May 27, 2017

quick updates

Over the last few years I have had people complain to Internet filtering companies and search engines. I believe it is the “Christian” in Prepared Christian they take offense with. The claim is that I engage in hate speech or some other ridiculous thing.

Normally, all it takes to clear things up is jumping through a few hoops and an email and is removed from the banned or blocked list. Most recently, Yahoo has blocked email both coming and/or going to I have jumped though their hoops but I can’t get a response from them explaining why this has happened or what else needs to be done to correct it.

If you have a have a Yahoo email account and need to contact me, as of now, it will not be delivered. Because of this, I have created the following account and will check it daily going forward. chris.ray72 (at) outlook (dot) com

Camping Survival Giveaway

I wanted to remind you all that Camping Survival is giving away one Bible and ten pocket Constitution (Declaration of Independence and Constitution). With last week being the Fourth of July, traffic to the site was pretty low, so the odds of winning are really good for those who enter. To enter just send an email to contest (at) The final day is 7-11-2014. I will email the winners to get their shipping addresses.


  1. God Bless you for standing for Him and leaving “Christian” as is!

    • Chris Ray says:

      thank you. No way am I changing the name, I will however find ways of working around their roadblocks.

  2. that’s scary….that the name of Christ is affected even in terms of search engines….

  3. I tried putting your email address in my address book and it says

    chris.ray72 is not a valid address

  4. Catherine says:

    I stopped using my yahoo email for anything important quite a while ago. Stuff I wanted going to spam box, junk in my email. They really don’t care what you want, they will do as they please, like a little kid having a fit. Some other sites are just as bad. If my paid email starts that, they will no longer get my money! Bless you!

  5. I think it is terrible you being accused of hat speech. I disagree. Your blogs are informative and no hate speech is ever said. We need to bring God into our lives especially now. You have my support.

    • Chris Ray says:

      I have been accused of hate speech in the past, I don’t know what is going on with Yahoo as no one will respond.

  6. GRRRRROWL! I’m so angry! Best hold my tongue, as what wants to spew out isn’t very “christian like” :(

  7. Shameful, can’t you sue on grounds that they are blocking your commerce?

  8. Rosemary says:

    Chris, since they are backing the gays what else can we expect?

  9. Susan Isenberg says:


    This shouldn’t come as a shock, after all the other ‘NON” hate speech allowed. Stick to your beliefs. God knows how to direct your path.

  10. Same old story. Those who serve the enemy will be forever attacking anything that is good, godly, or traditional. In every possible way they call what is evil, good and good, evil. They are going to use that “hate speech” hammer to beat on anyone
    willing to uphold bible based morality , values, and truth, and denounce sin, evil, and all things of satanic origin (veiled in their politically correct terminology and lies).

  11. Jason Clerk says:

    God bless you, Chris. Keep Christ in everything, and keep on with the good work that you’re doing. Trinidad in the Caribbean supports you and your site.

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