April 18, 2014

Hunting and Fishing

Some random links I have found on hunting and archery.

New eBook Versions of Classic Hunting and Adventure Titles

Library of Western Fur Trade Historical Source Documents Diaries, Narratives, and Letters of the Mountain Men

The Archery Library

You Alone in the Main woods, a lost hunters guide

OA Guide to Animal Tracking

Food Plots for White-Tailed Deer


Articles on making your own bow and fletching your own arrows.

Simple, Cheap and Effective Bows and Arrows



Build a Wooden Long Bow Plans

Target Arrow Making, A Step by Step Breakdown

The Back Street Bowyer

Fletching By Hand

The Academy of the Bow Building Arrow Shafts by: Master Rumil Fletcher


How to dress it once you’ve taken game down.

Field Care of Harvested Big Game

How to Field-dress a White-tailed Deer

The furrier’s friend & adviser on dressing and tanning of fur skins and hides (1922)

Field Dressing Deer


 Cleaning Fish

How to Clean & Prepare Your Fish

How to clean and keep your catch

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