December 18, 2017

Prepared Christian Review of: Lights Out, by David Crawford

Lights Out was originally written chapter by chapter and posted to the “Patriot Fiction” section of a popular preparedness forum. The story begins with an event that completely shuts down all electronics and follows the main character, his family, friends and neighborhood.

I have read a few books that deal with this or similar themes and I think this one is the closest to what I think would really happen. Many stories in this genre depict complete societal meltdown quickly after the “event”. In Lights Out, things do melt down, but more slowly as people realize that life as they knew it, is gone.

I identified with the main character; a man who has faults and weaknesses but who stands up and fights for what he believes. This makes him a reluctant leader in his neighborhood. The neighborhood has some internal struggles but bands together overall to provide the essential needs for survival for their entire neighborhood.

It’s not a how-to manual per se but there is helpful information in this book if you pay attention to how the characters cope with the new post-grid world.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. It is the best piece of “patriot fiction” or novel in this genre I have read. I give it five stars.

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