June 24, 2017

Reflecting Over the Last Year

Part of human nature at times is concentrating on what we don’t have, instead of seeing what we do, or how far we’ve come. As a group of people who prepare for the “what if’s,” Prepper’s can easily fall into this, as we see everything we’re still not prepared for.

This last six weeks of the year, among other things, is a time for giving thanks and reflecting over the last year. On a long journey, when concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other, it can be hard to tell how far you’ve come until you take time to look back. With that in mind, I highly suggest you take some time to look back and see how far along you’ve come in your mindset, your finances, your plans and your physical preps and, most importantly, your walk with the Lord.

To give you some idea of what I mean, here is part of my list:

I’m working! Last year at this time, I had been unemployed for several months. This means bills are still being paid, we have health insurance and, while we have had our savings depleted due to the unemployment, a new furnace and health issues for us and the dogs, we’ll soon be debt free again and be able to start saving.

Because money was tight, I wasn’t able to buy many new preps. I was, however, able to barter my services and add some food storage and other goods.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about our country and how things are run. I used to vote down the party line, but came to the realization that the enemy of my enemy is not a voting strategy.

My marriage is stronger. Trudee and I have always had a strong relationship, but this year we grew closer together. If we had an argument, or difference in opinion, we took time to understand the others side, instead of just digging in our heels and not hearing the others point of view. Don’t get me wrong, I am right, she is wrong, (and I let him believe that…even though he KNOWS I proofread every one of his articles! LOL ~Trudee) but at least I know where she is coming from 😉 Seriously though, a strong relationship is one of the biggest preps you can have. It makes life easier on the best of days, and bearable on the worst.

We don’t have plans at the moment to leave the country, or any real desire to, but we got our passports. I think they are good to have, call it an advanced prep. They do take some time to get, and we decided if we did ever want to travel abroad, we don’t want to have to wait.

I have developed my own CCW (Carrying Concealed Weapon) content and will be submitting it to the state so I can begin to certify people to carry in Minnesota. Goals for the future are to get the Practical Defense, LLC website up and running, and to get certified to certify others in Utah and Florida as well.

I managed to post to the blog usually twice a week. I have written around 450 posts and covered every topic I can think of that I know anything about. I have struggled this year to come up with topics, but God has been faithful! Several times, I have prayed for an idea, and I get one or two until the next time I pray.

Those are just some of the things I am thankful for and reflecting on. Feel free to share any of yours in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Chris Ray, I am wondering how you would approach a group a of fellow Christians in a church about the subject of starting a group for preparedness,our church runs a food bank but I feel that we need to be prepare for everyday emergency’s not just for the future for our daily emergency’s as we are in an area prone to flooding and power outages and our church is a gathering point for them.

    • Chris Ray says:

      Hi Auther,

      I think it is a great idea. Not that I think you would, but I would first and foremost not go all TEOTWAWKI on them. Stick to the items you listed as reasons to prepare. If you feel God has called you to do this, share that with them. If it is just something you think is a good idea, share that too. I would then back up preparedness with scripture and Biblical principles. Feel free to use my eBook and any articles to help make the case. I guess I would also have an outline of what you would want to teach. I personally wouldn’t do more than an in depth outline as I can tell you, developing a class like this is a lot of work.

      Hope that helps some.

      • Hi Auther, I’m a missionary to America and work with a disaster relief organization called Christ In Action. Beyond our relief efforts we also provide various types of training. One of our seminars is called the DPS, Disaster Preparedness Seminar. We speak on the topic from a biblical perspective. The outline of the course has three basic elements. Personal/family preparedness, Church preparedness and Outreach and integrating with your community preparedness and relief efforts.

        If your group or church would be interested in hosting a seminar in your area we can send you more information.


        David Beaulieu

  2. Chris,

    My wife and I have been reading your blog for almost two years now and find them informative, entertaining and most of all very inspiring. Glad to hear you are back on track and the marriage is even stronger, since that and having God in our daily lives is more important than all of the preps we can do.

    Blessings to you and Trudee!


    • Chris Ray says:

      Thanks Larry I appreciate you following the blog and am glad you enjoy it.

      Amen to a strong marriage and having God in our lives as important preps.

      Merry Christmas

  3. Papa Bear says:

    This year has not been good. On March 5th my wife of 37 years died. I would like to share the Bible verses that have helped me keep going,and I believe can help anyone in times of tribulation.
    Romans 5: 1-5
    Therefore, having been justified by faith,we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have access by faith into His grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. And not only that, but we also glory in tribulation, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance and perseverance, character, and character hope. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Peace Strength and Hope Merry Christmas

    • Chris Ray says:

      I am so sorry to hear this. That verse is one I have went to on occasion and really should memorize.

      May our King bless you and give you the peace that only He can.

      Merry Christmas

  4. Rev. Dr. Michael E Harris says:

    I, too, have had a rough year–currently unemployed and without any unemployment compensation (employer screw up). When things seem the bleakest, GOD always provides a little something to keep me going.

    I am blessed even though I do not deserve it.

  5. “I have struggled this year to come up with topics”

    Have you considered re-hashing things others have already written? Look at another blog, see what others had written about, and write on the same topic in your own words, maybe doing fresh research and/or trying the skill on your own.

    This works especially well with old content. Oftentimes a reader won’t go back to the older articles. You can often recycle old ideas and thoughts.

    • I do that now to some extent. I don’t however write about topics I don’t know anything about. Having written over 400 articles, I have covered a wide spread of topics. This next year I plan on covering material I have already written and adding a new flavor to it.

      I appreciate the suggestion though!

  6. Chris, I read this article and you said something about no leaving this country, but had your passports ready? I’m just curious, is there something deeper to this comment from a spiritual decision, or just getting out of the USA if necessary?

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