June 28, 2017

Drawing a Line in the Sand

Job 38:11 “…This far you may come and no farther…”

While that verse is God telling the sea how far it may go, I believe we all must have lines drawn in the sand.  I won’t presume to tell you where it should be or what you should do if it is crossed, that is between you, your family and God.

Instead, I will explain why it is a good idea to draw the line and decide now what your action will be once it is crossed.  The things I have chosen to draw a proverbial line in the sand on are important to me and crossing the line will evoke unpleasant emotions.  Maybe it’s just me, but I have a hard time thinking clearly when I am angry, scared or feeling any other unpleasant emotion.   If I know how far I will let someone go and what action will be taken if they go further, there is no thinking needed, just action.

Here are just a few of the things I think having a line drawn for is a good idea.  If you want to share your thoughts, feel free.  Let me caution you on some of these.  It might not be best for the answer to be available to the entire Internet.

Bugging out; this might actually need several lines, as having the same threshold for certain events doesn’t work.  For instance; there are events that require an immediate decision, such as a chemical explosion nearby or the neighbor’s house catching fire and a very real possibility that mine will catch as well.  But there might be things that you need to watch to see what happens, such as a hurricane or wildfire, that are some distance away yet.


Going to a FEMA shelter; if your entire neighborhood or city is evacuated, will you go to one?  If not, what will you do?

Surrendering your firearms; will you give them up under any circumstance?  If so under which scenarios?  If not, what will you do to keep them?

How much are you willing to pay for gas?  At what point is it so expensive that you will only drive to and from work, or look for a car pool for that too?

Pandemic; if you discover a pandemic in your area, at what point will you either bug out or self-quarantine?

Civil Unrest; if rioting breaks out, how close will you let it get and what action will you take if it gets too close?

Confiscation of funds; whether it’s a tax implemented on 401k or other retirement funds, or as was done in 1933; the government demanding all gold be returned.  What will you do?

Food; what will you do if food prices demand that you spend 30-50% of your income?

Mugging or carjacking; what will you do if someone threatens violence if you don’t give them what they want?

Code enforcement; what if an overreaching local government decides you may not have a garden, chickens or other items in your yard?  This has happened and people have been threatened with fines and jail time.  What would you do?

I’m coming to your house; I asked this as a “what would you do” post and it got a lot of responses.  If you didn’t see it, it’s worth reading through.  What would you do if someone saw your preps and said, I’m coming to your house?


I’m sure I’ve missed some big ones, so if you can think of any others please add them to the comments or email them to me and I’ll post them for others to learn from.

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  1. I think it is very important to think through these things ahead of time because in the heat of the moment you may make a rash decision and act to early or late driven by fear. The most important line in the sand though is to stand where God tells you to stand and move when God tells you to move. You must develop that trust and ability to hear from God now. Deepen your relationship with God both individually and as the body (His church)!

  2. Margaret Kiemele says:

    Chris – your daily messages sure make us “think!!” Thank you for motivating and stirring us up.
    It is so interesting that the new fall TV series Revolution, is depicting so much of what is being discussed.Someone, somewhere in Hollywood has been reading your blogs and thinking ahead!!
    Though Canadian, it is interesting to see that your one Presidential candidate comes from a whole background of “being prepared!”
    Almost like the preparedness theme is coming to the forefront!

    Keep up the great work!

    • I just do what I feel led, I’m glad it’s provoking thought. Hollywood has tried a few of these themed shows, the last was Jericho, which I thought was a great show, but they canceled it. I actually liked it better than Revolution, it’s worth watching if you haven’t seen it.

      I am all for prepping coming to the forefront, whether one is in the white house or not.

  3. Jim Moore says:

    Good List!!! Makes me think! … I ain’t ready …

    In the case of an EMP or CME, Nuclear Power plants cooling systems may go down causing the fuel rods to be exposed and a meltdown to start. Is there one close to you and are you ready to either bug out or self-quarantine?

    In a case where there is no rule of law and you have to take a life defending yourself our a loved one, are you going to expend the energy and calories burying that body, perhaps “post” it out nearby to warn others not to mess with you, or drag them off and leave them for the coyotes and buzzards? Where do you draw the line?

    Sorry for going over to the morbid side. I pray it never goes that far. But, what if?

    I just finished reading “Collapse: You’re on Your Own” by Kay Mahoney. Great book and it exposed several areas I’m more aware of my lacking preps. Plus it addresses several pretty realistic situations where they had drawn the line and had to enforce there decision.

  4. Boy oh boy Chris – you sure ask the easy questions now don’t you? I rank your essay right up there with all the rest of the simple ones; like, “what is the purpose in life?”, “What is the divine nature of God”, “What sound does a tree make if it falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it?”, LOL. Geezmeeeneeeez!!!

    All kidding you aside, you’re right in this one – more than most any I’ve read of your’s. ‘What line does a man or woman draw in differing circumstances?’.

    Rather than go deep into any specifics, I’ll give back a bit to you. Many years ago, I was faced with a terrible decision. One that had to be made in minutes. One that no father ever expects to or desires to make. Of the worst sort. And once made, there was no going back, no ‘do-overs’. Only a life ahead living each day until I die with my decision.

    And that is my response. When you think you know the answer, when you do the best, choose the best you can – you have to be ready to pay the price. For life. For death. Sometimes, for both.

    I am not a Republican; nor, am I a Democrat. I’m a very conservative man. Self-employed and not prone to self-forgiveness for my own errors along the way. Worst damned boss I’ve ever had, harshest critic and most severe task-master. And Chris, folks, that is what is being asked here in this question. Are you ready to make your choices and live with the repercussions of those for the rest of your lives? No person should dare expect to shrug off decisions and choices to any other. You are never entitled to do so as an adult, a mature human being. And that is the first price of growing up that must be accepted.

    No one should answer these questions lightly or rapidly. Chris, you’re so right when you state that self-awareness and reconciliation to your personal ethics and morals is crucial to be done in advance of possibilities that may present themselves. And once you establish those parameters that set best with your embodiment of God within – once set in the stone of your soul – you will then be ready.


    • Renard – as Garfield said, “I resemble that remark.” But, wait, what, No Mulligans?

      I agree with you in much of what you said. Indeed once we know that we know our personal stance with God we can have the confidence that we’ll make the right decision (Psalm 18:2 The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer.) Nevertheless, in our society where many rely on others to make decisions for them in many aspects of their lives, the thinking process of making quick, life or death decisions as well as life sustaining questions needs to be addressed. Just being aware and/or addressing them ahead of time is incredibly useful. Just as the military or police train and train to instill the habit of the training knowing in a high stress or adrenaline situation the body reacts, exercising of thinking ahead for these things Chris addressed here increases our chance of survival and sustenance. Hopefully if we are not already confident, once a crisis arises we’ll sense the quickening of the Holy Spirit as our real help in decision making. And as a man, I hope I have a wise woman around to bounce those decisions around with to avoid the consequences of relying on my flawed logic.

    • Yeah they call me Mr. Chuckles at parties lol.

      Critical thinking is a skill that I think we have been weened from practicing. Depend on what ever your local or national government say, we know what is best. In many cases kids are taught how to pass the state of local standardized tests, not how to think and make hard decisions. Part of the reason I ask some hard questions is to get people thinking of them now, and to get them to exercise those critical thinking skills. We agree that making the hard decision now is a must, it is a must because it should not be made quickly or lightly.

      You have said before that you pray we never see these things we prepare for come to pass, it fits here as well. I hope that these things we make the tough and horrible decisions on are always the proverbial line in the sand.

  5. I already have had someone say when the shtf, I’m coming here. I told them they were not coming here. I told them 5 years ago to start prepping, but all they do is party on weekends, work all week, then start over again. They did not see much of my supplies but enough to know I have some. If I’m going to hlep someone out there going to have some skills.

    My line as been drawn. I had to stop spending on preps I had a price in my head when I started. Two months ago I hit that mark. Never did fing a good bug out location, but at least I live in a rural area.

  6. This sentence is one that I struuggled (past tense) for a long time. One of the things I have been ‘accused of’ most of the time in love and fun is my ability to over-prepare or be organized.

    This skill, curse, ability has helped as well as hinder me in many ways. The way it helps is that I run scenerios(sp?) thru my head constantly. Difficult decision to make I run thru my head as if in a conversation and ask all the hard things. One side what to do that would be passive, what to do to be agressive, what would be over the top.

    I have played these scenes thru and know that some decisions were harder than others. Some have played out and while parts were changed I was able to control my response because of being prepared.

    I am coming to your house. Answers ranged from no you are not because there will not be enough over feeding my family to remember I have no fear of protecting my family. I too have had family and friends see some of the things that I have stored up and stated that I need to do more because they dont have the money or dont have the time or dont this or that. I have NOT stopped doing what I do because I know my family is going to depend on me to have what is absolutely needed.

    Even if some have seen your stores dont let them stop you. Dont let them take from your family their needs because of fear. Run the scenes thru your mind. Know what your limit and abilities are. Know whether you can actually protect your loved ones. If need be go to a firing range and practice. Paintball is also a good practice for targeting but using your own firearm gets you comfortable with it in your hands (as a hunter I know how much recoil is going to slam my shoulder lol)

    We are all guilty of watching far too much junk on TV…instead take an hour and write out your fears, abilities, inabilities, lines you wont cross, lines you will cross. Study and pray over this and make the first step. Then THROW the paper out. I am serious. Throw it out. Shred it. Wait a day or so and do it again…and again…and again. You will see your mental abilities getting stronger. Use this to help you develop what you need with God’s guidance.

    God bless all

  7. Margaret Kiemele says:

    Not sure how this will go over – but years ago I was really led to read Exodus and all about Goshen. All those plagues – did not touch God’s own! For years now I have drawn a blood line around my p,p,p,p,p – property, possesions, pets,plants and people! I draw a blood line around my Goshen and claim the promises of Psalm 91 – no evil shall befall us – no disaster come near our tent. I have actually spoken to the wind and hail – and it has not touched here. You live in your Goshen. I believe you can build that wall of protection with your words,(Life and death is in the power of the tongue). Yes we prepare!! Just because bad times come – does not mean we stop standing on His Word or the Word will stop working. We do our part and trust God to do His. More and more I sense that this preparation will be for others. I even pray now that our Goshen will be a safe haven for whoever finds what we have. We can prepray into the future. Maybe God has put preparation in our hearts as a way for providing for those who are left behind. We do prepare in as many ways possible. Just my own thoughts. God Bless

    • Chris Ray says:

      I’m not familiar with Goshen, but i have prayed the blood of Christ over my home and family. I see it like the Jews painting lambs blood over the doorway for passover, but I pray the lamb of God’s blood instead.

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