June 28, 2017

Increasing Random Acts of Violence

Increasing Random Acts of Violence

If you have followed the news at all recently, I am sure you’ve seen reports of the “Knockout Game” as well as all of the reports of violence on Black Friday. You’ve probably heard of the reports over the last few years about violent flash mobs. These types of incidents seem to be happening much more over the last couple of years, and I expect they’ll continue to increase.

Knockout Game

This type of game isn’t new. I remember seeing reports of it over a year ago. It’s just a little more common now, and the news is reporting about them. The goal of the game is to knock someone out with one punch.

The assaults can be fatal. In New Jersey, Ralph Santiago, 46, a homeless man, was walking alone on September 10 when he was suddenly struck from behind. He had a preexisting brain condition that compounded the damage, leading to his death.

I have watched a few of the attacks that were caught on video and the victims are often sucker punched so they couldn’t defend themselves in any way.

I can’t remember another time in our history with this much widespread violence for no reason other than the entertainment of the perpetrator. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying there haven’t been other widespread acts of violence, such as racially based attacks, and hangings, but those were all acts of hate based on race. I’m not saying either is excusable. With the racial violence you could tell what the motive was, but with the knock out game there seems to be no motive but to inflict pain upon another human being.

Black Friday

Over the last few years, there have been a huge number of reports of violence at a variety of stores in many states, all in the name of saving a few bucks. There have been Stabbing’s, trampling’s, shootings, pepper sprayings, and various other types of assaults.

If you’re someone who thinks that when the stuff hits the fan you’re going to run to the store to get a few quick items, keep Black Friday human behavior in mind. People behave like this to save a little money. Imagine what they’ll do when they realize they don’t have enough food at home and you have the last item they want!

Flash Mobs

I’m talking about the type of flash mob that is made up of several young people who stream into a store, stealing as much as they can, as quickly as they can. These flash mobs sometimes lead to violence.

What Can We Do?s

These types of attacks are uncommon, but we should still do what we can to limit our vulnerability.

First and foremost, we need to be vigilant with our Situational Awareness. In some of these attacks, you’d need to look behind you after a group of young people passed by. Because of this, if a group of young people walk by, elevate your alert level of the Cooper Color Code and maintain that level until you are comfortable with their distance.

Even with a high level of awareness, you might still be ambushed by these cowards. Because the attack comes in the form of a punch, the attack is not “telegraphed” until the attacker is two arms lengths away. At these distances a firearm isn’t much good. In order to defend yourself against any close combat attacks, I highly recommend a real world martial art. I have mentioned that I have studied Haganah, which is based off of Krav Maga. Both are excellent. You might have another type in your area. Check into it!

We can utilize the buddy system. In the military, you’re told not to go alone when in port anywhere, to take a buddy or five. I haven’t studied all of the knockout attacks, but the few I have looked into stated that victims were all alone. If you have a friend along, it might lower your chance of being a target of any kind, let alone a knockout target.

Exercise your Second Amendment right to carry a concealed firearm, if you are legally able to do so. It might not protect you from being a victim of the knockout game, but it could and it could also be enough to deter an angry flash mob if you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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  1. Dare Tuitt says:

    Another reason to get out of the cities as soon as you are able. Relocate to an area far away from where this kind of violence happens. I moved away from one such area and now live in a small town, 1/8th the size of the suburb near a big city, where I used to live. Even in that suburb, crime was high. NOT the place to be when the economy totally fails.

    I do disagree with your assessment of the motive for the Knockout Game. I don’t believe it is done for entertainment. I think it is motivated by racial hatred. All the perpetrators are blacks and all the victims are not blacks. Prima facia Racism, seems to me. It is a startling example of how “the love of many will wax cold.”

    Pray for victims and pray for the criminals who do these attacks, but get out of the cities and get away from the crime and violence ASAP.

    • Your wrong, there have been at least two black victims. We also don’t know that all of the perpetrators were black.

      • Dare Tuitt says:

        OK, one or two black victims and one or two non-black perps. Those abberations don’t indicate a new trend, because according to Eric Holder’s DOJ statistics, the overwhelming amount of violent crime in our country is done by blacks. 85% to be exact. Think on that. Blacks are 13% of the population, yet are responsible for 85% of ALL violent crime in the country. It is not white racism that makes this so, yet that is the predominant meme espoused to explain why this is so, but it’s another lie from satan to keep people enslaved to sin and feeling justified doing so.. Not telling the truth about it doesn’t help either victims or criminals. As Christians we must tell people the truth about sinful behavior to help them see that our God is a loving God and will forgive those who repent of their sins. It’s getting people to understand that they DO sin. We don’t help blacks if we don’t tell them the truth.

        • I’m not doubting you, but I would like to see the statistics you mention that Eric Holder gave, do you have a source?

          You don’t think that black people know that other blacks commit crime? Black on black crime far exceeds black on white crime, I think they’re well aware. I would also wager that white on white crime far exceeds black on white crime.

          I also linked a video below from one of the thugs that in the interview said they did seven or so of these attacks, and he says it was based on boredom, not race.

          But lets say that you’re right, and I am wrong, that the majority or all of the attacks are racially based. The problem then is that if people are only suspect of black youths, they could very well let their guard down, and not see a potential threat from a white youth. Sure maybe not the people who visit this blog, that already practice situational awareness. I think it was the Son of Sam serial killer that preyed upon woman with dark hair. There were some woman that knowing this died their hair blond. This gave them a false sense of security, because while they might no longer consider themselves a target for the Son of Sam, there were plenty of other predators who might not have cared what color their hair was.

          My point is, that even if some or all of the attacks are racially based, it does not matter, our defense is the same. We need to practice situational awareness, and treat everyone regardless of race the same.

          I’m not sure I understand how your tying these attacks and race into sin. We all sin, and as you well know are only forgiven through Christ. Man might judge differently due to hate laws, but God does not.

          • Dare Tuitt says:

            I think blacks know what is going on and I think they excuse it based on their perception that it’s payback for what whites have done. I think it is a false perception, but it certainly is a great excuse because it means they don’t have to be responsible in solving it. They (along with sympathetic whites) can just say, “Well, what do you expect when…(fill in the blank: young people are bored; people are underemployed or unemployed; there is institutional racism; there’s no social justice, etc.). All of the reasons given are excuses, and helps no one.

            You can use the FBI’s own statistics on violent crime to show that race is THE indicator of who is and who is not doing violent crime in the country. Overwhelmingly blacks do more violent crime than any other race in the country. Even Janet Reno’s Justice Department in 1999 admitted “blacks are 8 times more likely to commit homicide.” (See http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/homicide/race.htm)

            Worse still, black community leaders pay lip service to the problem while absolving themselves of contributing to it, through the use of blame and misdirection. And too many whites, fearful of being accused of being racist, look for any kind of underlying cause other than sin, for the criminal behavior. Not telling the truth has produced an unrealistic expectation by blacks in the prosecution of their crimes (think of the recent Travon Martin case). The net result is blacks, by various degrees, feel justified in criminal violent behavior or feel justified to expect lesser punishment based on the excuse that whites ultimately are responsible for black criminal behavior.

            Admittedly, these race issues can get emotionally complicated and satan loves that. He doesn’t want any of us to stop hating and does his best to obscure reality. But we are looking at this all wrong – remember, this is a spiritual battle that is going on. It’s our sinful human nature that seeks to deny we are guilty of anything. Who wants to admit to sin? The world system is full of examples of misdirection and justification for doing wrong. Blaming others is as old as Adam’s excuse to God – “…That woman you gave me made me eat of the apple.”

            But not telling the truth about our sins doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t help the perpetrator understand they need to repent of their acts and make amends and restitution and it doesn’t help victims forgive their attackers. We need to stop helping perpetuate the excuse industry and tell the truth to each other. Sadly, RACE is a verboten topic now, and when whites point out the obvious facts, people get nervous. Insofar as these “knockout game” attacks are concerned, I would rather tell the truth and see one black criminal come to Jesus than be smeared as racist for simply loving another enough to speak the truth.

    • Rev. Dr. Michael E Harris says:

      Then think of the motivation as boredom. The attacks are perpetrated by young people with nothing constructive to do. It is entertainment for them. I have seen only one black-on-black attack, but that was just pure hatred.

      • I have only seen one interview with one of the cowardly thugs that was shot, and arrested for these attacks. He said he and his friends were high and bored and things escalated because he was hanging out with a bad crowed.

      • Hildegard says:

        The apologists would have us all believe that slavery has only happened in USA and the only slaves were Africans. Research the Barbary Pirates and how they terrorized the European coast for centuries. They were known to perpetrate raids as far north as Iceland. Millions of Europeans were sold into slavery by these Muslim savages. Whole towns were abducted.

        • Almost all nations have had slaves at one time or another. There are plenty of slaves in the modern day in countries including the USA. The slaves we have today in America are most often sex slaves.

  2. Great article Chris!!! I agree that it is our own responsability to protect ourselves. Situational awareness in my opinion is lacking in most people today. Everyone is too busy with their Iphones and other electronic gadets and not paying attention to what is around them. When my wife & I go out, I’m always aware what is around us. She thinks I’m funny that I prefer seats against walls and away from doors.

    • Chris Ray says:

      I’m with you Greg, most people stay in condition white, and that just happens to be the favorite condition of human predators, unaware.

      Trudee knows I want to face the door and my back to the wall, so she just lets me have the seat.

  3. Peter Kavanagh says:

    Chris there has been a dramatic increase in Black on White violence in America since 2010 . The book “white girl bleed a lot ” gives a pretty stark view of the numbers . The media is simply not reporting on it .

    I think a lot of it is media driven , during the Tray von Martin case MSNBC altered a 911 tape to make it appear that Zimmerman was “very excited” and that he was volunteering info about Martin’s race when in reality he was just answering the operator’s questions .

    • Chris Ray says:

      You’re right, there has been. But I hate brining race in on a conversation on either side unless there are known facts. After the Trayvon verdict there were whites beaten and told it was for Trayvon, so we know what their motivation was. I just think it’s unwise to declare a motive, especially one such as race, in any crime unless there is proof of it.

      Even though there has been an uptick of black on white crime, we still know not all victims were white, and we don’t know that all perpetrators were black.

  4. Hi Chris,
    Dare Tuitt is right and you are wrong in this instance. While he is wrong that “all” the perpetrators are black, it was started by some blacks motivated by racial hatred. I also share your belief that race shouldn’t be brought into the conversation without facts…that could also be said about anything by the way. Facts are Facts. I am not a racist. I shouldn’t even have to say that, but it is how many non-critically thinking people stop arguments. Fact. Accuse racism. The “knock out game” was started by blacks, and is “mostly” done by blacks. It has been going on for years. It is now becoming more well known and other races (groups) of people are picking it up. It is a racist “game” that is also very deadly. Read the book Peter Kavanagh suggested above. You will find the facts you want.
    This link shows you how to defend from it:
    There are evil people of every race. PS; Love what you’re doing brother. Fact: I’ve been a Christ follower for going on 50 years now, and a peace officer for over 30.

    • Chris Ray says:

      The “game” may have been created by blacks to attack whites. But saying ALL attackers were/are black, and ALL victims are/were white, and that they are ALL racially based is where I have a problem. We simply cannot know this.

      But to be honest, it doesn’t matter what their motivation is, our defense is the same. I’ll try to watch the video you linked, thanks for adding it. The Gracie’s are worth listening to, so I’m sure it’s good stuff.

      • Yes the word “ALL” was used poorly. I have a problem with that too. Lets correct it, and give him the benefit of the doubt he used it wrongly. Using all, never, every, etc… there is no way to prove that… except in math;) Lets just settle on “MOST” in the case of this “game”. You are 100% right here… “it doesn’t matter what their motivation is, our defense is the same.”
        Bottom line, lots of evil, no race is immune or better than another. Jesus died for us all.

    • Chris Ray says:

      I watched the entire video and it is very good and is worth watching.

      I saw another video that caught my attention, its about a 17 year old that played it and caught two rounds by the CCW owner. This kid said in an interview from jail that he and his friends played it because they were bored, high and around a bad group of people.

      • Hildegard says:

        He IS the bad crowd. He will be back to such savagery as soon as he gets out.

      • Of course he’s not going to say it was racially motivated during an interview, it would be rare to get that confession from anyone…except the most hardcore “racists” (of any race). When caught, people lie and deflect to make themselves look better… goes right back to the very beginning.

  5. Glad we could boil down a reminder to stay aware and get/hone some training to one topic. Of 37, 18 perps and vics were unID’d, but at least 4 of the 37 had “other” races as perpetrators and
    As far as entertainment, who knows. What entertains tends to vary by area, with violence on humans and theft bust-a-gut funny in cities and BB guns used to shoot small animals – without any intention to harvest them for meat, cats to watch them run, frogs to watch them die – pretty hysterical where I was from, along with the tying of cats tails together and tossing them over a line to fight. Pretty cruel. Mostly bored white suburb kids. I’d say we all have dark spots in our races.

    Knockout is the new version of the old “Point ’em out, knock ’em out” and “dummy punch” that was prevalent among ALL gangs, white and Latino and black, in the ’90s, originating in NYC with an anti-gay and anti-transsexual leaning originally, largely perpetrated by teens (the latter of which still holds true).

    Our world is not perfect. I wonder what social media would have pointed out 30 and 50 and 70 years ago. When we boil a risk assessment down to one race, we miss a lot of dangers. There is absolutely a rise in black-on-white violence. What statistics that quote that don’t show is that there is a rise in almost all violence, same-race and minority-majority and majority-minority. There is also a rise in domestic violence, in-family rape, and increasing levels of violence and outright cruelty in animal abuse, where we’re not just seeing neglect and starvation and kicks, but a huge increase in shootings for fun (just happened to the Amish, white suspects) and chemical and open fire burnings.

    There is a lot to pray about and a lot of hatred to end. Which rolls back to Greg and Chris keeping their backs to a wall and heads up, with both the means and the mindset to defend against any threat.

    • Chris Ray says:

      You’re right, there is a large uptick on many types of violence. In on killing Col. Grossman has made the point that the murder rates are being held down by advances in modern medicine.

      I think what we are seeing is the “love of many running cold” that Christ warned us of. A lot to pray about indeed.

  6. We must do everything we can to protect ourselves and loved one(s). In the small town I live in (rust belt Ohio) we have a murder rate higher per capita than Detroit. Sad part about this is the fact I still notice people going about their business “as usual”. Heads down, talking on cell phones as they walk, parking in dimly lit areas of lots and so on. The mind set of either “it won’t happen to me” or “it doesn’t happen around here” is beyond careless it’s dangerous folks.

    Scan the area whilst you walk, keep your head up, shoulders back, and DON”T LOOK LIKE A VICTIM or you’ll become one.

  7. Carl Rooker says:

    Good article and good points, Chris.

    In most cases, situational awareness will indeed help keep one safer. I live in a suburb, but work in the city… I have a decent walk from where I park to where I work. Often I am out at night, alone.

    Situational awareness is more than putting the cell phone down, and stop texting during this time. There are tricks that one can use to heighten situational awareness. Here are a few that I use.

    1. Don’t just use your eyes, use your ears. Listen to the noises around you.
    2. Look around you. Go on and take a look behind you every so often. I often will look into a glass window beside me to see what is behind me.
    3. Avoid blind corners. If you do pass a blind corner, hesitate and look for shadows, or body parts (feet, hands) of someone who may be around that corner our of sight.
    4. Park your car a little further out in the parking lot, where there are not a lot of cars next to yours for some one to hide behind. Also look under your car from a distance. This will help you see some one behind the car.
    5. It is very important that you do not focus on just what is near you. If you can spot the danger before you get to it, you are much better off.
    6. If you see an activity near you, even if it is innocent, it can be used as a distraction to get around your situational awareness. Be extra vigilant. Especially if the distraction is a comotion, like a fight, an injury, or an arguement.

    • Chris Ray says:

      excellent tips Carl, thanks for sharing them.

      • Carl Rooker says:

        There is one other thing I do, that some may not agree with.

        When I come upon a group of young people, or they overtake me, I egage them verbally. I greet them, ask how they are doing, and wish them a good day.

        Aside from Christian politeness, I believe that by doing so I acknowlege their presence, demonstrate that I am not a threat, and that I am not threatened by them.

        Or, to put it another way, I am letting them know that I am aware of their presence (even if the overtake me from behind), that I am NOT afraid of them (no matter who they are), and that they do not have to fear me (unless they give me a reason to make them afraid).

        This may not work everytime, but I am comfortable with it.

    • Hildegard says:

      Known ruses:

      A baby crying outside your home at night.

      A baby carrier covered with a blanket.

      Your outside water faucet running unexplainably.

      Delivery guys. Anybody can buy clothes to look like a UPS guy. Women are sometimes used to get a door open and unseen accomplisses then force their way in. The door chains from Home Depot are a joke.

      Someone approaches you with a sob story about car trouble or appears to have a disability and needs help getting into a car (Ted Bundy used this one).

      Craigslist posts. Never allow people to know where you live.

      There are countless others, but you get the idea. Always have your key in hand as you walk to your car, especially if you have the panic button remote. You paid for it, so you might as well use it. You don’t want to stand in a parking lot fumbling around looking for your keys.

  8. Violence is racial when in a racial area; when not in a racial area it is not. This is clear when you look at the individual incidences. I worked for 25 years on the east side of Detroit as a street cop; I’m not just talking about this, I lived it. So when anyone is in a black neighborhood, they are most likely to suffer at the hands of blacks. When in a Hispanic neighborhood; Hispanics. When in a white neighborhood, whites. Yes, black youths perpetrate the vast majority of these assaults but they don’t travel into white neighborhoods to do that. That ought to seem like common sense to me and yet people are getting beat up, raped and murdered in areas they had no good reason to be in. That in turn makes me believe that they were there for a bad reason. God gave us common sense, rational thought, reason and logic; I don’t think He meant us to forgo their use.

    The point I’d like to get across is that a person’s individual alert level should go up when near a group of teens to early twenties youths,particularly when they are in their own element. The Michigan State Fair was cancelled for the same reason as Bob-lo Island, Edgewater Park and many other public places because they were located within the territory of a gang that was obligated to assert its dominance in its own territory. White people went to these places knowing they were in black gang territory and blamed the police for not protecting them from the attacks. None of the random attacks that had no obvious motive like robbery were perpetrated by anyone above the age of 24 and none were by an individual. So again, when near a group of youths stay alert and don’t look like an easy target. Their ages, numbers and location are the real danger signal.

    Those perpetrated by gang bangers which is an unknown majority, are performed for points. A victim of another race is always worth more points so yes Chris, like it or not this is essentially racial in nature. I know I’m stepping on politically correct toes but I didn’t just read about this, I worked with it. Gangs work on a system of escalating points for criminal acts which serve to establish their level of “respect” and “love” within their gang. The gangs in Detroit and every major city (with the exception of some bikers) are racially pure. They live, fight and die (or go to prison) for their gang and their race. In prison this continues with the prison gangs. You will never find a white boy in the BK’s (Black Killas), a white boy in MS-13 or a black or Jew in the Arian Nation. Ethic purity is their religion.

    Having said all that “punch outs” as we called them at the cop shop may be different because there seems to be some contradictory evidence to what I just said if the testimonies of those arrested can be believed. They may actually be simply for fun.

    • Chris Ray says:

      25 years as a cop in Detriot…I bet you have some stories to tell.

      “God gave us common sense, rational thought, reason and logic; I don’t think He meant us to forgo their use”


  9. wandakate says:

    WOW, good article and some good comments as well. There seems to always be more “crime” in larger towns and cities. More people, more crime, mischief, and lawlessness.
    This is just another reason why as many as can need to exit the cities where crime is rampant. I have lived out and away from any city for over 2 years now and I am safer, I feel safer, I can look around and see that it’s safer and that is the bottom line.
    Knowing your surroundings is always “smart”. There is a lot less happening in the countryside than in the city side. Get out before the SHTF. People in the cities are going to be so sorry they are still there when it happens.
    I bought a whistle and just in case anything happens I will blow it as loud as I can and it will scare away the bad guy and it will draw a lot of attention to what is happening. Then I’ll pray before hand that someone hears it and helps.

    • Chris Ray says:

      As a general rule you’re correct, but have heard of the occasional crime wave in rural areas. I remember a year or two ago there was a reader who lived in a rural area, and there were several home invasions, and the police had no clues. I know here in MN, the meth problems are a bit higher in certain rural areas.

      Don’t get me wrong, I would still love to live in a more rural area.

      • Hildegard says:

        The rural thing is a double edged sword. Research FerFal from Argentina. Rural homesteads are very private. They can torture you for days undetected by neighbors 1/2 mile away.

        • I have seen FerFal’s comment on this. I think if people live so far away from their neighbors, there should be some form of relationship to check on each other during bad times, to make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen.

  10. Is it racist if it’s true?? Don’t be an ostrich, how can you ignore the obvious? Less than 85% of all lung cancer is caused by smoking – yet everyone gets on the bandwagon to tell people to avoid smoking. Hmmm….either it’s a real danger, or it is not. Wake up and smell the coffee! Quit trying to be so “tolerant”! The other side certainly is not!

    • Did you happen to read any of the other comments? I am awake, and fully willing to assign blame where it is due. If there are racist blacks attacking whites based on race, then yes, they are racist. But I have video proof in the video I linked that a black teen said the attacks were done because they are bored.

      I am awake, just not willing to throw the race, or racism card around. Also like I Have said several times now, when it comes to these attacks, race does NOT matter.

      I’m not being tolerant, tolerant would be me justifying these attacks because they were black. I think that everyone one of the people involved in these attacks should do time, regardless of race, or motivation.

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