June 25, 2017

Creating Preparedness Class Resources

Have you created curriculum for a preparedness class?  If so, would you be willing to share it with others who may be interested in developing a class for their church or group?

If you are teaching a class to your church or ministry, feel free to use any of the information in the blog posts, or from Why Should I Prepare and is it Biblical?

I will add information from others as it is sent in.  This effort is very new, so there might be some stipulations added later that I have not thought of as of yet.  For now, I would ask that if you use someone’s material in full, please give them credit.

Here are some resources from Mark that can help you with putting together a BOB.

Aftermath; Imagine What If
Basic BOB Tools, Tips and Techniques
“Get Home Bag” – Bug Out Bag –BOB

Here are files from Todd, some can be used to help you prepare. Others can be used to lead a preparedness class. You’ll need to tweak those to fit your format.

BEliever PREPARED Resources
BEliever PREPARED Spritual Assessment
BEliever PREPARED Table discussion


  1. Chris this sounds like a great idea BUT to me it also raises a red flag. If you do something like this wont it be a way to let people know that you are a prepper so word can spread that you have food etc? What about printing a copy and mailing it to preachers etc anon and letting them take it from there?

    • There are some people who feel that God wants them to teach this information. I believe it God wants me to do it, then I should be obedient no matter the potential downside.

      Even if people find out that I prepare, they don’t know how much, or where I live.

    • @rosemary –

      I agree with Chris, there are those who are called to get out there and teach. However, because you are teaching a preparedness class, doesn’t necessary mean you have to share all your ‘business’ with the whole class.

      As far as sending stuff anon. to pastors – they have so much junk mail they get on a daily basis, it would probably get lost. Most people appreciate genuine relationships and voicing concerns. We approached preparedness as a community mindset, not just me and mine. Now, me and mine are taken care of, but if I teach the rest of our community how to take care of “me and mine,” then #1 they won’t be showing up on my doorstep and #2 we have a whole community ready to help those who are in need.

      Just a side note – we also don’t feel like it’s the pastor’s responsibility. It’s all of our responsibility. Far too many people have false and unrealistic expectations of pastors. We want to join with them in what their vision for their city.

      I do however agree – there is a place for wisdom and protection and appreciate you bringing that up.

  2. I agree with Chris. I believe the more people we educate the less likely we become a victim of our neighbors. Nobody is going to get through a major disaster on their own, it is going to take a community effort. Not everybody has EVERY skill needed to THRIVE/survive anymore. Also schedule them at libraries, community centers and churches instead of your house.

    • Chris Ray says:

      Good advice. I have considered approaching the community ed and offering a class over the coarse of a few weeks. Here that would mean they provide the room, the tables chairs and a screen. I would need to bring the powerpoint and my laptop.

  3. You BEliever PREPARED link is a bad link…. Too many f’s… .pdff

  4. I feel called to go teach this and am preparing myself. i just won’t give all the details to where I am doing my prepping and bug out place etc. I think this is awesome! God has been speaking strongly to my heart on this.

  5. We have established what we call “The Southeastern Christians Preppers Retreat” Well actually we are working on it. We have a chance to get some mountain property and establish it as a retreat for Christians and a bug out for the future. Hoping to find a couple of families willing to work the land and help make it functional.

    We hope to make it a place to rescue perishing Christians who have been mislead on this side of the tribulation period.

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