February 24, 2018

Poor man’s Gatorade: Stave off Dehydration

‘Poor man’s Gatorade’ could save kids from diarrhea death is an article that explains that the simple recipe for “Poor Man’s Gatorade”; “A pinch of salt, A fistful of sugar, A half liter of water” has saved many children from diarrhea, the second largest killer in children under five in Bangladesh. Worldwide, Diarrhea claims 1.5 million kids annually — more than AIDS.

For the most part we don’t have a problem with clean water in the United States. Even so, this simple recipe is worth memorizing. It could save lives in the future. Whether things take a turn for the worse here, or you go on a mission trip, remember:

“A pinch of salt. A fistful of sugar. A half liter of water.”

This recipe is using a child’s hand, so adults might want to use less sugar.