February 19, 2018

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I posted this on facebook, but it’s such a good deal I wanted to pass it along to everyone. I have some new friends at Mother Earth Products! They are a Christian owned company! They’re having a huge sale to celebrate Easter! Free shipping and 20% off all orders over $100! Click the logo to see them share their faith and announce the sale.

Introducing the Prepared Christian Forum

I am happy to announce the Prepared Christian Forum!  Here are a few quick announcements about it.

I pray that God builds this into a community of Prepared Christians helping one another on our preparedness journey.  I have a pretty extensive forum list.  If you see something I missed, please let me know in the Tech Support forum.

In an effort to keep the spammers at bay, I am requiring all applicants to verify their account by clicking a link that is emailed to them.  Their account will then be placed into a pool waiting for me to activate.  For now, I am the only administrator.  I will be activating accounts as fast as I can, but please be patient if I don’t get to it right away.  If your account has not been activated in 24 hours, you can email me and I will look into it.   My email is chris @ preparedchristian.net


Forum Rules

Here are the forum rules.  They are also posted in the forum.  I want this forum to be a family friendly place.  I don’t foresee many problems.  I also don’t think that just because this is a Christian-themed forum, we’re all going to get along perfectly.  All I ask is that you treat one another with respect, and remember that we serve the same King and are accountable to Him.

  1. While I do believe and support freedom of speech, comments made on this forum are not subject to it. This is a privately owned forum, owned by a Christian man with family values. This does not mean that you must be a Christian to comment. However, your comments must be suitable for a family audience. If there is anything posted that I believe is not in line with that, I will remove it at my discretion.
  2. Posts, usernames and/or signatures may not include any offensive or derogatory content.
  3. Profanity is not allowed and profanity filters are in place.
  4. As this is a Christian based forum, discussion of Christianity and the Bible are allowed.  However, this site isn’t denominational.  It’s about preparing the body of Christ, not arguing over who is in it.   Bashing of denominations will not be tolerated.
  5. Discussion of politics is not allowed.  However, you are allowed to discuss specific actions by Politian’s and/or legislation that may relate to preparedness or that may threaten liberty.
  6. Racism is not allowed.  I understand there might be times when there is a need to discuss ethnic groups.  When doing so, do so without being derogatory or racist.
  7. Posted pictures must be rated no higher than PG.  Anything that shows more flesh than that will be removed.  If you continually post inappropriate pictures after being given a warning, you will be banned.
  8. Posting pictures that are of a gory or violent nature should be rated no higher than PG as well.
  9. Discussion or advocacy of illegal activity is not allowed.
  10. Attacking another poster is not allowed.  You can strongly disagree with one another, but model Christ’s behavior and do so in love. You can disagree with a message but do not attack the messenger.
  11. Starting a thread with nothing more than a title and a link is not allowed.
  12. When posting copyrighted material you may post an excerpt and a link, but not the entire article.
  13. Posts are not actively monitored for the contents of posted messages and I am not responsible for any messages posted. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact me immediately by using the “Report Post” icon at the bottom of each message posted. I have the ability to remove objectionable messages and will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if I determine that removal is necessary.
  14. The messages express the view of the author, not necessarily of Prepared Christian.
  15. Advertising your business or attempting to generate business or the advertising of other forums or blogs is not allowed without prior approval from Chris Ray.


Get to Know One Another

I have added a few different places where we can come together as a community.  There is a men’s and women’s section, a place for prayer requests and praise reports.  I have also added a section for finding people that live in your general area.


Thank You

I have added a feature that gives readers the ability to “thank” a poster by clicking a little “thumbs up” icon that says thanks.


Iron Sharpens Iron

I have a special section for other preparedness bloggers.  My thinking here is that iron sharpens iron.  This will be a place where we can share helpful information, pray for each other and for our readers.  If you are a preparedness blogger and are interested, please send me an email and include your forum name and a link to your blog.  I will send you the password for the forum.  If you know any bloggers who might be interested, please let them know.


With that said, head over the Prepared Christian Forum, create your account so I can activate it and then swing into the New Member Welcome Area and introduce yourself.

Merry Christmas

Today is the day we celebrate the God of the universe coming to live with us as one of us; Emmanuel!

I have been thinking about the birth of Christ this week, trying to understand what it must have been like for Mary and Joseph. Only just married, giving birth to the King of Kings and then having to bug out to Egypt to protect Him. God Himself, born in human flesh, so that He could redeem us to Him. There is nothing we could do, nothing we could give, nothing at all that could fix the chasm of our fallen nature.
Now that is a gift of all gifts.

Merry Christmas Prepared Christians!

A couple quick notes related to the site. I have been suffering from a writer’s block of sorts, not on the content itself, but on subjects. God has delivered subjects for the past few weeks, but if any of you have a subject you would like to read about, please send me an email or post it as a comment.

I have decided to take the rest of the week, just rejuvenate and not work on the site. I will still check emails and respond to comments, but there won’t be an article until after New Years.

Again, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all of you. May the King of Kings bless you all!

The Threats From Within

I meant to write this article last year but time got away from me and then I misplaced my notes.  My wife recently found my notes so I decided to write the article now.  I had the opportunity to attend  MSTEP, Minnesota Symposium on Terrorism and Emergency Preparedness, in November of 2011.  This article will be about some of the things I learned about through MSTEP, but will not just be about Minnesota.  I will discuss several of the threats that I believe we face from within our borders.

At the symposium there were four keynote speakers and twenty four classes to choose from.  Each person attended eight classes they chose.  Much of the information given was facts, and some of it overlapped between the various classes.  Because of this, the article might be a list of facts and not flow all that well.  I apologize.

There is not a nation on earth that could successfully invade America.  Our armed forces are unparalleled, even if the majority of them are overseas.  Also, as the Japanese General said, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”  For these reasons, I believe we will see small groups of people and even lone wolves that strike us.  I wrote an article a couple years ago called Lone Wolves and Swarm Attacks that goes into more detail on them.



There are an estimated 1,400,000 gang members in the Unites States.  In this article from the military newspaper “Stars and Stripes”, the FBI says U.S. criminal gangs are using military to spread their reach.  I have also read reports of gang members joining the military to learn tactics.


Unrestricted Warfare, China’s Plan to Destroy the USA

One of the keynote speakers mentioned that a Chinese Military manual touts different ways to attack America, which our Military could not deal with.  Some of the attacks are terroristic in nature, while others are economic attacks.


Hackers Infiltrating our Infrastructure

I have linked various articles detailing hackers from unfriendly nations, such as Russia, China, and others in the Middle East, infiltrating our electric and water infrastructure.   The thinking is that they are learning the systems and could shut them down at a later time.


Terrorist Attacks

From 9-11 until the fall of 2011, there have been 58 terrorist attacks stopped.   Every two weeks there is another terrorist attack plotted.  One of the keynote speakers said that a deputy director of the FBI said he believed a dirty bomb would go off in the USA.  I have read other reports from people “in the know” who have predicted the same thing.


Somalis in Minnesota

You may have seen reports over the last few years of Somali men that immigrated to Minnesota, who were found dead in Somalia and other places in Africa.  It was said that in 1991, charity organizations moved Somali refugees to Minnesota.  On a side note, did these charities look at the weather differences between these two places?  I digress, many of these families moved into the Twin Cities, which consists of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Most of the families continue their ethnic heritage and traditional dress and have not assimilated into American culture.

It is believed that these men were approached by Al Shibab, a Somali terrorist organization, in a Mosque in the Twin Cities.  If they can recruit them to go back to Somalia and commit a suicide bombing, they can probably get them to do one in the states.



Trudee also attended a talk on the risk of pandemic and the response of healthcare in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.  Whether the pandemic is natural or “weaponized” this is an area of great enough concern that there are caches of antibiotics and others medications that might be needed.  There are also several facilities that can be converted into mass dispensing facilities, and other facilities that will be used when local hospitals are filled.


Outside of Minnesota

I have seen multiple articles, such as this one from the Arizona Capital Times entitled Hezbollah terror threat on U.S.-Mexico border is real .  The article is worth reading.  It gives several examples of people tied to terrorist groups sneaking through our border with Mexico.  One example is:

“According to Mr. Taylor, a Muslim cleric, Abdullah al-Nafsi, said that “there is no need for airplanes and planning; one man with the courage to carry a suitcase of anthrax through the tunnels from Mexico to the United States could kill 330,000 Americans in one hour.”

There are also issues at many of our ports.  I read a report that said maybe only 10% of the cargo containers are checked.  It would be quite easy for someone to sneak in along with some type of payload.


Please Don’t Dumb it Down

Terrorists have a thing for big elaborate attacks.  9-11 is well known, but there have been many other, mostly failed, attacks all over the world.  Don’t get me wrong, they have some luck with collaborated attacks, sometimes bombing multiple US embassies in multiple countries.

When they have done the greatest damage is usually when one man acts alone, using easily attainable weapons.  It is when they include multiple people or elaborate plots that they are arrested or fail.


Final Thoughts

There are so many potential threats already inside our borders, they only need to get lucky once for terror to set in, and liberty to slip away.  Let’s pray for continued excellent law enforcement, as well as continued elaborate and failed plans for those who seek to do us harm.


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Personal Update

Instead of a preparedness related article, I thought I would give a personal update.  I shared a while ago that my wife and I were thinking of moving to a more rural property.  I want a place where my neighbors aren’t right on top of us, a place with no less than five acres (though more would be nice) so that I can grow more of our own food; a place that we can possibly raise chickens in the future.

My wife has been looking for quite some time on the MLS website.  We saw our first four places last night.  None of them were “the one”.  We don’t want to move again after this, so we’re being very picky.  We don’t want to settle.

The reason I am telling you this is because between projects to get our existing house ready to show, packing and looking for a new house, I might not be able to post as much.  This presents an opportunity for any of you who would like to submit an article.  My only stipulations are that it has to be family friendly and it has to have a solution.  By this I mean that I don’t want something that just says “this is bad, that is worse and the sky is falling”.  Add some steps we can take to mitigate the sky falling, or steps we can take to prepare our families.

With that I am going to wish you all a great weekend.

God Bless!



Just a heads up

I wanted to let you all know that I’m working on a couple of large projects for the site. There will only be one or two posts a week for the next week or two.

I was also asked to let you all know about a great sale going on now at Ready Made Resources. They are offering 25% off on all Mountain House with free shipping. If you’re looking to increase your long term storage, this would be a great opportunity to do so.

Memorial Day Prayer

On this Memorial Day, I am thankful for the sacrifice so many throughout our history have made, for the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice and for their families who had to carry on without them.

It is a sacrifice that is easy to forget. For those who have it, freedom is like oxygen. It’s something we just have. Many will not understand just how precious either is until they are at risk of being taken away. There are encroachments being made on our freedoms right now by those who think they know better. This is a conversation for another time.

Today I remember a sacrifice made and a debt I cannot repay. Today I pray for the God of heaven to bless the families of those who have lost loved ones while serving our great nation. I pray for Him to bless and comfort the walking wounded who are still with us, and bless their families as well.

It is also my prayer that we remember their sacrifice and the precious gift of freedom every day, not just once a year or when they are in danger of being taken away.

Chris is taking a vacation

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I am going to be taking a vacation and won’t be posting new articles on May 11-18 and will be back at it starting on Monday May 21.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


News Stories and Special Offers

I try to only post articles I write for the blog on the blog.  However, there are news stories or special offers from companies in our areas of interest that I think are important or interesting  that I post to Facebook.  There are 140 of you who have liked the Facebook fan page.  This is an invitation for the rest of you.  The banner here will take you right to the Prepared Christian Facebook fan page.

There may be some who don’t want to jeopordize your OPSEC on Facebook.  In that case you may want to drop by there once or twice a week or you might miss deals like this one:

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I made a mistake on the pepper spray article

On the post I made about pepper spray, inadvertently linked to the inert version of the pepper spray. It was quickly pointed out and remedied, however not fast enough. One person followed that link and purchased the inert version. If you ordered pepper spray please verify which type you purchased, if you did purchase the inert version send me an e-mail and I will send you the “real” pepper spray.

Chris at preparedchristion.net

I apologize for any inconvenience.