November 1, 2014

Getting Started

Whether you’re getting started on this site or preparedness in general, this page might help.

I am currently redoing this page, and will post articles that I believe are important here.

In Where Should I Start, and What Should I do Next? I give nine articles that I believe are fundamental to preparedness.


  1. Chris,

    Something like this s absolutely needed. Since many of us are not careful how we stack things, it is imperative that we keep to having a preplanned order and good records. Thanks for your help!.

    See blogs on skin care and honey on my two sites: (Born Again skin); includes personal blogs also.

  2. Cherubb2 says:

    It’s a real blessing to me to find this site as my church isn’t talking about the last days, current events, the rapture….nothing!!! I sent a note to the Pastor asking if I could have a bible study on end times or even just the book of Revelation…I hav heard nothing! So I have been wandering around the net trying to figure out whether I was Pre-Mid or Post Trib then my next question was regardless of what I would believe do I need to prepare and then HOW do I prepare….so God has lead me here. I am so frustrated as I feel like I am so far behind getting prepared….but I can only start where I am and go from there.
    Looking forward to meeting my prepping family.

    • Chris Ray says:

      I’m glad you listened to that still small voice and began to prepare. I know what you mean about feeling behind, I think most of us have felt that way at some time. I wrote a post that might help you feel less stressed,

      As for the timing of the rapture, I know if you asked everyone who visits here what they think, you’ll get all kinds of opinions. I prepare for the multitude of things that can happen between now and the time Christ returns.

      Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, I and many others are here to help.



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