March 27, 2015

Getting Started

Whether you’re getting started on this site or preparedness in general, this page might help.

I am currently redoing this page, and will post articles that I believe are important here.

In Where Should I Start, and What Should I do Next? I give nine articles that I believe are fundamental to preparedness.


  1. Chris,

    Something like this s absolutely needed. Since many of us are not careful how we stack things, it is imperative that we keep to having a preplanned order and good records. Thanks for your help!.

    See blogs on skin care and honey on my two sites: (Born Again skin); includes personal blogs also.

  2. Cherubb2 says:

    It’s a real blessing to me to find this site as my church isn’t talking about the last days, current events, the rapture….nothing!!! I sent a note to the Pastor asking if I could have a bible study on end times or even just the book of Revelation…I hav heard nothing! So I have been wandering around the net trying to figure out whether I was Pre-Mid or Post Trib then my next question was regardless of what I would believe do I need to prepare and then HOW do I prepare….so God has lead me here. I am so frustrated as I feel like I am so far behind getting prepared….but I can only start where I am and go from there.
    Looking forward to meeting my prepping family.

    • Chris Ray says:

      I’m glad you listened to that still small voice and began to prepare. I know what you mean about feeling behind, I think most of us have felt that way at some time. I wrote a post that might help you feel less stressed,

      As for the timing of the rapture, I know if you asked everyone who visits here what they think, you’ll get all kinds of opinions. I prepare for the multitude of things that can happen between now and the time Christ returns.

      Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, I and many others are here to help.


    • Hi Cherubb,
      If you want information on the end times and the rapture. Please check out Irvin Baxter on He talks about bible prophecies that have come to pass and events leading up to other prophecies. Really good information and he backs it all up with the word. Hope this helps.

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