June 25, 2017

Introducing the Prepared Christian Forum

I am happy to announce the Prepared Christian Forum!  Here are a few quick announcements about it.

I pray that God builds this into a community of Prepared Christians helping one another on our preparedness journey.  I have a pretty extensive forum list.  If you see something I missed, please let me know in the Tech Support forum.

In an effort to keep the spammers at bay, I am requiring all applicants to verify their account by clicking a link that is emailed to them.  Their account will then be placed into a pool waiting for me to activate.  For now, I am the only administrator.  I will be activating accounts as fast as I can, but please be patient if I don’t get to it right away.  If your account has not been activated in 24 hours, you can email me and I will look into it.   My email is chris @ preparedchristian.net


Forum Rules

Here are the forum rules.  They are also posted in the forum.  I want this forum to be a family friendly place.  I don’t foresee many problems.  I also don’t think that just because this is a Christian-themed forum, we’re all going to get along perfectly.  All I ask is that you treat one another with respect, and remember that we serve the same King and are accountable to Him.

  1. While I do believe and support freedom of speech, comments made on this forum are not subject to it. This is a privately owned forum, owned by a Christian man with family values. This does not mean that you must be a Christian to comment. However, your comments must be suitable for a family audience. If there is anything posted that I believe is not in line with that, I will remove it at my discretion.
  2. Posts, usernames and/or signatures may not include any offensive or derogatory content.
  3. Profanity is not allowed and profanity filters are in place.
  4. As this is a Christian based forum, discussion of Christianity and the Bible are allowed.  However, this site isn’t denominational.  It’s about preparing the body of Christ, not arguing over who is in it.   Bashing of denominations will not be tolerated.
  5. Discussion of politics is not allowed.  However, you are allowed to discuss specific actions by Politian’s and/or legislation that may relate to preparedness or that may threaten liberty.
  6. Racism is not allowed.  I understand there might be times when there is a need to discuss ethnic groups.  When doing so, do so without being derogatory or racist.
  7. Posted pictures must be rated no higher than PG.  Anything that shows more flesh than that will be removed.  If you continually post inappropriate pictures after being given a warning, you will be banned.
  8. Posting pictures that are of a gory or violent nature should be rated no higher than PG as well.
  9. Discussion or advocacy of illegal activity is not allowed.
  10. Attacking another poster is not allowed.  You can strongly disagree with one another, but model Christ’s behavior and do so in love. You can disagree with a message but do not attack the messenger.
  11. Starting a thread with nothing more than a title and a link is not allowed.
  12. When posting copyrighted material you may post an excerpt and a link, but not the entire article.
  13. Posts are not actively monitored for the contents of posted messages and I am not responsible for any messages posted. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact me immediately by using the “Report Post” icon at the bottom of each message posted. I have the ability to remove objectionable messages and will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable time frame, if I determine that removal is necessary.
  14. The messages express the view of the author, not necessarily of Prepared Christian.
  15. Advertising your business or attempting to generate business or the advertising of other forums or blogs is not allowed without prior approval from Chris Ray.


Get to Know One Another

I have added a few different places where we can come together as a community.  There is a men’s and women’s section, a place for prayer requests and praise reports.  I have also added a section for finding people that live in your general area.


Thank You

I have added a feature that gives readers the ability to “thank” a poster by clicking a little “thumbs up” icon that says thanks.


Iron Sharpens Iron

I have a special section for other preparedness bloggers.  My thinking here is that iron sharpens iron.  This will be a place where we can share helpful information, pray for each other and for our readers.  If you are a preparedness blogger and are interested, please send me an email and include your forum name and a link to your blog.  I will send you the password for the forum.  If you know any bloggers who might be interested, please let them know.


With that said, head over the Prepared Christian Forum, create your account so I can activate it and then swing into the New Member Welcome Area and introduce yourself.


  1. Colleen Riey says:

    Sounds wonderful for those of us who follows God’s ways but do not necessarily go to church every Sunday.

  2. Peace folks I attended a water purification class for TEOTWAWKI emergencies all the information was useful and needed (most we can find online) but I think the most vital information I found was the need to locate the main sewage line into your house (not necessary for septic) and to be able to open it and stuff some fabric down with broom handle in case of grid break down (don’t stuff far enough that you cannot extract after emergency). In the city I live in there is only 3 days worth of back up power for our water department (i live in one of the largest U.S. cities). Can you believe that well in about that time everyone’s sewage will begin to exit all open faucets. Yuck all that waste, well prayerfully we all won’t have that experience but for a heads up he said it usually is a large pipe with a Y shape pipe coming out to the side. In the city it’s probably in your basement in suburbs maybe on lawn or outside house. The instructor told us to FIND this pipe first thing when we get home.

    God Bless

    • That is the first I have heard of sticking a rag in the main sewage line. The problem is that people don’t realize they shouldn’t flush their toilets when the power is out. When they do the valve can back flow into the house and come out in any toilet, sink or tub.

      I’m not so sure sticking a rag down would work, but I can’t say for sure. There is however another way I know will prevent this, it is with a water back flow valve. They are code in many modern built home, so you may already have one. I found a great series of articles on another site, and added a few notes in a post I’ll link below. I spoke with a plummer about back flow valves and posted what he had to say.


    • I’ve been telling people for years that this is the best preparedness dollar they can spend — particularly if they live in low-lying areas or are hooked to municipal sewage. You need a cut-off valve installed if at all possible. Barring that, you need to know where your line comes in so you can deal with it in an emergency.

      If you have a septic tank, flood waters or huge amounts of rain can do the same thing. Just ask anyone who has had to shovel out their tubs and bathrooms. Back-up is the pits!

      Thanks for the reminder.

  3. My apologies about recent comment will put that on the forum not as a comment.

  4. Margaret Kiemele says:

    10 Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin
    Wonderful news Chris – just look how God is expanding this! And you wondered what the New Year would bring! All the best.

  5. I love this idea, Chris! Good job! :)

  6. Are you going to pick the ones you want on the site and e-mail them the link, or can anyone join ? just wondering

  7. Jim Moore (JTHTTK) says:

    Looking Good Chris!
    Awesome additional to your already Awesome web site.

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