June 27, 2017

If You’re in a Fair Fight, Your Tactics Suck

Dirty fighter

What I mean by “If you’re in a fair fight, your tactics suck” is that if you’re attacked, there is no such thing as a fair fight. You should do what you need to do to ensure you walk away, even if that means “fighting dirty”.

A disclaimer of sorts: Violence should only be used to stop violence directed at you or a loved one. Once someone puts their hands on you or a loved one, they have given you consent to defend yourself and/or the ones you love.

If I am forced to use violence, the goal is to end the threat and get away to safety. The goal is not to beat the attacker to a pulp, though that might be needed to get away. Some of the things I will explain are not going to neutralize an attacker by themselves. Some may just “short circuit” them for a short time. When the attacker is short circuited, you can either use that brief pause to use another attack or to get away.

I often carry a firearm for self-defense but there are times when I can’t. There are also situations, such as being within arm’s reach, which might not permit drawing a firearm, making hand-to-hand necessary.

None of the techniques I am explaining need any training to learn, though training will help you and the techniques be much more effective. Many of them will work for people of smaller stature against larger attackers.
Eye gouge/eye flick

I have seen this tactic mentioned several times over the years and it is often explained as pushing your thumbs deep into the eye sockets of the attacker. There is a problem with this explanation however; doing so is repellent to human behavior. In his book “On Killing,” Lt. Col. Dave Grossman explains the following:

“The single most effective mechanically easiest way to inflict significant damage on a human being with one’s hand, is to punch the thumb through his eye and on into the brain.”

He goes on to explain that even though this attack would be extremely effective, it goes against human nature. He also says that during the filming of a movie that was rated X because of it’s violent content, an actress who was to portray stabbing a man in the eye with a rat tail comb, passed out twice during filming.

“This is a professional actress, she can portray killing, lying and sex on the screen with relative ease, but even the pretense of stabbing someone in the eye seems to have touched a resistance so powerful and deep seeded that her body and emotions, the tools of the professional actress literally refuse to cooperate. In fact I cannot find any references of anyone in the history of human combat ever having used this simple technique.”

As we can see, a gouge is not something many people can do. Because of that, here is a different method of attacking the eyes: keep your fingers limp and flick your wrist, aiming your fingers at the attacker’s eyes. This will short circuit them and cause the eyes to water, enabling you to assess and flee or attack again, if needed.

Box the Ears

Boxing of the ears can be very painful and can inflict severe damage to the ear drums. To box the ears simply slap the ears with your palms. This is another means of short circuiting the attacker, enabling you to assess and flee or attack again, if needed.

Crush the Windpipe

To crush the windpipe, keep your four fingers together and fully extend the thumb making a V with your hand. Aim at the attacker’s throat, trying to have the thumb and fingers on opposite sides of the throat. Depending on the force, this attack can be a short circuit, causing the attacker to gasp for air. It can also be fatal.

Punching or Smashing the Nose

Punching or smashing the nose can cause blood loss and the eyes to tear. Sometimes, seeing their own blood takes the fight out of the attacker. Also, if their eyes are watering, you can either take advantage and attack again or flee. I say “smash” because, due to body position, sometimes you can’t truly punch but you may be able to smash their nose with the palm of your hand.
Groin Attacks

I think everyone knows a groin attack on a man can shut down a fight quickly, but it can be very painful to a woman as well. When attacking the groin, you don’t have to aim directly for it. If you attack the high leg, momentum will bring the attack to the groin.

Brachial Plexus

The brachial plexus is a bundle of nerves running from the spine and through the neck. This is another short circuit, with the potential to be a finisher. While doing gun disarms with a partner a while back, I hit him with roughly 50% strength. This was enough force to cause him to drop the blue gun, even though that wasn’t the portion of the move that was to strip the gun. I have a friend who has done training in the past where a blow to the brachial plexus caused someone to lose consciousness. To initiate this move, simply strike the crook of the neck by punching or chopping. Chopping works really well for shorter people who might not be able to punch effectively on a taller person.
Head Butt

I am not talking about the traditional WWF head butt. This head butt is accomplished by facing the attacker, grabbing their head with both hands and squatting, slamming their face on the top of your head. This obviously isn’t an attack you would start with. Since your hands are already on their head, this is an excellent move after boxing their ears.

Elbow and Knee Strikes

Many of the attacks listed above are great ways to short circuit an attacker but many are just that, only short circuits. A fantastic closer is an elbow or knee strike. When striking with the elbow, do so with an open hand. This causes you to strike with the bare ulnar bone. If you do an elbow strike with a closed fist, the ulnar bone is covered with muscle, which is softer than bone and causes less damage to your attacker. Strike with elbows instead of fists whenever possible. The bones in your hands are far less forgiving. A broken hand can take you out of the fight.

Closing thoughts

Since we only use force in self-defense, the rule of thumb is to keep attacking until either your attacker stops or you are able to get away. It could take multiple attacks for either of those to be a viable option. An engagement drill we practiced in Haganah chained many of the attacks listed above; it went something like this: The attacker comes at you. You kick them in the thigh, aiming for a nerve in the thigh. This is followed by a punch to the brachial plexus, boxing their ears, head butting, lifting their head and delivering an elbow strike to the brachial plexus. We would then put them in a type of hold, deliver three knees to the legs, swing them to the ground and feign breaking their ankle.

That is one example of chaining attacks, but doing an eye flick, punch to the noes and an elbow to the jaw might work just fine. Do not stop fighting until they give up or you have an opportunity to retreat.

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  1. Carl Rooker says:

    Nicer starter list of tactics that can be used even by novices in an emergency.

    Situational awareness (something you often preach on), and making it clear you will not be a victim can keep one from having to use any of these. Most criminals are cowards, and will not strike someone they think might beat them.

  2. GhillieMan says:

    Great list and applications, Chris.

    Hmmm..either gouge perp’s eyes into his evil brain, or go “limp wrist.” Boy, now THAT’S an easy choice. See my thumb? Now see my thumb enter your eye socket! LOL

    Whether you live in a jurisdiction that has a form of “Stand Your Ground” law or a form of “Castle Doctrine,” just remember that if you must use lethal force your response (maybe your only response!) to law enforcement is “I was in fear of my life!” Then have your finger trigger on the “Call Button” for a good lawyer to get them off your back, if necessary.

    Then, thank God He pulled you through!

    After that, only THEN do you have permission to faint. :)



  3. Dirty Harry says:

    as a ex-combat marine no rules in the jungle ,as they say the best defense is a go nuts , wild attack, ALWAYS keep the bad guys off guard, forget the LAWS, only rule is win…Shoot your gun dry and quick reload , have backup weapons ALWAYS! Bad guy down bash his head in with a cinder block or rock. Wounded people can get back up and kill you. as make the last shot to the head, and always stay on guard for more bad guys to attack you,, cover all sides and your rear ALWAYS…Even DAVID did just this in the Bible , It said he ran through a TROOP and jumped over a wall… ( a very WILD ATTACK)…

  4. Finish the fight! The fight is not over until you have guaranteed that the threat is over.

  5. Rex-kwan-do says:

    Good list, but you forgot the most important method: break the wrist, walk away. Break the wrist, walk away.

  6. agree with the core point- there is no fair fight. you fight to survive.

    personally , I like to take out opponents knee. either front kick, or side kick. easy to do, not fatal, but will take down a large attacker.

  7. Very good, all the comments are excellent too!

  8. Thanks for the ideas for us at beginner level. Being in my 50s, I’m not in the shape I was 15-20 yrs ago (not that I was ever much of a fighter); so I appreciate the simple, easy to understand stuff.

    Is there any way to practice any of this stuff without getting arrested or bruising a friend? Perhaps having a dummy to practice on, would help, but I have no idea on where to get a dummy. I’d feel more confident in a fight if I’d practiced these moves.

  9. For a easy dummy, maybe I can stuff an old duffle bag full of towels & old clothes, hang it end to end, & take some shots. ANy other ideas on how to practice these moves?

    • Chris Ray says:

      Many of these can be practiced with a dummy, or just be “shadow boxing” in the air. Some like striking the Brachial Plexus or head butt will require a partner, just go slow and for the head butt, don’t actually strike their face on your head.

      If you don’t have a partner, just practice the moves you can do alone.

      • GhillieMan says:

        If you REALLY want to do some hardcore training where you can make full contact in your workout get a Century BOB XL with Base Unit. But it’s not cheap!

        Use padded workout gloves (not boxing gloves) to protect your hands. The BOB XL will take everything you throw at it. There are two additional benefits in getting the BOB XL:

        1. Water Reservoir. You can fill the base of BOB XL with sand or water. I recommend you use slightly chlorinated water. This way, the chlorination will prevent anything from growing in the base unit, AND if you are in a pinch for a last resort water resource WTSHTF you can use the water for nuclear radiation decontamination.

        2. If you plan to be away from your home or office for a period of time, place a Hoody on BOB, with the hood disguising his face. Then place Bob in view (not too close) of the rear or front window. This may work as a preventive measure for bad guys to go elsewhere if they think someone is occupying the premises.

        Number 2 above will also scare the living daylights out of your wife if you don’t tell her you put it there. (but I’m glad she didn’t shoot it!)

        CAUTION: Take it from me, if you do Number 2, prepare to live as one with your sofa.

        Amazon and other online vendors sale it. http://www.amazon.com/Century-BOB-XL-Base-Unit/dp/B003QOHSLQ/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1377101050&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=striking+dummly



        • Chris Ray says:

          I have trained with “Bob” and it is pretty good. You can also buy an upright punching bag, and fill the bottom with water or sand. Bob will work better for eye flick/gouge and Brachial Plexus but everything else should be fine on any type of punching bag.

    • Bob XL is out of my current budget. I’ll find an old duffel bag & include my wrist weights & 1-2 cushioned dumb bells to give it some weight & stability. If that’s not enough weight, I’ll use an old metal canteen w/ something wrapped around it to cushion it. I’ll build my cheap low cost dummy, although it won’t have Bob XL’s realistic face to use as a security guard.

  10. Dirty Harry says:

    Never take a knife or fist to a fight, better to carry a small 38 special or even a 22 pistol . most fights are stopped with out firing a single shot, even carry a small can of CS gas or small stun gun ,,, fist are only for very young and in very great shape people…Think on this the bad guy looks for people along ,old , or small, or weak. Just had on local news lady was out after dark running, head phone on, on a side walk where no one is around… SORRY but she was asking to be attacked, and was , good part she was able to break free and run …. The best defense is use your head and travel SAFE , be around other people, keep you car doors and house doors locked. THINK before going, even in parking lots ,park in area with lots lights, and NEVER EVER go to 7/11 type shops after dark, Plan your needs in daytime, same for the ATM… THINK SAFE , PLAN SAFE, LIVE SAFE, as the market gets bad and more people loose jobs and or the house, it will DEMAND that we use our heads and NEVER EVER LEAVE HOME with out prayer to JESUS CHRIST,, with out God’s loving hand you will never be SAFE!

  11. Dirty Harry, from what I read online, CS gas is a form of tear gas. Is CS gas more effective than pepper spray? Also, where can I get CS gas? I’d prefer to go to an actual store & pay cash, to avoid online tracking & possible liability.

    I’ve given pepper spray to one daughter to use. Another daughter (has anti-gun feelings, somewhat pacifist) is moving to Chicago, & I might offer a pepper spray to her as well. Our son, OTOH, is a huge gun rights guy & loves to express his 2nd amendment rights.

    I agree w/ avoiding certain places after dark. Some Scriptures associate darkness w/ evil.

    • Chris Ray says:

      CS is a form of pepper spray, but it is not as effective as OC. Here is an article I wrote on it some time ago. http://preparedchristian.net/self-defense-pepper-spray/

      Here is some of the info from the article
      “CS and CN are considered irritants and will cause stinging and tearing. They can take from five to thirty seconds to be effective and may have little to no effect on someone who is chemically altered or in a psychotic state.

      OC on the other hand is an inflammatory agent. When sprayed with it, your eyes immediately slam shut. People most often become temporarily blind due to the capillaries in the eyes dilating. From breathing in the agent, there is also coughing and possibly some choking.”

      You can find OC spray locally I am sure, I have seen it at gun stores and outdoor stores like Cabalas and Gander Mountain should have it. Just make sure to get OC with foam spray.

    • Dirty Harry says:

      You can get it at Dick’s, Sports world, or Wal Mart. many different brands and size and Wal Mart sell a Gas -Gun , the best would be a mix of say OC and pepper , but any thing is better than nothing, you know your budget.

  12. Dirty Harry says:

    Keep in mind the young feel they are safe , but say a flash mob hits them and how they going to stop 3 or 4 may be 10 ,, You can not that is why a real gun will always be the best, shot 1 or 2 shots and WATCH every one RUN, saw that at news shoot out in New Orleans , one shot and all hell as every one runs… Some times real events are the best true teacher…and never trust that it is only one BAD guy. Always plan your out events , had a flash mob in Orland , Fl. as the movie let out , some teens were attacking the people leaving until one guy pulls out a 357 MAG. pistol out , that stopped trouble like a flash… Every American needs to get a good gun, and a class on use,,,Almost any gun shop will help you and ask them to let you try out and see what fits your hand well… This my personal WARNING America is about to enter some very DARK and BAD days of trouble because America has for got about it’s source of GREATNESS, But Jesus LOVES you and will hear you and help your needs ……ALL OF THEM!

    • Chris Ray says:

      Carrying a gun and being trained in its use, but as I mention in the article there are many scenarios where you will not have time to act. Using your example of the flash mob, many times there is no warning, they just attack randomly.

      During training with a projector I had a scenario where I was looking at a cash machine and someone to my right said excuse me/ the camera panned to the right and there was a woman with a knife, less then three feet away. I don’t care how fast you draw, you’re not getting your gun into play before you get stabbed. My initial thought was a kick to her gut and getting some distance and then drawing on her.

  13. Dirty Harry says:

    Chris makes make good points, We need to act at the time of any troubles always keep a open mind , just came to me ,that I always carry a pen in my shirt pocket, that is a great WEAPON to use if you can not get to your gun or other items, always be open to anything even a kick or hand jab works,, My point nothing is written in stone… THANKS CHRIS

  14. papa bear says:

    My adult daughter is a Dr. of audiology. I have told her ,”If attacked, remember where you work. Box the ears, Head but the nose, then punch the throat. She works in an Ear Nose and throat clinic.

  15. Dirty Harry says:

    I just read about the U.N. is pushing hard and fast for to outlaw the buying, selling, owning, by civilians of all firearms, and ammunition.. My point is it going to get real bad real fast…You have a small window of time to get a firearm and ammo.. Then will come the roundup of Christians, and all God and country loving Americans. DO it now the last days are coming VERY FAST… and my other point we been doing lots Bible study and America will not be here in the last days… You have been WARNED .

    • Chris Ray says:

      The UN has been pushing, but to say it will just come into the US is not completely true. It would have to be ratified by congress and if memory serves they already turned it down once.

      You’re right, America isn’t mentioned in the end times, but neither is France, Poland, Australia, Canada, Mexico, or many other countries. Just because the USA isn’t mentioned does not mean that we’ll be destroyed, it just means we’re not key players in the end times.

  16. Dirty Harry says:

    The U.N treaty will not need or get a Ok from congress, but many are missing the fine points, It will STOP imports, exports, of firearms, ammo, and gun parts and related gear, talk about hard to get ammo … and many other items like brass, lead will sky rocket in price, also the U.S. government will use this to destroy surplus items, like they are stopping the import of America made M1 rifles, and M1 carbines now from Korea, This is already stopping the imports of used America made pistols, and rifles, shotguns that were sold to police and military of other countries, and it will stop Americans from going hunting in other countries, and Ban all firearms on private boats or aircraft out of the USA or even crossing state lines and reloading will become a national and international CRIME. Even putting Inew parts on firearms can become a CRIME like a new shotgun barrel or choke. i will say it again AMERICA is NOW HISTORY, we will never see the return of LIBERTY. We kicked God out and he said ok watch what happens with out my LOVE and GRACE.

    • Chris Ray says:

      you are wrong. The Constitution provides that the President can submit a treaty, but 2/3 of congress must ratify it for it to pass. http://www.senate.gov/artandhistory/history/common/briefing/Treaties.htm

      The M1 not being allowed in to America has nothing to do with the UN treaty. Korea offered to sell them to the US population, and the gun hating administration said no.

      Much of what you say is a possibility, some of it even probable, but none of what you said is at this time truth. Are we losing liberties? Yes, more every day. Are our gun rights in danger? yes, without a doubt, but use facts to back your arguments, like Diane Finestien trying to pass the horrid legislation she drafted, or several other places where our Second Amendment is being tramped on. Is the UN agenda 21 a threat? Yep, I wrote my congressman and expressed my concern. But saying that it is going to become law and America is done for is playing into an emotional fear.

    • GhillieMan says:

      Greetings Friends,

      While we all know we have to be prepared spiritually, physically and mentally for anything that God may allow to happen to our beloved nation, we must be careful to NOT get caught up in a downward spiral of hopelessness. Within that spiral, Satan is waiting to breed fear into The Hopeless who act out in ungodly ways such as racism, Satanism, anarchism, etc.

      Keep in mind that we are dealing with principalities that are spiritual and go beyond the reach of physical Guns and Bullets.

      Regardless of what happens to our country as a corporate entity, our Founding Fathers belief of “One Nation UNDER GOD” will reside in each of us. It is through Jesus Christ that we have Freedom, not fear.



  17. Dirty Harry says:

    We can not allow the killing of babies, wars against others to take resources, We teach PURE communism in our education systems , the NEWS tv media lost truth long ago. and God is not going to take AMERICAN Christians out, SORRY I have see the real world that most do not , I have seen FIRST HAND what the communist do to helpless peoples , not nice, Some how Americans think they are above it all…And the mess we are in will not be helped or saved in Wash., DC. The fields are White until the harvest , many be be lost for ever.. MY major out reach is to reach the lost for Christ But First American NEEDS TO REPENT, I will not play your send me FACTS game… I do so and all you want is a reason to find errors , the major problem for America , THE JUST LIVE BY FAITH.. I fear nothing, I die I am in the hands of JESUS CHRIST.. We are a lost nation, and YES CHRIST will always have a few who never give in to the DEVIL.. MY mission is to warn and point to CHRIST as the ONLY ANSWER. for most that is not what is wanted.

    • Chris Ray says:

      You’re correct, unless America repents we will see judgment for the sins we as a nation have committed against God.

      Facts game? not a game, I just think there is enough going on without to be concerned about that we don’t need to make things up to scare people. I’m not picking apart what you say to find errors, but I am not going to allow conjecture to be given as fact. I am responsible for the content on this site, if someone comes here and reads misinformation, and leaves believing it to be true, it is my fault. That is why I corrected you, I said much of what you said is possible, and might even by probably, but as of the time of this writing, it is not TRUTH.

      Yep, I agree with you that Christ is the only answer, without America repenting and going back to Him, we are doomed, that is the truth.

  18. tax2death says:

    I came late to this blog-subject.Great comments! Nice to see like minded believers.
    Here is my question. I have been prepping for about 3 years and are beginning to feel a little like I did on 1-1-2000 when the computers were fine. I am convinced that we are heading over a cliff but am less worried than I was 3 years ago. maybe a little complacent? Seems that the Govt. can keep kicking the can way longer than I thought.

    My question is, is there anybody else that is starting to let their guard down? When BHO was reelected I lost a little faith in this country. Kind of said to myself if we as a country can reelect a man like him(I know none of you voted for him) what hope do we have. Obviously we hope in God but seems to me we may suffer the consequences also?

    I catch myself asking where was God in letting HIM get another term. I know God was where he will always be on his throne but cant help scratch my head? Maybe America has to crash for the stage to be set for Armageddon?

    Would welcome any thoughts on my disjointed rambling.

    • Chris Ray says:

      My approach to preparedness is to just prepare in general. If you prepare for specific events and they don’t happen, its easy to become complacent. Preparedness is a part of my life. I may never need to use some of the items i have purchased, but I have never needed my air bag in my car, yet I am glad it is there.

      As far as BHO goes, I believe that the USA needs to be moved away as a protector of Israel for certain things to happen. BHO is certainly no friend to them.

    • In Daniel 2:21 it says “He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.”

      Then in Roman 13 it say “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

      These are two verse that I have struggled with in the past. I have often asked myself how could God possibly put that person in office. But I have such a small view of things. I have to trust that these leaders are put in power to eventually bring honor and glory to Him. He has a plan and I have to trust that He knows what He is doing. That’s the only way that I can tolerate some of the leaders we have had in this country.

      • GhillieMan says:

        Hello Brother Phillip,

        I don’t “Tolerate” them. We should NOT tolerate sin. Despite our enemy’s social engineering on using the terms “gay” and “tolerate” their Abomination sin, that’s not a word in our Holy Rules of Engagement (Our Holy Bible).

        The only reference to “gay” that I recognize is in the song of a famous cartoon series that I grew up on: The Flintstones (“…we’ll have a gay old time!”). Those people who choose to live that sinful lifestyle are referred to as homosexuals to me and my household.

        One can easily lose his or her salvation if he accepts our spiritual enemy’s denotation and connotation of terms, and their application to our scripture. That is another reason we should be careful in reading other human’s biblical commentary and these newer so-called “versions” of The Bible. God speaks through The King James Version–and The Holy Spirit will help each of us to discern what He wants us to know, when He wants us to know it.

        “Compassion” is in our scripture, NOT Tolerate. Therefore we are NOT to tolerate sin.



      • “Authorities are established by God” or whatever it said was written to Jews who chafed against the Roman rule over them. This era or Roman government was the first time that Jews were under the rule of anyone but a Jew. Even in exile and in bondage, Jews were ruled by one of their own.

        All this changed with Roman rule. However, Paul was right. The Jews as Roman citizens were protected anywhere Rome ruled. So, Jews who became Christians were protected. This protection is what allowed Christianity to spread. There were no conflicts with other countries that might have led to the deaths of Christians during this period of history.

        Paul believed the Romans were the protectors of Christianity. He was correct. Since no one could harm a Roman citizen for believing in this strange, new religion, Christians were free (more or less) to proselytize without fear. Even though Paul later had some problems with persecution, he believed at this time that ordinary citizens would be safe. They were.

        Yes, I went to a Bible College and studied the Bible solely for two years formally and many years beyond that.

    • GhillieMan says:

      Hello Tax2Death,

      Unless God calls you to exhort otherwise, focusing on the person you refer to as BHO can be a distraction to what God has in store for YOU. Yes, BHO, who I refer to as The DITWhit (The Devil In The Whitehouse) is a leader among antichrist forces–and so is Hillary Rodham Clinton who is nothing but BHO in drag. Seek God for direction for what He wants YOU to do, instead of feeding into their satanic agenda.

      Chris is spot-on regarding being Prepared In General for several reasons.

      First and foremost, God, through The Holy Spirit, will allow us Believers to discern to prepare for a major critical event, but when it comes to scripture-based MAJOR Critical Events only He knows the time it will go down. When it does go down, for those of us who He does not take immediately, I believe God will let us know in spirit that what to do in His Perfect Order. In the past, we have had clergypersons of good character and good intentions to predict specific times and have failed to do so because it is not meant for mankind to know. Christian Preppers should not make the same type mistake in making only very narrow, event-specific preparations.

      Within the General Preparations, God gives us discernment and common sense to take precautions and make specific preparations (e.g. MOVE OUT!) if one lives in close proximity to a KNOWN potential major critical incidents. This includes the seismic fault zones on the West Coast, volcanic zones at Yellow Stone National Park, or within about 50 miles DOWNWIND of nuclear power plants or classified government bases conducting bio-chemical research throughout the country.

      As a side note, I have always believed that those wildfires in many areas on our west coast–especially California–is God sending a warning. Even more so now. I believe He is trying to “Smoke Out” the people living there to get them to move outside of danger of a pending MAJOR seismic and volcanic critical incident in that region of the United States.

      Lastly, within one’s General Preparations, sub-preparations will be different depending on God’s Threat Assessment provided to you through His Spirit, your own research and common sense, and research and risk assessments performed by others, including state and Federal governments.



    • Dirty Harry says:

      About letting your guard down, I will just point out this part our national debt can never be paid . All the billions and billons can not be paid, the problem is WHEN and how soon .. No one can answer that , but THINGS are speeding up. Yes ROME took 300 years to die and we entered what was called the DARK AGES. And we always have the NATURAL to deal with… So you are ahead of the mob. good job, but keep learning, ETC.

  19. papa bear says:

    I believe that the one world order, or antichrist, will be not come to power by force. The majority of people will vote it in looking for the handouts and easy life that will be promised. I am a prepper mainly because we live on the Mississippi gulf coast. I had always prepared for hurricanes, but as a Katrina survivor, I decided to prepare more. I believe that BHO is just an example of how people will vote for anyone who promisses HOPE. What they do not realize is that the only true HOPE in the world is in Christ an a personal relationship with him. So I keep prepping and keep praying that the majority of people will turn to Christ, and learn to become more self reliant through the Peace, Strength, and Hope that comes from Christ. Romans 5 1-5

    • Chris Ray says:

      I think you’re right about people voting in our downfall. You’re also spot on about the only true hope being Christ.

  20. My hubs was just explaining the eye gouge move to me the other day. Love all the tactics you’ve listed.

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