February 24, 2018

Prepper Pete Prepares

The Beautiful Mrs. Ray helped me by reviewing Prepper Pete Prepares. I love the idea of a children’s book to help explain preparedness to kids.
Review of Prepper Pete Prepares

The author, Kermit Jones, Jr., created this book to help explain preparedness to his young daughters. In my mind, that he is a father of daughters lends itself to his credibility. He knows the hearts and minds of his own children and knows what will and will not scare them.

The book represents an “ant man” who decides he wants to be prepared from an early age. It discusses reasons and ways to prepare without getting into the great detail that can sometimes alarm children. The illustrations are fun and depict a family setting that is calm and collected, even though there are emergency situations going on around them, because they are prepared!

Trudee’s Take: I would recommend this book for parents with young children. I would, however, recommend reading it to them until they’re a little older. Some of the content may require further explanation, as children are such sponges with information and are, in general, extremely curious about things. There are pictures of guns in the book, for instance, and to mitigate fear or misunderstanding, this would be a perfect opportunity to explain your personal stance on guns, whether you’re for them or against them.

All in all, this is great children’s book that provides parents a non-threatening way to explain what they do to help keep their family safe without creating fear. In my opinion, an empowered child is a safe child, and giving them knowledge empowers them!

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