February 24, 2018

Five Free Practices You Can Do To Be Better Prepared

Here are Five Free Things you can do to be Better Prepared

Have you ever seen someone post a “What have you done to prepare this week?” thread on a prepper forum? I enjoy reading them, both to see how people as my friend, the Survival Sherpa, would say are “doing the stuff” and because there is a sense of accountability. Iron Sharpens Iron.

Money has been tight since I was downsized from my last job, but just because we can’t buy new things, or even replace food storage, that doesn’t give me a pass! I’ve had to get creative in the “What have I done category”, and here are five things you can do for free!


The single most important preparation one can have is knowledge. If deserted on an island, I would take five people who had a depth of knowledge on surviving over five people who had no knowledge and a weeks’ worth of supplies.

There is a saying, “knowledge is power” and it is! We are blessed to live in a time where you can learn about anything and everything, within just a few keystrokes. Of course, we need to use discernment and be wary of our sources but finding reputable sources on any subject is not a difficult task.

Practice Skills

After knowledge, I think skills are the next important item. Having book knowledge is great, but to read about starting a friction fire is much different than doing it. There are plenty of skills one can master for free or a very small investment.

Teach Others

Teaching someone else about something you know helps you to understand it in much greater detail. This website is just over three years old. In that time I have learned new things and I have a much deeper understanding of the topics I have written about.

You don’t need a blog to teach someone else. You just need someone willing to listen and learn. I talked to my son about learning how to change a tire years ago and he was never interested. Maybe I should have made him sit through it but I doubt he would have paid attention. However, a couple weeks ago he called and said he was not far from me and had a flat tire. I drove to where he was, explained what to do and watched over his shoulder as he loosened the lug nuts. I showed him where to place the jack and how to go through the rest of the motions. He was very grateful and I was glad I could pass on the skill. I know he paid attention and will be able to do it on his own in the future.

Examine and Take Stock of Existing Preps

If you have been prepping for any length of time, you’ve got who-knows-what, stashed who knows where. I had things scattered in many different places and decided to put it all together and redo the BOB’s. I had forgotten that we owned several items and was able to build a couple small kits out of the gear I’ve collected over the years. I also found some items that I need to replace when money permits.

Research Future Purchases

When you’ve gone through your existing preps and find those items that you need to replace, or items you might need, thoroughly research them. Read both the positive and the negative reviews of the item you’re considering, and also for its biggest competitor. This will ensure that you make smart purchases when you do have a bit of extra money.

Do you have any other ideas that a person can do to prepare that are free?

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