December 17, 2017

Preparedness Tip: Flashlights

Flashlights come in handy for many reasons, aside from the obvious. Here are some other uses for flashlights you may not have thought of.

  •  If batteries are kept in them, they may begin to corrode. One option for keeping batteries near the flashlight is to place them in a Ziploc bag and keep it attached with a rubber band to the flashlight.
  • You can use the aluminum reflector and dry tinder to start a fire by putting a small piece of tinder in the aluminum reflector and aiming it at direct bright sunlight.
  • According to the TSA prohibited items list a flashlight can be carried on a plane, there is a general tool stipulation that says tools must be shorter than 7 inches.
  • A flashlight can be used as a Kubotan, which is a self-defense implement that can be used to make a fist more solid and as a striking implement. There are “tactical” flashlights that have a beveled edge. This may or may not cause problems with the TSA. I will bring my flashlight on a plane the next time I fly. If they ask me why I am bringing it on-board, I will tell them the truth; If the plane loses power or has any other issue, I want to make sure I can see.
  • A flashlight with a high lumen count (the higher the lumen count, the brighter the light) of 90+ can temporarily blind or distract someone.
  • If you put a red lens in your flashlight and use it at night, you will not lose your night vision when you turn it off. When I was in the Navy, if we ran out of red lenses, we would take a red marker and color the clear one. That isn’t nearly as effective but it was better than nothing.

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