February 24, 2018

Lock Picking is a Prepper Skill Worth Learning


Lock picking is a skill that I think is worth taking the time to learn. You might be wondering why this is a skill worth learning . If you lose a key for a lock you can call a locksmith now, but if the stuff hits the fan, you might not have that option. If the stuff does hit the fan, this is also a skill you could use to help others.

Before I go further let me be clear, I am not suggesting that you do anything illegal. You should check your local laws to be sure you can legally own lock picks. You can do so here.

That being said, lock picking is a lot easier than one might think. By doing a quick internet search and reading a PDF, I was able to pick a padlock in a few attempts. There are two basic functions to understand; applying tension with a tension wrench and picking the pins. When using a pick, one needs to manipulate the pins individually. By using a rake, you just slide it over all pins while applying pressure until the lock opens.

As I mentioned, I did an internet search and found several documents on how to open locks, but there are several books available from Paladin Press for those who would like a hard copy to have on hand.

When it comes to picks, I recommend a basic set. I wasn’t able to find a link to the set I originally purchased but the sets from Amazon are similar. There are cheaper lock pick sets available, but this lock pick set is worth the extra cash. It has a variety of picks, rakes and three tension wrenches. The tension wrench that has a twist in it will really come in handy, as the twist makes it much more comfortable to manipulate.

With a little practice you can open padlocks, door locks, deadbolts, fire proof safes and several others. With a decent set of picks and some time spent practicing, you’ll never have to call a locksmith again!

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