February 19, 2018

Creating Preparedness Class Resources

Have you created curriculum for a preparedness class?  If so, would you be willing to share it with others who may be interested in developing a class for their church or group?

If you are teaching a class to your church or ministry, feel free to use any of the information in the blog posts, or from Why Should I Prepare and is it Biblical?

I will add information from others as it is sent in.  This effort is very new, so there might be some stipulations added later that I have not thought of as of yet.  For now, I would ask that if you use someone’s material in full, please give them credit.

Here are some resources from Mark that can help you with putting together a BOB.

Aftermath; Imagine What If
Basic BOB Tools, Tips and Techniques
“Get Home Bag” – Bug Out Bag –BOB

Here are files from Todd, some can be used to help you prepare. Others can be used to lead a preparedness class. You’ll need to tweak those to fit your format.

BEliever PREPARED Resources
BEliever PREPARED Spritual Assessment
BEliever PREPARED Table discussion