June 24, 2017

Preserving God’s Word



JP, a faithful reader, recently sent me an email that I thought was such a good idea I wanted to share it with all of you.  One of the things I have in my preps is a case of Bibles that I got at a good price a few years ago.  My thinking is that if there is a prolonged time of hardship, people will be hungry for God’s Word.  I want to be prepared to listen, talk and to give them a Bible to take home with them.


It seems JP has the same idea, as he recently sent me the following email:


“Chris, I’ve been meaning to share this with you. There is one thing most folks don’t think of when prepping and I encourage it every time I get a chance. Of all the things we seal and store for future use God’s word is usually not one of them.

A year or so back I called around to find some inexpensive bibles. I wanted to buy a hundred or more to put in storage. Well I found out after talking with some folks that ran a bulk bible warehouse that the copies I wanted for $2.00 a piece were not meant for years of use or storage. The paper and ink used for those cheap bibles would fade and the pages would discolor due to changes in humidity or high moisture levels.

The guy I talked to explained this to me and laughingly suggested that the bibles would have to be kept very dry, vacuum sealed and kept airtight or I would have to spend a lot more money on the bibles and get some really good ones. Getting really good ones meant I couldn’t afford to buy very many and I wanted lots.

When times get hard people will cry out to God and they will want to know what His word has to say. As Christians we should be ready to help those in need. But I’m afraid we just can’t take in every person in need. So we should be able to give them some food and water along with a copy of God’s word, present the gospel to them and pray with them, then bid them farewell and God’s blessings upon them.

So Mylar is not just for food products here is what one of my sealed $2.00 bibles looks like. I really like watching people try to figure out what’s in it. If you look really close you can barely see the letters “Holy Bible” in the Mylar.”


I asked JP which site he used and he let me know it was Bible Surplus.com.  I looked around and they have some Bibles for less than $60 for a case of 48.

I haven’t tested this to make sure, but I think one could fit 4-6 Bibles in a one gallon Mylar bag, add 1 300cc oxygen absorber and you have preserved God’s Word for future use.

I want to thank JP for another great idea.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Have you considered contacting your local Gideons’ Chapter, and asking to purchase a supply of their Bibles? They are available in every imaginable language, they’re small, and they’re very inexpensive, due to the volume of which Gideons’ is able to have them printed.

    If you don’t know a Gideon in your area, contact any local Bible-believing church, and they should be able to direct you. I’m sure, if you need a more specific reference, most Baptist churches will know where you can find a Gideon.


    • Chris Ray says:

      I hadn’t thought of that, great idea, thanks for sharing.

    • I contacted the Gideons a few years ago and again last year and got the same response. It is against their policy to sell Bibles to people or groups. Only the Gideons can give out their Bibles.

      We bought a case of Bibles in 1998 to add to our Y2K preps. I have stored them in their original box on a shelf in my basement storeroom, over the years we have handed out just less than half of those to people we encountered that had no Bible, and who we felt led to give one to. It may be Gods doing, but the Bibles left are in as good a condition as the first one we gave away, and these are paper back Bibles that cost less than 3 dollars each when we bought them.

  2. A more expensive option for storage but maybe worth checking out is the “Waterproof” bible. It is made with extremely durable synthetic material that does not absorb water and is extremely difficult to tear.

  3. a food saver would work too, put Each Bible in a bag and use a food saver to take out the oxygen. Just a thought

    • Chris Ray says:

      Good call Penny, a Foodsaver should work well too, just make sure to put the Bibles in a dark place as the food savers won’t block the light.

  4. I have seen very small “new testament” only Bibles at our Dollar Tree (Everything there is $1) and had thought the same thing, to keep on hand for giving out in times of crises (along with multiple copies of pocket Constitutions that I already have) I have purchased and given out the Bible on CD that they also carry. The CD may or may not be usable depending on the circumstances, but I have seen these items there. If you have a Dollar Tree in your area, check it out. God Bless!

  5. Chris,

    Once again, I want to thank you for your work with these articles. The topics of the last couple have been perfect timing for me. I have never thought of approaching my faith as a “prepping tool”. As obvious as it may seem to some…until now it was never on my “to do list” as a survival tool.

    Here’s basically how my list looked:
    1. water
    2. food
    3. shelter
    4. self defense skills/tools
    5. fitness training

    Here’s my revised list:
    1. Bible…”fitness for my soul”
    2. Water
    3. food
    4. etc…

    I wanted to share this because as obvious as it may seem to most of your blog readers, it wasn’t for me. Perhaps someone else can benefit from my mistakes. It is easy to get distracted by logistics when preparing for the worst.

    I also wanted to comment on storing bibles… I think it could also be useful to store some better quality bibles for a prolonged grid down survival situation since it could be the last bibles in circulation for awhile you would want them to be durable. Just a thought.

    Thanks again, Chris!
    God Bless

    • Chris Ray says:

      Thanks for sharing your priority list, I think it will be helpful for people to see it laid out like that.

      Having an extra higher quality Bible or two is a good idea as well.

    • Elizabeth says:

      How about we include a few LARGE PRINT Bibles, for aging eyes?! Eyeglasses might also be a problem in the future, so, let’s make it as easy as possible.

  6. Jim Moore says:

    I belong to the Pocket Testament League ( http://www.ptl.org/ )
    They print the Gospel of John in several covers and versions.

    Occasionally I find good Bibles at thrift stores and garage sales.
    Hymnals are good to collect too as is Book of Common Prayer.

    If you belong to a large fellowship you may ask the Pastor about Bibles left behind. People leave Bibles all the time, believe it or not, and generally they get passed on but some large fellowships have quite a bulk.

  7. Thank you for the information and the vendor website. I have Bibles tucked away in various places in our emergency supplies but I have been looking for a message that I could add to each of my food boxes to bless whoever might end up with them – whether given or taken. I’m thinking that a New Testament with “Hope” emblazoned on the cover (found on the vendor’s website) might be the answer.

    • Chris Ray says:

      My pleasure, I am glad it was helpful.

    • Janene,

      “a message that I could add to each of my food boxes to bless whoever might end up with them – whether given or taken”

      – What a wonderful perspective…even “taken”!! Thank You!

  8. Margaret Kiemele says:

    Wow – this is so great. I have had the thought of protecting a Bible (oxygen absorber and all) – putting in a metal tin and burying it. I thought I was just thinking silly – but now after reading these comments – maybe not!

    I still have such a strong sense that we are being led to prepare, store, hide etc for those who will not hear the Trump of God! What a way for our God to provide for those who right now scoff and laugh. God alone knows – but I also realize how important for each of us – to listen to “that still small voice,” and do as the Spirit leads. Amen
    Blessings everyone

    • Chris Ray says:

      You’re no crazier than the rest of us anyway lol

    • Elizabeth says:

      I think you, and the other folks here, are all correct, MK. I think we WILL see a day when it is ILLEGAL to own a Bible – it will be defined as a “hate crime”. There are those who work even now to make it happen. I wonder if that will include the “new” Bible recently released claiming G-d is a woman and (s)He accepts lesbians/gays? Just wondering if that, too, will be considered, “hate”? Hmmm……

  9. I know your site is a preparedness site, but why wait to spread the Word until times are hard. They’re hard right now for a lot of people. I buy every Bible I can find at garage sales and thrifts and send them to Christian Resources International. They ship them all over the world. The sooner we spread the word, maybe we can prevent or put off harder times. We need to be giving out Bibles right now. We need to be spreading the word now. Blessings,

    • Chris Ray says:

      I received an email making the same point and I agree that it is a great idea as well.

    • Elizabeth says:

      We didn’t say we weren’t handing out Bibles and sharing the Gospel RIGHT NOW; we’re merely discussing this as an item to add to Preps, and you don’t hear it brought up that often. It’s as simple as that.

  10. Yeah I found out the same thing about the Gideons. I forgot to mention that.
    And I’m kinda particular about bible version, I’ve seen some of those at Dollar stores and I wouldn’t be too quick to give those out.
    Think of bibles as you do food. You store up food but keep eating, right. Keep plenty on hand and keep on spreading His word.
    I used a food saver vacuum to seal some individual bibles in Mylar, it worked real nice.

    Grace and Peace,

    • Elizabeth says:

      I just use my iron to seal mylar bags, with a little flat stick underneath as I gently press the iron to the mylar. What are you doing, honey? Oh, just, ironing a few Bibles! Hehehehehe.

  11. I am attempting to memorize more scripture in case it ever does become illegal to have a Bible.

  12. Tammyklick says:

    Local libraries have book sales all the time. They are a great place to look for Bibles as well as other prepping-type books. Booksalefinder.com is a great place to find sales. Sign up for their weekly email and they will send you book sales in your area within a certain distance that you specify.

  13. Sgt Survival says:

    The Gideons must have changed their policy because I purchased a couple dozen of the pocket New Testaments from them just a few years ago. IF memory serves me correctly, they were about $2 a piece. I distributed them along with everyone’s Christmas presents that year.

    As mentioned above, check your local Dollar Stores, but as also mentioned above, MAKE SURE that you purchase a version that is compatible with your beliefs. My local DS has several versions for sale, inluding the KJV. They are all softbound copies, roughly the size of a trade paperback.

  14. Cheap Bibles and other books are printed on low-quality, sulfur-bleached paper that will fall apart after a couple decades. Look for “archival” or “acid free” paper. Yes, it is also good to think ahead for when your eyes age and you will need a “large print” Bible. You can pick up a “Fresnel lens” for little money to help you read small print; likewise higher-magnification reading glasses.

  15. ok I have an idea on this. Take a foodsaver bag and put a Bible in it. Add a dry pak (I got these on Amazon: Dry-Packs 10 Gram Cotton 50-Pack Dehumidifier Silica Gel) and then add the pamphlet for salvation. You can seal it and add it to a 5 gal bucket with food or supplies to pass out without the Bible getting ruined. The dry pack will handle any moisture at all. If you add a silica pack you are taking out air which won’t help with moisture. When creating a ‘take with’ pack for someone you take a Bible off the shelf and put in bucket with things. This way you know they will have not only the Bible but the plan.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    The DH found this group of listings at Christians Books.com, at which you can get a number of Bible versions for a little $$ – my personal favorite is the New King James Version.


  17. You know, I was just thinking about this recently. I have Bibles in my preps, but also thought about downloading an MP3 version and as text version to place on flash drives. I’m also downloading some of the free MP3 Bible lessons from one of my favorite ministers to keep for Bible study.

    • Chris Ray says:

      That’s a great idea too. a CD might work too if you have a CD burner.

      • Is not the assumption here that there will be electricity or availability to ‘charge’ the mp3 or cd player? I feel that there will be problems with the electric…or lack of so hard copies would be better

        • Elizabeth says:

          We are in agreement, Nancy S – hard copies are best for this reason. There are certain events, all of which are quite possible, that would render ALL electronics suitable only for a junkpile, even if it wasn’t a matter of time and dying of “natural causes” (dead batteries, no replacement batteries, etc.). so, yes, hard copies – the same reason I don’t keep the books that matter on a kindle. Yes, they’re easier to “carry around”; if you want both, knock yourself out – but have the hard copies. In a situation, are you going to loan your only kindle out so someone else can “learn” what they need, and you know longer have a resource? Don’t think so.

          • I can make a case for both hard and electronic copies. While its true there are some event’s that could bring the entire grid down, they have a small chance of happening. I think having some of both is a good way to go, but if I could only have one, it would be a hard copy.

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