June 24, 2017

Preparedness Tip: Homemade Laundry Soap

I came across an article on making laundry soap and mentioned it to my wife. She looked into it and decided to give it a shot. Follow the link to see how to make laundry soap. with pictures included. I’ll just give you my thoughts.

For under $20 my wife was able to purchase enough supplies to make enough laundry soap to last us roughly a year and in my guestimation we spend around $100 on commercial laundry detergent. (for reference, there are my wife and I and two teenage boys)

We used it for roughly 2 months and stopped because it didn’t get the clothes as clean as commercial detergent. In the FAQ section of the site explaining the process, she mentions that some commenters have said they double the amount of Borax, which makes it clean more thoroughly. We did not try that.

My wife also didn’t care for the smell, but you can add things to change it.

We have an HE (High Efficiency) washer and did some research before using it. I was able to find a few people who had tried it and had no issues. We gave it a shot and had no problems. In fact, my wife heard that homemade laundry soap is actually better for HE washers, as it doesn’t create the suds that aren’t good for them.

We kept the ingredients and will use it if things get ugly, but have continued to use commercial detergents since going back.

If you’re looking for a way to save money, this might be of interest, if you try it let me know how it worked for you.

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  1. I have used this recipe for a number of years and have been very satified with the results. In making the soap I use a bar of Fels Naptha soap, and I cook it on the stove as I don’t use a microwave oven – then add the mixed soap and water to a bucket. I also keep a wooden spoon on top of the bucket for mixing the gelled soap before use. It takes a while to get used to not seeing a soap bubbles in your washer, but this really does a good job for pennies a load.

  2. I made my own soap for awhile too with the same ingredients but like you I went back to my regular detergent and like you I have the ingredients on hand if I need them. I have alot of detergent bought ahead along with everything else I can think of. Bad times are ahead I think.

  3. My wife came across this recipe (the one with the bar of naptha soap added)from a friend and we used it for a little while. Not quite the same results as regular detergent but it worked fairly well. We ended up switching back after the first 5 gallon batch was gone. It would definitely be good in hard times and it’s definitely cheaper than pre-made detergent or liquid.

  4. For laundry soap, I mix (in a bowl) 1 c. of baking soda + 1 c. of washing soda + 1/4 c. of castile soap with citrus oils, then thoroughly blend with enough hot water to make it the right consistency. I store it in a large lemon juice bottle. For softener, I use 1/4 c. of white vinegar in a Downey ball. Together they work great. The soap is not as smooth to work with, but it cleans at least as well as store-bought products and my laundry smells cleaner.

  5. The 20 muleteam Borax can kill fleas and eggs in carpet if sprinkled lightly on top of carpet…works good too!!!

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