May 29, 2017

It’s Not the End of The World; at Least Not Yet

It's not the end of the world

We prepare because we see how the world around us is, and we see that there are some very real dangers in it. However, there are some in our community who need to throttle back on “the collapse is coming” a bit. I may upset some of you but I hope you will read the entire article before you decide.

I believe that the likelihood of a “Mad Max” TEOTWAWKI type collapse is highly unlikely. I do believe that events like an EMP attack, pandemic and other wide scale events are possible, so it is worthwhile to consider those possibilities and watch for signs of them.

I explained in Disaster Probability that the events we are most likely to see are not widespread and will really only affect us as individuals, our families and maybe our neighborhood. The events that are far more widespread and are much more destructive are far less probable.

I’ve also come to believe that it is unlikely because world history has shown this to be the case. For example, there was hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic after WWII, and in Zimbabwe starting in 2008. These two events are probably the most closely related events to a “collapse” as most prepper’s view it.

Argentina had a financial collapse, as did Iceland and many European countries since 2008. While these all had financial upheaval, civil unrest and rioting for a short time, I don’t know that any resemble the collapse as many prepper’s expect it.

We’ve seen several regional outbreaks of SARS and other illnesses, but the last true pandemic we saw was the Spanish Flu of 1918.

If we look at the last 100 years of American history, we see the great depression as the biggest “collapse” style event. But there have been hundreds of smaller events, mostly weather-related. Even if we look at the worst of these; Hurricane Katrina, this was a horrible event for those in the area, but had little direct impact on the rest of the country. In the grand scheme of things, it was fairly short lived, and aid, while slow to arrive, still came. My point is that even the worst weather related event we have had wasn’t a “collapse” or “TEOTWAWKI” event, but if you live in an area where hurricanes are a threat, they are the exact kind of event you should be preparing for.

Yes, there is a small chance of these collapse types of events happening, but there are several much smaller SHTF events that actually happen every day, including death in the family, job loss, tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, medical emergencies, home invasions, car accidents, severe drought and wildfires, just to name a few. If we take a more general approach to preparedness and don’t measure things by how useful they would be in one event, our overall preparedness is greater.

I see people comment on things on facebook and blog comments to Prepared Christian and other sites that I just don’t understand. Things like “I won’t start a garden because when the collapse comes people will come take my food,” or “I won’t own a storage locker because when the collapse comes the government will take it.” I fully believe that a violent attack could be perpetrated against me. But this doesn’t cause me to stay in the house. I practice Situational Awareness every time I leave the house and frequently carry a firearm or other type of self-defense implement.

If you live your life avoiding certain things because one day an event with a low chance of happening could happen, you’ve already been affected by it. Gardening offers huge benefits; eating fresh fruits and veggies, reduction of stress, sharing excess fruit and veggies with neighbors and loved ones, which can lead to prepper conversations and possibly to their prepping. If your reason not to garden is because it’ll make you a target when TEOTWAWKI comes, first; breathing in TEOTWAWKI will make you a target, and second; you give up all of the benefits on the remote chance that the worst case might happen.

I received a few different negative emails on the article I did on storage lockers, most saying that my idea was foolish because in a collapse people would break in or the government would seize them. Yes, if TEOTWAWKI happens, people might break in and steal things and the government might lay claim to it, but if you read the executive orders, the government can lay claim to many, MANY things in a collapse situation. In a total collapse, you can probably kiss your storage unit goodbye, but that doesn’t make it a stupid or invalid plan for the family that has a little extra money and that lives below the flood plain, or the family who lives in tornado alley, or the family that lives in an area where wildfires are a yearly threat, who wants to make sure they have some items set aside in case they are forced to bug out with nothing.

If I need a used car, I judge it by its gas mileage, safety rating and whether it’s been in an accident, not by how it may preform if we get hit by an EMP.

Again, there is a chance that we could see the worst case scenario collapse, but you do yourself a disservice if you measure the quality of an item or a plan based on the small chance that it occurs and what people will do if the worst does happen.

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  1. IMHO and dealing with a sceptical spouse and family members I think people reject preparedness because they’re materialistic and selfish. Harsh words I know but accurate. People want stuff, clothes, gadgets, furniture, boats, etc. To prep we have to prioritize items. Unless a person has a lot of disposable income one has to make hard choices. Do I want the latest trendy fashion item or do I NEED to buy 20 7 gallon water containers! It comes down to mind set, a belief if you will. Do I believe my eyes and ears and those who are the watchers on the wall or do I take for granted that it’s “all good!” My most challenging frustration is my husband thinks accepting Christ is enough, I believe it’s number one, but I’m trying to get 3 months of food stored up then move on to the 6 month plan. I’m the ant, he’s the grasshopper! I’m the only prepper I know! I know balance is important, but I default on the side of decernment not “live for today”! Thanks for the post!

    • Chris Ray says:

      I think that when dealing with skeptical people we should only talk about the small things that happen all the time. we lose them when we start throwing around words like collapse, TEOTWAWKI, and others.

    • Think in years, not months.

    • Brenda,
      Keep doing what you are doing. I too find it difficult to understand those who think all they need to do is trust in God to save them. God, Christ and the Holy Spirit are important in my life. But, God gave you a brain to use for good discernment and free choice. God does not like lazy people. He wants folks to use the abilities He gave them to help themselves and help others. We cannot just sit on our backsides. God bless you.


    • Give it time. Look at the different prepping things you want to do from different angles. I got a pressure canner last Christmas. My husband was ok with it but not really that excited. Looking at it as a way to save money over the long run, preserve some of our garden (that just might actually produce something this year haha), or just the health of not having the plastic lining of cans touching our food as it waits to be eaten, as well as many other reasons are all valid reasons without bringing up prepping. My husband has just recently gotten fully on board, so I understand. With the respect due to our husbands, we can gently encourage their acceptance of different aspects of prepping by emphasizing the other benefits of those actions, etc.. Do you want to learn how to cook over a fire pit for when the electricity goes out? (It WILL go out. One year it went out on 3 different occasions as I was getting ready to make supper!) Grab the comfortable hot dogs and marshmallows, but add in a foil packet of potatoes or corn on the cob to “round out” the meal. You’ve just taken a fun family activity and moved it to the next level.
      Respect for his leadership is essential in marriage. Also, any decent man will respond if you take his hands, look him in the eye, and tell him honestly what you are afraid of. An example from our lives is “how will we feed the kids if you loose your job?” (Company bankruptcy did just that.)
      If you do the shopping, just do what you can a little at a time. An extra this or that every week will add up in time. Assemble a first aid kit the same way. Toss some blankets and flashlights and batteries or jar candle and matches in a tub. Then when you use them, add other things that would have been helpful at the time for the next time you need them. All reasonable things to do. Hopefully in time he’ll understand where you’re coming from.
      We all learned to walk with BABY STEPS.

  2. The “great depression” doesn’t apply too much now. Back then people weren’t living on the backs of others to start with. Most where able and willing to work. We didn’t have great bastions of liberal rule like most large cities are today where people are used to the government taking care of them. Mass rioting will be regional.
    Back then the government took steps that made the depression deeper and longer than it needed to be and created government programs to take care of people. Sounds like the same reaction occurred during the last fiscal crises. Back then the government wasn’t in debt like it is today and manufacturing was prominent means of income. A large majority of people new how to farm or at least grow veggies in they yard. Canning and preserving food was still a viable way to feed ones family.
    I agree rioting and such will be short lived but at a great loss of life occurring.
    It’s a more global economy today and the world will do everything in it’s power to keep the US solvent as long as possible since it’s based on the dollar. But today we see many countries trying to move away from the dollar because of our liabilities.
    I also think people (as a whole) had more morals and Christian values back then. Life was a much more valuable and violence much less accepted and not excused.
    It’s funny though, politicians haven’t changed one bit over the years. It’s all about power, corruption and staying in power. Though I believe people back then paid more attention to politics back then.
    In the end I believe like you, prepare and become self reliant. Don’t look for a major TEOTWAWKI or a WROL event as a nation. But do pay attention to world events. I do believe if our enemies employ EMPs over the US and Europe all bets are off about a major collapse of society though. It’s possible but I think right now a collapse of our fiat currency is around the corner and not much can be done about it except for Band-Aids that will never stop the hemorrhaging.
    I just keep praying that the Lord will what over me and my family and the nation as a whole.

    • I agree with Dan, in that this is not the same world as back n the depression. We are at the tipping point of more people on some form of welfare, than there are people working. That right there is frightening. And I very much agree people back then HAD morals…something that’s getting harder and harder to find.
      Pretty much the entire world is on fire when it comes to wars, rumors of wars, and turmoils such as never before. I believe since the great depression and world war II our politicians have had the chance to become more and more self serving and evil!
      There is so much bad news to read , sometimes there really isn’t enough time in the day to get to it all. And my age is gaining me….as I can’t recall which state just called for military assistance, and now today I read New Jersey wants to call in the military and martial law because of gangs! So how much longer till we see more and more martial law? What about the border invasion we are seeing right now. What about the disease we are seeing there, and worse, what about the disease we are NOT hearing about there.
      Because in our history we have stood for so much in the world, and because of the dollar being the worlds currency in trade, I don’t think our monetary collapse can be compared to that of Argentina or Greece, which was not very pleasant. Who will bale us out?
      One other fact that is here now and not in place “back then” is Israel becoming a nation again, and the generation that shall not pass away.
      Is it upon us now? No, not yet, just like you say Chris. To hide in the house, to not grow a garden, to not use a storage shed is pretty sad, as if you are preparing, you should prepare in all ways you can afford…as no one knows which “scenario” or bunch of “scenarios” are going to hit. But with the hatred and division in this country now, I don’t see a pretty picture in the future. Live each day to the fullest, show your love to your loved ones,pray endlessly, and keep the faith. Do not prepare in fear, prepare to avoid fear.
      Just my take on things, I enjoy reading all views and respect other opinions. All can be a learning experience. As always, Nancy

      • You saw NJ wanting additional resources come to them because gang members have recently shot and killed two police officers and then made an open announcement that they would kill as many other NJ officers as they could while calling for Bloods from other states to come into NJ to assist. Reasonable request don’t you think?

    • Chris Ray says:

      I agree on the great depression. I was just making the point that that was the only collapse we have seen in our history. You’re right about the world economy, if our economy collapses, the rest of the world will be right there with us.

  3. imho—there is something, some situation, some set of conditions that makes the entire world call out to and seek who we know to be the anti-christ. It doesnt just occur out of the blue—-and i think we are now witnessing and living in those times where these conditions are developing and evolving—-the situations surrounding us evidence prophecy being fulfilled right before our very eyes!—we can understand it, deal with it, or ignore it—but its here and gaining!

  4. You know Ray you have a point! Prepping is multidimensional. If you fail to plan for the little disasters in life then you plan to fail in any disaster! I get what you are saying about not knocking someone’s ideas for negative sake! The reason preppers research topics and read blogs such as this is because we are all in search of answers to problems and how to handle potential threats in our lives. Sharing your expertise and knowledge enriches us all. By brainstorming we help others who are experiencing the same problems and dilemmas we are facing. I think it’s great that we have our own opinions, but let’s not kill the flow of information we all want and need to feel safe and secure in this tumultuous world we live. Just saying!

    ” May the blessing of our lord be upon you and everyone who reads your blog!”

  5. I disagree somewhat. As I believe he is right that maybe a pandemic or a economic collapse may not be as catastrophic natural disasters might. I didn’t believe this until I read the “Nine Meals To Anarchy” by Farrell Kingsley. In the 1800’s we had total darkness for a year in 1815-1816 due to a volcano eruption. Then the real EMP from the sun in the 1850’s. Pandemics struck four times in the century. What have we had in the last 60 years? None of those. We are way over due and have just been lucky. Yellowstone is boiling lakes, streets melted last week. If it goes off we are in the same position.

    • Chris Ray says:

      yes as I said all of these things are possible, but you missed my point. I am not saying that these things cannot happen, or even that we shouldn’t be aware of them. what I am saying is that those TEOTWAWKI events shouldn’t be the guide rule for how we prepare now. By preparing for the smaller every day events that happen all the time, we’ll eventually be far more prepared for the bigger events that don’t happen often.

  6. I agree Greg! One of the best teachers of biblical prophecy and the world today is Irving Baxter from End Time Ministries. He’s very articulate, educated, and intelligent to the afore mentioned. I believe, as many well known pastors and evangelists, we are witnessing incredible prophecy coming to pass in our lifetime! I urge my brothers and sisters in Christ to pay closer attention to the signs that are occurring at breakneck speed not only to events that have already fulfilled prophecy, but also signs in the sky in relation to the blood moons that will be occurring during particular upcoming Jewish feasts. There is much happening and it is very exciting! We must also stand with Isreal and be their voice in our country with the liberal media misleading the population (big surprise!) I think in all the discussion of prepping or
    not, there hasn’t been any mention of prayer! That is the original reason that I signed on to this site was to be with likeminded brothers and sisters! We know our
    Lord God is in control and we must get on our knees and ask Him to guide and
    direct what He would have us do. We must remain strong in Him, be bold in Him,
    and share Him at every opportunity! Not as prepping extremist, but the loving
    children of God that He’s called each of us to be, and are also led by Him to be
    prepared for any possible event. I don’t deny having upset and discouraging days
    about the state of the world, but then He reminds me that I belong to Him and we
    are already victorious! There are too many scripture verses to quote on faith. What
    I know for sure is that we can rest in the knowledge of His promises to us as His
    children. Trust completely, keep unwavering faith, listen, and
    be prepared!! And if we’ve gone a liitle too far on the prepping and we’re raptured before any serious tribulation, there will be a lot of grateful people left behind when
    they find our preps! I’m also including a letter to be found that explains the truth of why we are gone and hopefully they’ll be instrumental in leading others to our
    Savior! May God bless all of you and I look forward to meeting you someday!

    • Amen!
      i suggest everyone read—then reread Psalm 83, then get out maps from long ago, and see just who the inner-circle of nations is, What Asaph was saying and realize Assur—aka Isis —is addressed in prophecy.
      We all need to be prepared!

  7. Thank you for your artical, i just thought id add in on the storage unit blow back you have recived. People afraid the goverment will confiscate there storage sheds should have bigger worries in that scenario. For example in maryland the goverment can take the food, ammo and firearms in your house. Directive 7 or 14 of the emergency prepardness under fema. Activated by only a emergency under the governer no higher authority needed. Also you can be forced to work under these directives…. So really are they goin to go hid in the woods now. I cant recomend people enough to research your local emergency laws that is where this stuff is hidden. You need to know who will be knocking at your door. I have sinced moved to ga were there is no set laws like this ar least not yet anyway. Im prepared for anything, but inflation seems to be the real disaster hitting my family. 100 dollars wont buy much in a grocery store. My garden is literally at this moment keeping my pantry full of fresh canned food. ( typed on iphone please forgive any errors) God Bless

  8. Hope you didn’t take my jab in the storage unit thread too seriously Chris. Still think it’d be better for most people with $60 a month extra to finance a little piece of land somewhere, or get a used camper off Craigslist, than to put it into a storage unit rental. But, if you need a storage unit anyway, then sure, why not put some survival supplies in it? From a purely preparedness standpoint tho, just seems like renting a storage unit would be like renting a Brinks Home Security System. Great during normal times I suppose, but maybe not so much in a disaster.

    Few thoughts on Mad Max/TEOTWAWKI… I’m pushing 50 yrs old, and while I certainly haven’t saved any money prepping (buying in bulk being the only exception), I’ve been able to increase my preparedness and self-reliance immensely over that time without wasting too much money just by considering preparedness in the decisions, big and small, I’ve made over the years. Think about dual use items and hobbies that might have some benefit in preparedness too, good little decisions made now really have a way of adding up to big advantages a few years down the road. That’s true of everything of course, not just prepping – focus on where you want to be in 10-20 years, not where you’re at now. Yes, things may look grim for the world today, but in all likelihood it’s still going to be here and functioning just fine long after you’re gone. There’s always the “the end is near, prep hard now or die” opinions expressed, but nuclear war with the Soviets and Y2k were both unavoidable world ending events back in their day too. So, before you drop $5k on a 2nd honeymoon or a trip to Disney World, why not spend it on a little vacation retreat or a used RV that you’ll be enjoying for years to come, and can serve as a BOL if needed? If you want to prepare for living without the grid for awhile, you really need to practice living without the grid for awhile. Need a new truck but can’t afford all the extras you want? Maybe skip the GPS/backup video cam/Sirus radio/gee-whiz junk and just get the 4-wheel drive option instead. Driving out of a ditch or snowbank is “SHTF averted” too. Does your current home have a well and septic system? If not, will your next one – or do you have a “poop in a bucket” plan, but never actually tried it? Those kind of decisions, and thousands of other little ones unique to you, really add up over time to the point that the S can be splattering all over the place in an emergency for almost everybody, except you. We’ve been living off grid for going on 8 years now, the S would have to get pretty deep before we’d even notice. I don’t say that to come off as “super-prepper” or anything, and I know living off grid wouldn’t appeal to everyone – just saying we didn’t decide one day to do it, we planned and prepared for it for almost 10 years prior. A lot of doomsayers (and many survivalists) 18 years ago figured the world should have ended by now… Have a great weekend.

  9. Douglas Lass says:

    I’m not sure if this the time of Tribulation or not, but I do agree that these are trying times. I think one thing most everybody can do is to start a garden, not only for fresh food, but for canning and freezing. If you are physically unable to do much gardening, or if, like me, maybe you can get together with family, neighbors, friends or others to start a community garden. This will help you become more food independent and you can develop friendships and have a good time and get some exercise. I’m sure there are other activities you and friends can do like go to the movies or go shopping, maybe for prepping items. Thanks, Doug

  10. Snake Plisken says:

    Well thought out presented Chris.

    While I do think the USA is being compromised by the welfare state, illegal immigration and Progressive/Marxist politicians, I try not to get depressed at what I see going on around me. I will be canning veggies for my garden for the first time this year and am excited about that. I should be able to save a significant amount of cash. I am just about as well prepared as I can be for a three to six month catastrophe. Past that well………..I dunno. I do know that my situation is a little different from most preppers. I’m a commission sales guy and it’s feast or famine around the Plisken household so I budget carefully and when things get tight I dip into my prep pantry and feed myself on the stuff that’s nearing it’s expiration date. Once i get paid large again I replenish the larder. Still, I’m hoping the garden and it’s bountiful produce will offset the higher cost of food and I do give away a lot of produce to neighbors.

    Bottom line is this: for me it’s not a SHTF situation I really fear, it’s not being able to feed myself, mend a roof, repair a vehicle or survive 6 months without getting paid. It’s all about being frugal ( not cheap ) and independent. I WILL ask for help when I need it but I feel good about being as self sufficient as possible. Self sufficiency is freedom to me and I believe is a good mental mindset. Freedom is not free and you have to work at it and make a sincere effort.

    My Dad ( who is in his mid 70’s now ) comes from the material culture of the 50’s, 60’s up to now and the bling is everything. Big house, big boat, cabin in Upper MI and fancy cars. He’s always broke and having to work fulltime. Dad is always after me to loan him money and i won’t because I’ll never see the repayment. He thinks I’m rich because I do turn a good buck yearly but live as simplistic lifestyle as I can. When he complains to me about not driving a BMW or high end brand new pickup or moving into a 500K home I tell him I don’t want that expense or head ache because I’d also be a slave to the system and the man. He doesn’t understand my position and philosophy and never will.

    So if it all goes to hell in hand basket I can say that I prepped well and have enjoyed the entire learning process and will hopefully survive any 6 to 12 month upset in the USA whatever may come our way.

    May G-d bless all of you!

    Snake Plisken

    • Chris Ray says:

      I think one of the biggest problems we have is people living beyond their means. Not just the debt, but the mindset that they deserve the things that put them indebt.

      • Snake Plisken says:

        Tru dat Chris. Most of the persons I know that are deep in debt are slaves. They have little joy and are always having to hustle to cover their debt. And I reckon that goes for people who spend their lives on the dole as well. Don’t get me wrong please, I do understand that a good line of credit can open up all kinds of doors but the hassle, the interest and worries turn me off.

        I’ve worked hard to ensure that I live well but never beyond my means because years ago I did have credit cards and realized the inherent trap/danger of those easy money generating devices. I spoke with a person at my bank a few years back ( they keep offering credit cards ) and I told her that I haven’t had a CC in 22 years to which she cheerfully quipped ” you’re what Mastercard calls a deadbeat!”

        We both laughed. And of course I have no credit score that I’m aware of and if there is one then i”m in the low 100’s. :)

        Snake Plisken

  11. This is what you get when you have a Christian website on prepping. Honest open discussion and I haven’t noticed anyone belittling anyone else for their opinions. Disagreeing maybe but also agreeing on so many things.
    Of course we can thank Chris for that since he does participate and picks out what he can agree with in each of our comments or patiently explains what he stated in the post and why.
    I appreciate every ones comments because it either helps solidify my own thinking or causes me to change my thinking. My wife would be the first to tell you I’m hard headed but that I can listen and learn. (took her 15 years to train me to do that)

  12. Snake Plisken says:

    Sorry about blowing up you site Chris but something else has occurred to me.

    As humans we inherit the insanity of our parents ( hat tip to Gabriel Garcia Marquez ) and few of us realize how independent and resourceful our Grandparents were back in the Depression days. And before that as well I’m sure.

    I was raised by my maternal grandparents and they not only showed me a lot of love but they instilled in me a work ethic and how to repurpose items for later use. They grew up before the Depression and suffered through it and I was attentive to the lessons that they imparted from their experience.

    My paternal grandfather was one of the most inventive and creative guys I’ve known. He would take a 55 gallon drum and fill it gasoline at a local station and then drive us to the marina ( where gasoline cost double ) and he would work the hand crank while I filled the gas tank of his lovingly restored Chris Craft so we could fish. People thought he was odd but Grandpa Harry always had a few bucks in his pocket.

    Perhaps I’m pining for the past but I would argue that we’ve lost a lot from not paying attention to our hardworking and smart Granny’s and Grandpa’s past and ignoring the current pablum of stealing, cheating, lying and lazy ways of the last 2 generations ( of which I’m one).

    Best to all

    Snake Plisken

  13. Margaret says:

    These comments are wonderful and encouraging, as Dan has stated. I came across this scripture in 1 Tim 5:8
    Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.
    I have learned to quietly do my own thing, as directed and led by Holy Spirit. I am always reading and learning and know that if necessary, I can provide for the family members who think , “Mom is off her rocker!!” Having a 4 month old grandson has certainly put further thoughts into the planning!
    I was so encouraged when I heard a teaching on the Book of Malachi. From its writing to Christ’s birth was a span of 400 years. There was no word, “to God’s people” in that span. However, the Roman roads were built and everything was put in place for the spreading of the gospel 430 years in the future.
    I see that as a parallel for today. All around we see every indication that “things are lining up!” I thank God every day that He chose us to be here, “for such a time as this!”
    Each one writing on here – God knew – and foresaw, and had a purpose and reason for “having eyes to see and ears to hear!”
    I totally agree with Joey’s comments, and when we “leave this all behind,” God in His mercy has provided for those who will face untold tribulation!!
    Blessings All and you Chris for this format!!

  14. Ray, I agree about the constant talk of the end of the world. Some prepper sites use fear to try to motivate people to prep, & are constantly warning of things that will happen soon. I’ve been turned off by those constant warnings. It’s like the little boy who cried wolf too many times; no one pays attention to him.

    We need to prep, but there’s no need to panic.

    • It seems they build up a following by crying wolf and then magically they have a subscription site or a course you need to get the information necessary to survive. I imagine most of what they are selling is available in a single one time purchase of a book or two and a lot of it can be find for free on the internet in forums and blog discussions.
      I’m too old to learn how to kill someone with my pinkie finger while building my debris lean-to for the night. That’s after setting my 40 or so traps to catch a rabbit or squirrel for breakfast. Not saying it’s a bad thing to learn how to do those things but after learning how to farm and preserve what you grow to feed your loved one.

  15. jennifer brennan says:

    You obliously all have not heard the news of MH17 been blown out of the sky innocent people28 Australians which I am and Americans which have not been released which I don’t understand why I thought in this latest newsletter you would have a very detailed article about thoughts ect I know we are mourning for this disaster and Putins name is mud as they supplied the weapons could this be the beginning of 3rd ww kind regards Jen

    • Chris Ray says:

      I have heard, and am disgusted and mourn for those that lost loved ones.

      I don’t comment on many news stories unless I think what I have to say can be a benefit to those that read it. I don’t think people visit when I post to hear Chris’s opinion on all topics.

      Putin reminds me an awful like of Goliath right now. Thumbing his nose at the world instead of God, but both believe themselves untouchable.

  16. My wife thought I was crazy at first … but as things have transpired, she notices that we actually use these items we save.

    Of course we had a funny moment yesterday, when she found an old pack of cupcakes underneath the front passenger seat of my truck. She asked “is this one of your bug out preps”. I just laughed.

    I am guessing it was one of the kids’ from grandma’s house (we dont have cupcakes at home), and they forgot about it.

  17. I was waiting for the part about Jesus mentioning when it will be at the time of his return but you did not include it in this article.
    He said that it will be like in the days of Noah, partying and living life with no worries just before the end comes.
    He also mentioned there will be many natural disasters and wars but for the most part the time of his coming is NOT a SHTF situation like most people think it will be.
    and the whole 7 year tribulation is so bogus I don’t even want to get started on that I will just say that this teaching is untrue and found no where in scripture and that horrible tribulation that Jesus was warning about was the tribulation the Jews went through at the siege of Jerusalem in 70AD, worst time in human history.
    Messiah returns, catches most of the people in the world off guard (including most of the christians because of bad unbiblical doctrines) and destroys the evil and transforms the good, just like in the days of Noah, the evil were left and the good were saved(Noah and his family) today the exact opposite is been taught, good taken evil left… rapture any one?
    So yes, I don’t believe there will be a huge SHTF like most people expect, I feel that the world is ripe for messiah’s return now more than ever, we are at the point of no return and our civilization is on the verge of self destruction by GMO’s and nuclear wars, if messiah does not return soon it will be very bad for the people of the earth.

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