly appreciated.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year!



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China Flexing, Bats are biting and the Preparedness Review is on its way

Here are four quick things I think you should be aware of.
China Flexing

You may have seen the article from the Washington Times titled Inside China: Nuclear submarines capable of widespread attack on U.S. It says that:

“Chinese state-run media revealed for the first time this week that Beijing’s nuclear submarines can attack American cities as a means to counterbalance U.S. nuclear deterrence in the Pacific.”

It surprises me that China would make an open statement like this. I don’t think they are threatening to destroy us, but I think they want us to know they could. I doubt anything will come of this, save more saber rattling.
Bats are Biting…and Spreading Disease

Here is a report from FOX News Insider called Alarming New Study: Bats Can Spread SARS-Like Virus Directly to Humans. It says:

“A new report states that a SARS-like virus could spread directly from bats to humans. Some believe bats were responsible for the 2003 SARS outbreak, which killed more than 750 people worldwide, but it was never conclusively proven.”

And goes on to say:

“The new bat-to-human discovery suggests that the control tactic may have limited effectiveness because a SARS-like virus remains loose in the wild and could potentially spark another outbreak.

“It changes the equation” for public health, said Peter Daszak, a senior author of the study and president of EcoHealth Alliance, a group involved in conservation and global health. “We can close all the markets in China and still have a pandemic.”

The article states that in 2003, the virus spread quickly from human to human and had a mortality (death) rate of 9%. I have stated before that a pandemic is the scenario of the “least likely to happen scenarios” that concerns me the most. If one infected person boards an international flight, the virus could spread worldwide in a matter of days.

I have covered the topic before in How a True Pandemic May Look and in Flu and Pandemic Preps to Buy Now.
The Preparedness Review

The next item I want to cover today is that the bi-annual Preparedness Review has just released the third addition. I am humbled to be in this addition with some fantastic presenters! There is a lot of great information, so make sure you download a copy!
Daylight Savings

Here are some things that should be checked biannually and daylight savings is a convenient reminder.

• Smoke detectors. The batteries are most likely still good, so use them in a remote or some other non-life saving item. Put new ones in the smoke detectors.

•All Kits; change out any seasonal clothing, rotate food if needed.

•Flash lights, if you keep the batteries in the flashlights then makes sure they haven’t started to corrode and make sure the flashlight still works. Another way to keep the batteries near the flashlight but not inside it is to put them in a plastic bag and secure the bag to the flashlight with a rubber-band.

• If you have a generator then this would be a good time to exercise it and do any routine maintenance.

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GridEx II, Camping Hacks and a Discount at Guardian Survival Gear

Today I want to bring a few things to your attention that aren’t big enough for their own article.

GridEx II

I have gotten email from folks who are concerned about GridEX II, which is taking place on November 13 & 14. They’re concerned about mass power outages. It seems there are some in the preparedness niche that are making GridEx to be something it really isn’t. According to the North American Electronic Reliability Corporation:

“The objectives of the NERC Grid Security Exercise (GridEx) series are to exercise the current readiness of participating Electricity Sub-sector entities to respond to a cyber incident and provide input for security program improvements to the bulk power system. GridEx is a biennial international grid security exercise that uses best practices and other contributions from the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

NERC conducted the first sector-wide grid security exercise, GridEx 2011, on November 16-17, 2011. The exercise was designed to validate the readiness of the Electricity Sub-sector to respond to a cyber incident, strengthen utilities’ crisis response functions, and provide input for internal security program improvements. The GridEx 2011 after-action report is below.”

As mentioned, they have done this before, in 2011. They are preforming a table top exercise, which is like “pretending” the grid has been hacked. They will gameplay how they will respond. There is no risk of the grid going down because of this. I think this is actually a great thing! It shows that they know there are vulnerabilities and that they are trying to figure out how they can and will fix those vulnerabilities.

If you want more details on GridEx II, you can read an overview here.

41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

When used in this context, a “hack” is a very clever way to do something. Thanks to GK for sending me this link. There are some really good ideas here that some of us might want to incorporate into our plans.

A licensed distributor of Guardian Survival Gear has agreed to be a Preparedness Club Supporter and is offering a 10% discount to members of the Preparedness Club. Wrex believes that we need to be equipped to be our own first responders and wants to offer this discount so that we can be better prepared to do so! Thanks Wrex!!
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Tidbits five; Source of Preparedness Info and a Going out of Business sale

I want to let you all know about a couple things that could increase your overall preparedness.  One has to do with getting updates on new preparedness articles and the other is a going out of business sale that you might want to take advantage of.



Survival Pulse is a great resource to help you find good preparedness/survival related articles. They have signed up to receive updates from a large number of sites and publish the headlines of articles they think are worth reading.

New articles are added daily, so there is always something new to read. If you haven’t visited Survival Pulse, stop by! You might enjoy having new and informative articles waiting for you each day.

I posted this on facebook today and thought I would share it with all of you.

“I just received an email that one of the supporters of Prepared Christian, Mother Earth Products is closing down. They have received word from the Lord that has led to this decision. To help liquidate their remaining stock everything is 50% off, so if you or anyone you know is in the market for long term storage food, now is a great time to buy, feel free to share this on your facebook if you like. I am grateful to Mother Earth Products, and pray for the Lord to continue to guide them.”

I ordered a couple of things and noticed that their stock is disappearing quickly! However, they do have some stock. It’s mainly in #10 cans that they haven’t had time to enter onto the website.

When you are checking out, use the coupon code HUGE. This will correct the total to reflect the 50% discount.

Tidbits 4, What if Prisoners Are Let Loose and How to Use Sand Bags

Today I want to cover two different things that aren’t really long enough for their own posts, but I feel are important enough for me to mention.


Those Who’re Behind Bars

Thanks to Jim for mentioning this a while back! Have you ever considered what would happen to those in jail or prison if there is a large scale event like an EMP or the like? Would guards let the inmates go? I can almost make that case for nonviolent criminals, who’re not a risk to the public. I say almost because nonviolent criminals still broke the law to get ahead when times were normal. If they are let go when there is a large scale event, what will they be capable of when they have nothing? When we were considering moving, we passed on one home that was a mile or two from a jail. If there is a large scale event, and the jail keepers take pity on nonviolent prisoners and let them go, they’ll most likely be let go with what they came into jail with. No food, money or anything else.

I am of the belief that violent prisoners should not be let go. This would indeed be a death sentence for those prisoners but I do not trust someone who has exhibited the ability to use violence against another to refrain from doing it again in this extreme circumstance.

Also consider zoos; what would happen to the animals in zoos? I read a prepper fiction story once where someone let the animals from the zoo go. What a mess! If this type of large scale event did occur and the animals are left in the zoo, there is little chance that the food for said animals would be available for long. The most humane thing to do might be to put the animals down. While sad, it is not nearly as sad as watching them starve to death or watching the carnage from them being released.

I bring this up because there are many people who value the lives of animals as much as or more than human life. These people might be willing to throw open the cages and let the animals go.

Use of Sandbags

One odd prep that I have pondered is sandbags. They can be used to stop water or bullets! Heck, I have even seen some structures use them instead of cinder blocks! I recently saw an article called “How to use Sandbags To Stop Water or Bullets” and wanted to pass it along to you.

I recently purchased some sandbags from Camping Survival At the time of this writing, they are on sale; normally $.99, they are going for $.44 each or 100 for $38.

While I didn’t buy enough to hold back the flood waters, if things do fall apart, I can use them to barricade a door or a couple windows.

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Tidbits Three, Giveaways and Some Important News Stories

Today I want to cover several small topics that I think might interest you but are too short for their own blog post; from giveaways to important news stories.

Threat Journal Giveaway

AlertsUSA Threat Journal is giving away a 6 month emergency food supply from Wise Food Storage. No purchase is necessary. Just subscribe to their newsletter using the signup form on their Facebook page. The drawing will be held this summer.


The Preparedness Review

The second edition of the Preparedness Review is now available as a free download. It is packed full of great information throughout its seventeen articles and over 76 pages! To download, you can either directly here, or you can visit the Preparedness Review to view the full release notes. Below are the names of the authors featured in this edition.

•Chris Ray
•James W. Rawles
•Ray Gano
•Creek Stewart
•Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy
•Tess Pennington
•David Safewater
•Joe Nobody
•Gaye Levy
•Daisy Luther
•Gary Griffin
•John Beck
•Jeff “The Berkey Guy” Gleason
•Michael Bunker
•Chris Newman

Green Houses.pro

Green Houses.pro has kindly offered members of the Preparedness Club a 10% discount. Here is a little info about them:
“Proud builder of the World’s strongest residential greenhouses. Made from 2-1/2″ square galvanized steel beams. Able to withstand 100 MPH winds and built to last for generations. Each greenhouse is custom fabricated to every customer’s specific needs and desires yet still priced affordably enough for anyone to enjoy. We install greenhouses in the lower 48 states and can ship kits as well for those do-it-yourselfers who want to save a few bucks.””

News Events

North Korea
The news about the tensions between the US and North Korea seems to have cooled off since the Boston Marathon terrorist attack but I don’t believe the actual tensions have. Here is an article from Forbes.com called The Ultimate North Korean Missile Threat To America: A Nuke Power Grid Attack.. I won’t go into detail on the article, but it does a very good job at explaining what the threat is and what the White House and the DOD are doing about it. While there are some saying North Korea is just saber rattling, the article quotes an expert on North Korea:

“Victor Cha, a specialist on North Korea at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, sees the matter quite differently. “North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear threat is very much a near-term threat. For people to say it’s just bluster, well, the bluster may be harmless, but the steady progression in their program is not harmless.”


There are two articles that I think are very important. If you have any money in banks, I recommend you read them.

The first is called No Bank Deposits Will Be Spared from Confiscation. It does a great job explaining why money in a bank is not safe from confiscation. The article explains it far better than I can even summarize. The second article called,explains why the Cyprus style confiscations will happen again.

Why does this matter? China. China holds an incredible amount of American debt. Keep in mind that it was not Cyprus that wanted to confiscate money from bank accounts. It was the EU who had been bailing them out and owned their debt.

While true that the FDIC does insure deposits, banks hold very little cash on hand, usually less than $5,000-$10,000. If people wanted to rush to the bank to get their money out before a confiscation, they would run out of money quickly. If this happened at multiple banks, the FDIC couldn’t afford to pay it all out.

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Tidbits Two


This week is incredibly busy, trying to get the Preparedness Club off the ground as well as a few life issues to attend to. Today I want to give a quick update on the Preparedness Club and give a preparedness tip I learned while taking CERT.


Preparedness Club 3.png

All of the information made available to you today will continue to be free.  The Preparedness Club is a separate venture that will act like a coupon book of sorts.  There were some emails wondering about the price.  We’ve decided to charge $40 per year or $4 per month.  If money is tight and you want to take advantage of some of the discounts, save up!  When you’re ready to make some purchases, join for a month and then cancel your account if you choose.  We’re scrambling to get the finishing touches done and I am really hoping to have it running on 4-15, but it might end up the following week.

Below is a list of the companies who have agreed to support the Preparedness Club.

Ready Made Resources
LPC Survival (AKA The Berkey Guy)
Camping Survival
Portable Solar Power Biz
Lucky Gunner
Prepare NOW Outfitters
Mother Earth Products
Paladin Press
Quick Stove
Best Prices Storable Foods (AKA Internet Grocer)
Ready Reserve Food
Deepwood Handcraft
First Aid Products
Paracord City

Members will also receive 50% off on all future Prepared Christian eBooks.  I am going to try and do 1-2 per year.

I will continue to reach out to companies to try and get the Preparedness Club more discounts and deals.  If you have a company you would like to join the list of supporting companies, please let me know.  If you have an eBook and would like to offer it at a reduced price, please let me know about that as well.

One of the other benefits of joining is that I will be giving away a minimum of one item a month to Preparedness Club members.  All members will be automatically entered, a member is limited to winning one giveaway per year, in order to “spread the wealth” so to speak.

Some of the giveaways so far are: the Total Home Prep Now DVD, multiple preparedness and survival related books from Paladin Press, a copy of “Making the Best of Basics”, a Midland weather radio and more.

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest to receive one year of a free membership to the Preparedness Club, i have selected a winner and will contact them later today or possibly tomorrow.


Off Grid Survival

Rob from Off Grid Survival sent me a few questions about preparedness and faith and posted them as a Q/A.  For those interested, you can find his column here: “Is Preparedness Biblical? A Talk with Chris Ray of Prepared Christian”.



Cribbing is a skill that I learned in CERT.  I have since seen a few other ways to do it.  Cribbing is something you would use if there was someone trapped under something very heavy.  It involves a lever, a fulcrum, and supports durable enough to take the weight of the object you are trying raise.  Here is a

This is a skill that could come in handy after severe weather or an auto accident, among other scenarios.  Unfortunately, it isn’t something that I can explain very well just with text. Below are two resources, one directly from CitizenCorps.gov.  The other is a video taken from one CERT training class.  Many fire departments have pneumatic means of cribbing that can lift very heavy objects, but there could be a scenario where the fire department is overloaded and you may not have access to their means for quite some time.

You’ll notice in the video, they have perfectly cut cribbing.  In a storm, you may have to make do with whatever is on scene.

CERT Leveraging and Cribbing.  (Click the next button once done reading the text.)