February 19, 2018


Using Wood

Wood Gas As Fuel

Heating With Wood Series; Managing Your Woodlot for Firewood

Firewood: How to Obtain, Measure, Season, and Burn

Firewood and combustion heat values

FEMA Simplified Wood Gas GeneratoHow to Prepare Your Firewood Supply

r For Fueling Internal Combustion Engines July 1989

Construction of a Simplified Wood Gas Generator for Fueling Internal Combustion Engines in a Petroleum Emergency

An Overview of Biomass Gasification


Fuel Storage

PRI products are used to stabilize stored fuel and can add years to stored fuel, and can be used to refresh old fuel as well.


Biodiesel Safety and Best Management Practices for Small-Scale Noncommercial Use and Production


Make Alcohol as Fuel

Make Your Own Fuel

Home Distillation of Alcohol

Building an Ethanol Still & Making your own Fue


an introduction to new home solar design

Build Your Own 12 VDC Engine/Generator

Living “Off Grid” Brooks Solar, Inc.


Construction manual for a cretan windmill




I know I said I was trying to stick to PDF’s, but here are a series of Podcasts from The Survival Podcast with Steven Harris. If you are at all interested in alternative energy, then you owe it to yourself to listen to these.

Episode-707- Steven Harris on Bio Fuels for Personal Energy Independence

Episode-726- Alternative Energy Production Q&A Session with Steven Harris
Episode-755- Steven Harris on Making Alcohol Based Fuels at Home
Episode-777- Alcohol Fuel Questions and Answers with Steven Harris
Episode-798- Steven Harris on Solar Heating Systems
Episode-840- Steven Harris on Alternative Energy Technologies Part 1
Episode-873- Steven Harris on Alternative Energy Technologies Part 2
Episode-897- Steven Harris on Alternative Energy Technologies Part 3
Episode-939- Steven Harris on Dealing with a Large Scale Blackout – Part 1
Episode-940- Steven Harris on Dealing with a Large Scale Blackout – Part 2
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