June 25, 2017

Fifteen Must Have Downloads

Here are 15 documents that I think are well worth downloading, some you may want to print sections of to have a hard copy.  Oh yeah and they’re all free!


FM 3-05.70 Army Survival Manual

This manual explains how to provide the five basic needs for survival, food, water, shelter, energy and security in multiple climates. 


SH 21-76 Army Ranger Handbook

This manual has a lot of information relating to battle drills, building clearing techniques.  I added it because if things really get bad, this information can be useful to share with our neighbors to protect the neighborhood.


FM4-25.11 Army First Aid Manual

I believe everyone should have basic first aid training, but this is a good book to use as a reference.


Where there is no Doctor And Where there is no Dentist

Both of these books are worth downloading, lots of great medical and dental information, would be great to have if 911 isn’t coming.  Hesperian the company that gives away free PDF copies has asked no one post the books on their own site.  You can still get these two plus many more free ebooks be clicking one of the links above.  I actually like these books so much I bought hard copies of several.


Survival and Austere Medicine

This is another good resource for medical information.


1881 Household Cyclopedia

This book list a huge amount of information that has been lost in current society.  This would be great info if the grid did fail, so printing off sections might be a good idea.


Introduction to Permaculture

This is a great resource that can help you begin to create your own food forest.


Vegetable Gardening in Containers

I picked this book because not everyone has land available to plant a garden, but even if you live in an apartment you should be able to grow something in a container.  If you do have land to plant a garden, much of the information will still apply.


Everything you always wanted to know about composting

Learn how to create your own compost, one of the best things for a garden.


USDA Principles of Home Canning

Knowing how to preserve food is a must, this pdf is full of practical information.


Home Canning Meat Poultry, Red Meats, Game and Seafood

Knowing how to preserve meats is also great info to have, that not many of us know.


Preserving Food: Drying Fruits and Vegetables

There are other ways to preserve fruits and vegetables besides canning.


Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness

FEMA document that is comprehensive, covering multiple types of disasters that will help the individual, family and community prepare.


Abundaculture; Pathways to God’s Abundance

Christian Homesteader that created a document on living off grid. He covers solar, composting, composting toilet among other things 170+ pages.


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  1. Chris Ray says:

    I put where there is no doctor and where there is no dentist in the same HTML link because the downloads are on another site, but the same page, but I counted them separately as they are two different files.

  2. Jim Moore says:

    Good stuff Chris! Thanks. It’s always good to have something free.
    I support the Hesperian organization and have many of their books. I highly recommend purchasing copies to have on hand.
    Another great, and a bit smelly, add that would be good, “The Humanure Handbook” http://weblife.org/humanure/pdf/humanure_handbook_third_edition.pdf
    There again, I like to support folks who generously share this wisdom, so you can buy a copy for only $10 at the Humanure Headquarters; http://humanurehandbook.com/

    • Chris Ray says:

      Thanks Jim. That’s a good resource as well, thanks for adding it.

      • Jim Moore says:

        Waste, human, food and other is a topic not often addressed by the prepper community but something we’ll all have to deal with if collapse is widespread. Another subject is burial of humans in a complete collapse situation, along with accurate record keeping of when, where, how, etc. Not something any of us want to face but could become a realistic conversation you have to have within your family, tribe or community.

  3. Great resources. I’ve been studying a lot about permaculture recently and this came at the exact right time.

    • Chris Ray says:

      There are other permaculture courses available on PDF put out by the same group, all are worth downloading.

  4. This is a great list Chris. Thanks!


  5. Great list! I think one of the other good ones to download is the FEMA instructions for how to make a wood gasifier. It is interesting and very useful.

  6. Great references. Bookmarked for further reading!


  7. Do you have any info. on buggin down at home, securing it for predators and the like…

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