May 27, 2017

Flu and Pandemic Preps to Buy Now

We’re turning the corner on summer with fall and winter not far off. The colder seasons bring with them a host of illnesses, including the flu. I have covered “How a True Pandemic May Look” previously. In it, I point out that the H1N1 pandemic wasn’t a true pandemic. The WHO lowered the mortality and morbidity rate. If we see a pandemic the likes of the 1918 pandemic, it will spread farther and faster and, in my opinion, have more of an impact on our society than the earlier pandemics have.

For this reason, I highly recommend that you consider purchasing the items I will list below. They may not keep you and your loved ones from becoming infected but they will offer a lot more protection.

Flu and Pandemic Preps to Buy Now


I had an MRSA scare a few years ago. I saw an Infectious Disease Specialist, who introduced me to Hibiclens. Hibiclens can be used for hand washing, surgical site prep, skin wound, general cleanser and surgical scrubbing.

You can read more about it on the clinical information page. Part of the information you will find there is the following:

“Hibiclens kills germs on contact and continues to lower skin microbial counts with repeated use. Its 4.0% chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) bonds with the skin to create a germ-killing field that keeps killing long after washing/scrubbing.”

In fact later in the clinical information we’re told:

“Hibiclens (4.0% CHG) is the most effective antimicrobial wash providing the longest protection – up to six hours per use1 – that is not neutralized by blood or other organic material.2”

I believe we purchased ours from Amazon but you might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere. There are several sizes but, in my way of thinking, if there is a pandemic, the chances of me being able to order another bottle quickly isn’t high, so I might as well buy a gallon.

I like Hibiclens over any of the hand sanitizers for a few reasons. First, Hibiclens is more than just a hand cleaner. Second, it doesn’t just kill things on contact. It protects for up to six hours after use. Hibiclens is also used to treat MRSA, so it may well be useful against whatever nastiness we see in the future.
Surgical N-95 NIOSH-certified mask

I covered this mask pretty thoroughly in “The N95 Face Mask”. Not all n95 masks are created equal. The kind you find at the home improvement stores are most likely not Surgical N-95 NIOSH-certified masks. Will they work as well? I honestly don’t know, but if OSHA is suggesting that the people who will be in direct contact with the illness wear the Surgical N-95 NIOSH-certified mask, then I tend to think there is a difference.

As I mention in the article, the N95 masks aren’t really tested against a pandemic because we haven’t had a true pandemic since before the masks were created. While it might not help, it’s not going to hurt. You could give it to the ill to keep their sputum from flying when they cough or sneeze, as well as have the healthy wear them as a precaution.
Latex Free Gloves

One of the major ways viruses are transmuted is through touching something infected and then touching our faces. These gloves are cheap enough that I can’t see a reason not to have them as a preparation. I would recommend using them in conjunction with Hibiclens to reduce your risk even further.

Some people might want to take things a step further and buy more personal protective equipment (PPE), such as disposable gowns and the like and I can’t see any problems with that.

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  1. Hibicleans is great and if you can’t find it – Use Green Soap – It has the same sterilization properties as Hibicleanse. Plus you just need small amounts a little goes a very long way. – I found it by the gallons on tattoo sites – although I don’t have ink or plan to get it – they do have great price on the Green soap. Hope that helps.

  2. GhillieMan says:

    Chris, it’s good you make it a point to recommend NIOSH-certified masks because many people believe that they can cover their nose and mouths with any type of so-called “flu mask.”.

    The N-95 is very effective, but if you can upgrade to the N-100 8233 models which meets NIOSH 42 CFR 84 N100 requirements (TC-84A-1298) . The N100 provides better protection: a minimum filter efficiency of 99.97% against non-oil based particles. As with most everything else, if you buy it in bulk you can get a better deal.

    The N-100 is available on the internet. Two examples are below to get you started in your search.

    One Unit:

    20 or more units (family size case):



  3. I don’t understand. Why a N95 and not a P100?
    It seems it should be better.

    • Chris Ray says:

      The N100 may be better, but chose to note the N95 partially because so many people have heard of it, and think that all masks are created equal and wanted to make it clear that not all N95’s are the same.

  4. Rev. Dr. Michael E Harris says:

    Just to ensure that we are all using the same language, I grabbed what I believe are the CDC definitions.

    Epidemic: An epidemic occurs when the incidence rate (i.e. new cases in a given human population, during a given period) of a certain disease substantially exceeds what is “expected,” based on recent experience.

    Pandemic: A pandemic is an epidemic of an infectious disease that spreads through human populations across a large region, like a continent.

    I have the N-95 masks, but I attended a ‘mud-out’ seminar in which the instructor said that the P-100 is the preferred method now. If you do not have a P-100, get a case of the N-95s–they are probably good enough if you do not get too close to infected people.

    I have always preferred the blue nitrile gloves–I like the blue and the texture of the nitrile makes it easier to pick up things.

    Also, there are some good comments here.

    • Chris Ray says:

      A flu outbreak could be an epidemic, and if it spreads it may turn into a pandemic.

      Whatever mask you purchase, it should be NIOSH approved.

  5. Jim Moore says:

    It is time isn’t it. I like the N95 that are grey, they usually have an extra layer of carbon (like charcoal) to protect from smells also. The R95 will protect from same as N95 plus oils. N100’s are always more expensive. I like 3M’s Cool Flow Exhalation Valve but I like the straps on the the Moldex that clasp and unclasp.

    I won’t be without Elder flower extract in flu season and always get out and dust off my colloidal silver maker, re-order more silver, and make sure all is good working order.
    I start looking for Vitamin D3 on sale at the local pharm’s, cut some garlic in half and put it in some local raw honey, and make sure I have plenty of vitamin C in stock.
    Plus I always think ahead what my strategy will be this year for avoiding the company flu shot.
    It is time!

    • Chris Ray says:

      Garlic in honey? that’s a new one to me.

      • Jim Moore says:

        Yes! Just add about 5 cloves of garlic to a small jar of honey, I like to cut them in half but you can leave them whole. Take a teaspoon full every day. Helps to ward off colds, etc. You can take more if you come down with a cold or flu. Good medicine.

    • We tend to lean more toward a natural approach to healing as well, believing that we are wonderfully and beautifully made by God. If we proactively take good care of our temples, that they are better able to fight off disease, and/or heal themselves. Some things we keep around the house and consume regularly are… colloidal silver, olive leaf extract, and grapefruit seed extract. We also drink 4-herb tea daily, a liver cleanser that has been around for a long time. Keeping the liver, kidneys and colon clean and functioning well, is essential to creating the environment your body needs to fight and heal.

      I can share a story with you about a family event several years ago, where I was the only one of about 20 extended family members gathered who didn’t get a really bad 24-hour flu bug during, or immediately following, the weekend. I was the only one on a 4-herb tea regimen at the time. My wife was off of it because she was pregnant. I’m convinced it was the ability of my liver to extract/eliminate toxins from my bloodstream that prevented me from contracting the violent bug.

      Not to change the subject, but we even recently discovered that even tooth decay can be healed. I was faced with a root canal and dreaded the thought. I’ve been taking cod liver oil for about 2 months now. It is definitely an acquired taste, but the right choice for me, given the alternative. While I’m sure there is still some infection/decay yet to be healed, the pain is completely gone. I’m looking forward to going back to my dentist in a few months for a cleaning. As much as I don’t like them, I plan to have another set of x-rays, to show him (a skeptic) proof of my healing.

      Of course, last but certainly not least, is the power of prayer!!!! We know our Heavenly Father can heal anything!

      • Jim Moore says:

        Nice! I firmly believe Papa has provided many natural things for our healing and wellbeing. We just need to find and use them. I hadn’t heard of the tooth cod liver oil connection. Thanks!
        I also believe strongly in alkalizing. While eating alkaline causing foods help, good old arm and hammer baking soda helps raise the PH to dis-ease fighting status quickly. In 1925 Arm & Hammer started publishing a small book that prescribes the many benefits of Bicarbonate Soda. Here’s an online edition;

        • Just wanted to share my experience of today! 2 weeks ago I noticed a problem with my right foot. Being a diabetic I knew I had to jump on this right away . I called my doctor and the staff said they couldn’t work me in until today. In the meantime I knew I had to try to stop the infection and see if we could start it to heal. We cut away the surrounding skin and cleaned it real good with alcohol and then applied Silver Solution by Curad. We covered it with a bandage and every day twice a day we cleaned and reapplied the silver and the bandage. There was of course a redness on the top of the foot and so we took a perment marker and placed some dots on the skin where the redness stopped so we could tell of the infection got worse or got better. The redness started going down and did not get worse. The wound, the size of a quarter, is beginning to heal also. Doctor said we did the right thing and was very impressed with the dots to tell about the redness. She said that was a very smart thing to do. She has known of silver for healing and approved of our use of it. She told us we did great but not to expect it to heal as fast as other wounds; it may take weeks. She took a culture which was very difficult because she couldn’t find anything to culture! She finally got what she thought might be something and is going to have a compound pharmacist make something to increase the healing power. I think everyone should have a tube or two or three of this Silver Solution gel in your first aid kit. One more thing she passed on to us was that we can take Betadine solution and mix it with sugar and use it on open wounds and cuts to help them heal too. Stock these things in your medical kit and you won’t be sorry. I sure am not. Also if you are a diabetic check your feet everyday ! God Bless.

          • One more thing to share. I keep my sterile gauze and bandages sterile by placing them in a sterilized canning jar and put it on a cookie sheet in the oven at 225 degrees for one hour. Take the jar out of the oven and immediately cap with a clean lid and ring and set aside to cool and seal. Be very careful while handling the hot jar so you do not burn yourself ! As long as the jar doesn’t get broken everything will stay clean and sterile indefinitely ! God Bless

          • Also , incase I’m not perfectly clear, the jar and the lids and rings are all clean and dry when using.

          • Very clever, I almost lost my leg due to a staff infection in the Navy, they drew a line to follow the spread of the infection.

            I’ve heard of several people having luck with silver, but haven’t tried it as of yet.

      • Rev. Dr. Michael E Harris says:

        Todd, I have a pharmacist who believes in natural remedies and promotes them in his shop.

        GOD’s natural wonders can do wonders for us. I ran across a book called ‘Native American Ethnobotany’ that is about North American plants that can be used a food, medicine, etc. I was going to leave it at that, but I had to confirm the title.

  6. Rev. Dr. Michael E Harris says:

    The mention of honey reminded me of an article I read several months ago. The article indicated that only raw honey should be trusted, as there are firms that have pasteurized and ultra-pasteurized honey that may not even have honey in it. I buy local in October at the Chatsworth (NJ) Cranberry Festival and at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in August. This year I found some delightful honey–bamboo honey that is dark but not overpowering and radish honey that has to be the best ever.

    • Jim Moore says:

      Yum Rev. There are so many benefits of honey. It’s a topical antibiotic, an antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory all in a natural package.

      • Rev. Dr. Michael E Harris says:

        Jim, While we cannot say that honey will last forever, the current record holder has been around for approximately 5,000 years without deterioration.

        I was aware of the other uses of honey, but it has to be the real stuff–Raw.

        • Jim Moore says:

          Right, the pasteurized and processed stuff just isn’t as good.
          Same with sauerkraut. It’s high in probiotics and very beneficial raw. Mostly what is served is pasteurized and all the good bacteria are killed. Fortunately you can find some raw sauerkraut online and in a good health food stores. I like making my own.

        • I’m 70 years old and I can tell you there is nothing like honey ! I have a super recipe for a syrup for sore throats that I have used over the years and it works on strep throat and tonsillitis and just plain old raw throat from sinuses and colds. Use the powder from 100 capsules of 500 mg. vitamin C and dissolve in 1 cup hot water then add enough honey to sweeten to taste! For my family it took a small jar of honey, and it can be store bought, nothing fancy. Mix well and take one to two tablespoons full every hour while awake. Keep in a pint jar in the fridge. I have known this stuff to kick a sore throat in one day, sometimes it might take a little longer. But it works like crazy. Recipe taken from an Adele Davis book, Lets have Healthy Children back in the early 70’s. Keep the fixin’s on hand and you won’t ever be sorry ! God Bless

          • I have read several articles on the natural healing benefits of honey. One of them said using it on small cuts and scraps as an antiseptic worked well.

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