June 24, 2017

GridEx II, Camping Hacks and a Discount at Guardian Survival Gear

Today I want to bring a few things to your attention that aren’t big enough for their own article.

GridEx II

I have gotten email from folks who are concerned about GridEX II, which is taking place on November 13 & 14. They’re concerned about mass power outages. It seems there are some in the preparedness niche that are making GridEx to be something it really isn’t. According to the North American Electronic Reliability Corporation:

“The objectives of the NERC Grid Security Exercise (GridEx) series are to exercise the current readiness of participating Electricity Sub-sector entities to respond to a cyber incident and provide input for security program improvements to the bulk power system. GridEx is a biennial international grid security exercise that uses best practices and other contributions from the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

NERC conducted the first sector-wide grid security exercise, GridEx 2011, on November 16-17, 2011. The exercise was designed to validate the readiness of the Electricity Sub-sector to respond to a cyber incident, strengthen utilities’ crisis response functions, and provide input for internal security program improvements. The GridEx 2011 after-action report is below.”

As mentioned, they have done this before, in 2011. They are preforming a table top exercise, which is like “pretending” the grid has been hacked. They will gameplay how they will respond. There is no risk of the grid going down because of this. I think this is actually a great thing! It shows that they know there are vulnerabilities and that they are trying to figure out how they can and will fix those vulnerabilities.

If you want more details on GridEx II, you can read an overview here.

41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

When used in this context, a “hack” is a very clever way to do something. Thanks to GK for sending me this link. There are some really good ideas here that some of us might want to incorporate into our plans.

A licensed distributor of Guardian Survival Gear has agreed to be a Preparedness Club Supporter and is offering a 10% discount to members of the Preparedness Club. Wrex believes that we need to be equipped to be our own first responders and wants to offer this discount so that we can be better prepared to do so! Thanks Wrex!!
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  1. Dirty Harry says:

    We have some truth here, in early 1860 (think that date is correct) our sum sent a EMP wave that destroyed a lot of the telegraph systems of that date. and EMP also did a hit in Canada in the past. Have read we are past due for another hit. And have read tons of reports about the government (FEMA & Homeland

    • Dirty Harry says:

      sorry got knocked off computer, the rest was the government is stocking up on lots stuff bullets, food , getting FEMA camps pre set-up, so looking that the sun could send EMP, or war, or the dollar dies … make as many preps as you can , if only to buy some sale food , you can always give to the local Christian soup kitchen if not needed. and last get a good Firearm and ammo that you think you need , firearms always go up in value…ammo is a good trade item ,, and talk to your church elder to start some preps. lots of good Christians old and poor will look to the churches for help…this will be a great out reach for Christ, and I have even stocked up on cheap Bibles too.. they will be like gold…

  2. Carl Rooker says:

    Thanks Chris for bringing up the “GridEx” exercise. I had not known about it, and would NOT be too worried if I heard it from several sources, but it is nice knowing about it ahead of hearing from these sources.

    It seems like everything that happens is somehow twisted into an anti-government rant with no basis. Don’t get me wrong, there are things that are wrong. But certain people make us preppers, Christians, and Conservatives look bad by plying their own stupidity as facts.

    Your post was a service. Thanks.

  3. In my opinion, preppers are smart…when the poop hits the fan, the preppers will be a lot better off than the ones who did nothing. One man told me that he didn’t need to prepare anything before things gets too bad as he’s leaving the earth in the rapture and everybody else will be here and they are the ones that can do the prepping. WHO TOLD HIM THAT? The Bible DOES NOT at all support a rapture (especially a secret one) when the saved leave the earth. It says that the man of sin(the antichrist) will come AFTER the tribulation of those days, not before. The Christians will be here for the mark of the beast. No one is going anywhere, that is a myth, not Biblical, and it’s false doctrine. BEWARE: DO NOT BE DECEIVED!!!!

    • Dirty Harry says:

      You are a 100% correct , I did some home work on the rapture teaching , and found it was started in 1833 in a church in England , Before this never found in any church writings. This is a cop out to not have to care for your self or troubles etc…AMEN Brother

      • Dirty Harry, It’s Amen Sister, not Brother. I appreciate the comment and it’s just one more that re-enforces my belief. You are also right. The people who believe in the rapture before the Antichrist comes have been deceived and they think there is an escape route out of the trials and troubles and tribulation of those days, and they will realize there is not one. Won’t they be surprised when they find themselves faced with no preparations and the decision of facing the A.C.?
        The feel good gospel has thousands feeling good, and that’s the calm before the storm. I hope and pray they wake up before it’s too late for them. JESUS prayed to the FATHER, “Don’t remove these that you have given me, but protect them FATHER, thy will be done”. JESUS did not pray to the FATHER that anyone would be removed beforehand but he prayed for protection. Our “spirit” is protected even though we may be martyred for our faith in him. Amen

  4. Interesting opinions. Perhaps a little reading would persuade you differently, not that i purport to know for sure or believe it matters but many people have written about a pretribulationall rapture, here’s a little list if you want to study some of the early writings; Papias (60-130), Clement of Rome (90-100), The Sherpherd of Hermas (96-150), Ignatius of Antioch (98-117), Barnabas (100), The Didache (100-160), Justin Martyr, Irenaeus (120-202), Tertullian (145-220), Hippolytus (185-236).
    Personally, I believe we may find out soon, but shouldn’t argue or judge another for their belief. What our focus should be, IMO, is how we personally are measuring up to the statement ‘they will be known for their love one for another.’

    • Dirty Harry says:

      You are not understanding or reading correctly they are talking about 2nd coming , not a secret rapture ! I have the Master Christian DVD and all the writings , so what you said is not TRUE…

      • The truth is that the Bible doesn’t say definitively say when the rapture will be. For some reason this topic can get people from all sides upset. Over the years I have seen people from all sides say things and insinuate things that have no business coming from a brother or sister in Christ.

        You are entitled to your belief and if you want to politely give it, that is fine. But I’m not ok with anyone telling anyone else they are wrong. With that I am shutting down the rapture discussion for now in this thread.

  5. To: Dirty Harry…In Revelation John tells us about the judgments. He speaks of Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls/Vials. At the 7th Trumpet JESUS takes over this evil world from Satan who is now (the god of this world). It plainly says that the kingdoms of this world have now become the kingdoms of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST and he will reign forever and ever.
    I have not told anyone that they are wrong per se, I have only brought out the words of scripture. We can’t add to or take away from the facts. JESUS comes next and he won’t come until after the troubles of those days, (meaning tribulation). He (JESUS) will come for the saints at the end of the 7th trumpet according to Revelation. Revelation is not written in chronological order. John saw visions of heaven and earth and was back and forth. Blessing to all, no argument here, just facts. So, I agree there is no separate rapture.
    When CHRIST comes in the clouds he will raise the dead who were asleep (according to scripture), he will call them up to him along with any saved that remain on the earth after those awful days of suffering. Then they will meet him in the air and forever be with him.
    The saints will suffer through the judgments of the seals and trumpets. Then they will meet the LORD in the air. Immediately after that the bowl judgments will fall on all of the unrepentant sinners. Our spiritual house is what’s important…At that time, nothing else will matter.

    • Wandakate, I thought I was clear, no more conversation on the topic please. any further comments will be deleted.

  6. Jab!
    In Love; not that I agree or disagree, but facts, no matter how articulately delivered, are developed in one’s own mind within personal perceptions developed according to personal wrestling with our own ego or conviction of spirit. Which re-affirms why I’m glad it’s a personal salvation.
    My facts may differ from your facts, so that’s why I don’t share in a place where it may be inappropriate and thus and attempt to force them on you, particularly on someone else’s turf. Indeed, our spiritual house is important.

  7. Hey Chris, on the tick deterrent, I have a quick story to share. My brother was tending fence near some wooded acreage and when he got home he found a couple of ticks. He lives in southern Tennessee. He treated the bites and resumed his day. After eating some beef that evening he got sick. It turns out the tick bite resulted in an allergy to meat from any mammal. Think of the repercussions of such an allergy during a collapse scenario. The allergy could be permanent.
    He can eat poultry and fish but no mammalian meat. http://bit.ly/1cVXTTi

    Thanks again for all you do and the sacrifices you and your family endure to give us this wonderful Blog. You are ordained by God to minister through this medium. Blessings as He continues to gives you strength and wisdom to facilitate this gift.

  8. dirty harry says:

    Keep in mind our electric grid is a 1880 tect. and once down some parts will have problems getting up again .. count on some staying down and some no problems at all!

    • Chris Ray says:

      I don’t think it is quite that old, but I do know that many parts in the grid have a 30 year shelf life and some are twenty years past that.

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