May 26, 2017

Poor man’s Gatorade: Stave off Dehydration

‘Poor man’s Gatorade’ could save kids from diarrhea death is an article that explains that the simple recipe for “Poor Man’s Gatorade”; “A pinch of salt, A fistful of sugar, A half liter of water” has saved many children from diarrhea, the second largest killer in children under five in Bangladesh. Worldwide, Diarrhea claims 1.5 million kids annually — more than AIDS.

For the most part we don’t have a problem with clean water in the United States. Even so, this simple recipe is worth memorizing. It could save lives in the future. Whether things take a turn for the worse here, or you go on a mission trip, remember:

“A pinch of salt. A fistful of sugar. A half liter of water.”

This recipe is using a child’s hand, so adults might want to use less sugar.



  1. Nancy Sims says:

    Extremely vital information to memorize! Thank you so much for posting! Hope your vacation was wonderful!
    Prayers to all, Nancy

  2. I was taught a packet of salt, a packet of sugar and 2 one liter bottles of water. Add sugar and salt pack to 1 bottle and shake, drink half, refill bottle from 2nd bottle, shake, drink half, add remaining water from 2nd bottle. Quick fix in the short time.

  3. Margaret Kiemele says:

    Hi There
    I so appreciate this info. I just heard a preacher teaching the meaning of being “prudent” – it means “looking ahead” to see and think about what could be!

    For that reason I have started a small file and now when I see a receipe or idea – I no longer save on the computer – but start to print off – “in case the power goes off.”
    there are so many great ideas – but if all on my computer – and I have no access – there goes the ideas!! Soo – I have printed off the Gatorade receipe!
    Thank you
    If worse came to worse – I would so miss my “carbs” – i.e. sandwiches!! Any good receipes for flatbread. Sounds like cornmeal is a “safer!”

    • Chris Ray says:

      I’m glad you liked the recipe. Pringing off the info is a good idea, I should do more. I have enough info in PDF format to fill a small library if i printed it all.

      You can make flatbread with just flour, sugar and a little salt, add eggs and other items as well.

  4. …and I went and bought a case of gatorade powder.

  5. servantheart says:

    This is definitely highly cost-effective as a hydration fluid; however, for those who can find and afford it, some say “EmergenC”e is a much better choice. It’s actually tasty, and comes in several “flavors”; I have found it on sale at a very reasonable price at China, er, Wal-Mart. The big drug stores carry it, but it is expensive.

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