February 24, 2018

Flu and Pandemic Preps to Buy Now

We’re turning the corner on summer with fall and winter not far off. The colder seasons bring with them a host of illnesses, including the flu. I have covered “How a True Pandemic May Look” previously. In it, I point out that the H1N1 pandemic wasn’t a true pandemic. The WHO lowered the mortality and morbidity rate. If we see a pandemic the likes of the 1918 pandemic, it will spread farther and faster and, in my opinion, have more of an impact on our society than the earlier pandemics have.

For this reason, I highly recommend that you consider purchasing the items I will list below. They may not keep you and your loved ones from becoming infected but they will offer a lot more protection.

Flu and Pandemic Preps to Buy Now


I had an MRSA scare a few years ago. I saw an Infectious Disease Specialist, who introduced me to Hibiclens. Hibiclens can be used for hand washing, surgical site prep, skin wound, general cleanser and surgical scrubbing.

You can read more about it on the clinical information page. Part of the information you will find there is the following:

“Hibiclens kills germs on contact and continues to lower skin microbial counts with repeated use. Its 4.0% chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) bonds with the skin to create a germ-killing field that keeps killing long after washing/scrubbing.”

In fact later in the clinical information we’re told:

“Hibiclens (4.0% CHG) is the most effective antimicrobial wash providing the longest protection – up to six hours per use1 – that is not neutralized by blood or other organic material.2”

I believe we purchased ours from Amazon but you might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere. There are several sizes but, in my way of thinking, if there is a pandemic, the chances of me being able to order another bottle quickly isn’t high, so I might as well buy a gallon.

I like Hibiclens over any of the hand sanitizers for a few reasons. First, Hibiclens is more than just a hand cleaner. Second, it doesn’t just kill things on contact. It protects for up to six hours after use. Hibiclens is also used to treat MRSA, so it may well be useful against whatever nastiness we see in the future.
Surgical N-95 NIOSH-certified mask

I covered this mask pretty thoroughly in “The N95 Face Mask”. Not all n95 masks are created equal. The kind you find at the home improvement stores are most likely not Surgical N-95 NIOSH-certified masks. Will they work as well? I honestly don’t know, but if OSHA is suggesting that the people who will be in direct contact with the illness wear the Surgical N-95 NIOSH-certified mask, then I tend to think there is a difference.

As I mention in the article, the N95 masks aren’t really tested against a pandemic because we haven’t had a true pandemic since before the masks were created. While it might not help, it’s not going to hurt. You could give it to the ill to keep their sputum from flying when they cough or sneeze, as well as have the healthy wear them as a precaution.
Latex Free Gloves

One of the major ways viruses are transmuted is through touching something infected and then touching our faces. These gloves are cheap enough that I can’t see a reason not to have them as a preparation. I would recommend using them in conjunction with Hibiclens to reduce your risk even further.

Some people might want to take things a step further and buy more personal protective equipment (PPE), such as disposable gowns and the like and I can’t see any problems with that.

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