May 26, 2017

Self Sufficiency, Self Reliance and Off Grid

Cd3wd is a free but high quality collection of practical How-To Technical Development Information – helping the 3rd world to help itself. Just click “1. Browse cd3wd”

How to Delevlope a small hydro site

Kerosene Lamp Info

Village Technology Handbook

Abundaculture; Christian Homesteader that created a document on living off grid. He covers solar, composting, composting toilet among other things 170+ pages.

Forrest Managment for Missouri Landowners

Sustaining Minnesota Forest Resources: Voluntary Site-Level Forest Management Guidelines for Landowners, Loggers and Resource Managers

Coppice Forestry Research Trial Proposal

Managment of Soppice Stools

Coppiced woodlands: their management for wildlife

Husqvarna; How to work with a chainsaw

Safe Chain Saw Operation

Safe Timber Harvesting

Heating with Wood Series Cutting Firewood Safely



  1. Do you have any articles on how to cut down trees with a ax? and do it safely?

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