May 25, 2015


Alternative housing

The Construction of a Yurt

Making a Teepee

Cob Builder’s Handbook (building a structure)

Free Straw Bale Emergency Shelter Plans

Shelters,Shacks, and Shanties

Emergency or Fallout Shelters

FEMA: Design Guidance for Shelters an Safe Rooms

FEMA: Outside Concrete Shelter

HOME FALLOUT SHELTER modified ceiling shelter basement location plan A

Home Fallout Shelter; Concrete block, shelter basement location Plan C

HOME FALLOUT SHELTER tilt-up storage unit shelter; basement location Plan E

HOME FALLOUT SHELTER lean-to shelter basement location

General Shelters that could save your life

Emergency Sandbag Shelter (training guide)Emergency Earthbag Shelter Proposal

Emergency Earthbag Shelter Proposal

Taking Shelter from the Storm: Building a Safe Room Inside Your House

your Basement Fallout Shelter

IN-HOME HURRICANE SHELTERING – Building In-Home Retrofit Shelters for Existing Houses


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