June 28, 2017

Filling Your Pantry by Copy Canning

Preparedness Tip:

I learned about copy canning from the video Urban Master Volume 1 “The Home”, created by the late Ron Hood and his wife. The process is very easy and is as follows:

  1. You decide you want chicken noodle soup for lunch so you take a can out of your pantry.
  2. Add chicken noodle soup to the shopping list.
  3. When you go to the grocery store, you buy two instead of one. (If you used two cans, you guessed it, you buy four.)

This is a great way to build your pantry to the point where you’re at the maximum amount of any item you want to store. Then you simply move back to buying just one when you use one.

Here are some links to other articles on food storage, these can help in stocking your pantry as well.

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  1. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been doing!! Nice to read I’m on the right path! 😉

  2. be sure to ‘like’ the pages for the companies you like. Occasionally a coupon will pop up like today I was able to snag a $2 on the sugar free jello cups (hubby still has to measure foods so this is a convenience for me)

    Remember to try generic or like aldi’s foods because you can find them cheaper BUT watch the salt!! some name brands have 2x salt…and the generic tastes better with less salt.

    Also…make a list…I know we all hate them…but if you make the list you will be reminded about some items you forget to write down.

    • Chris Ray says:

      Good stuff Nancy. You can save money at the discount grocers, but you have to watch the salt and the quality. For example I was talking to someone who said they bought canned mushrooms and there were more stems in the can from Aldi’s then a similar can from a regular grocery store.

      • That is true. Aldi’s is a great store but have to watch expiration dates and sometimes fresh fruit and veggies are not so fresh. If you watch for expiration dates, Surplus Foods is another great place to stock up for cheap.

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