February 19, 2018

Link Library

Welcome to the Prepared Christian Link Library, here are links to mostly PDF documents that I and others have compiled over the years.

I chose to go with PDF files so that you could save and download them and print if you like.  I have (for the most part) avoided adding webpages so far, as I wanted to target specific topic.  There are in some instances where there is a webpage dedicated to gardening and the entire website is worthwhile, in those times I have linked the site.

The reason I created this Link Library is so that if someone decided to research how to plant a garden in a small area, or learn to use a chainsaw, or how to build an impromptu shelter, they can come here and might just find what they are looking for.  You can also look through the LINK Link Library and find a subject you had not considered before.

I would love for all of you to help build this list, bit there are something we have to be careful of, mainly copyright infringement.  There are some preparedness sites out there hosting a wide variety of files, some very helpful, but not all of their content is within the law, if the author wanted to, they would have a very expensive journey ahead of them.  There are actually lawyers looking for sites like this, then contacting the author and trying to get a job.

I always try to link directly to the original PDF, instead of downloading it to my site.  There were some cases where I had to download it to my site as there wasn’t a good source for the information.  In these cases it was usually a government FEMA type document that wasn’t under the same type of copyright as some of the other material.

So if you have a PDF, or topic that you would like to add to the Link Library, please post it in the comment section of the page you think it should belong.    Please post the title and the URL, if the link is acceptable I will add it to the Link Library.  If I don’t add it you can inquire why, but I will be deleting comments once the link it decided upon to keep the comment area manageable.

If you have a topic but don’t know how to find a PDF for it, you can go to Google, for this example, I want to research generators, so in the search tab I would type “generators filetype:pdf” without the quotes.

All of the links worked at the time of this posting, if you find a broken one, please let me know and I will find a new one.

Please keep any comments on the overall library to this page as I will be deleting comments from the other pages so I can keep track of what I have linked to.

I hope you all find some of this information as valuable and interesting as I have.  Enjoy!