June 28, 2017

Review of American Exit Strategy

Review of American Exit Strategy

I have recently finished a novel called American Exit Strategy, written by Mark Goodwin. Mark is also the owner of the Prepper Recon blog and podcast.

American Exit Strategy is a Prepper fiction novel that depicts an America that has become an unsustainable nanny state, and the broken economy begins to fracture. Throughout the book you get a behind the scenes look as the American economy is in its death throes.

Early on in the book, the federal government is faced with not having enough funds to pay all of the EBT on the first of the month and has declared that it will issue another payment later in the month. This leads to looting and rioting in heavy population centers.

The book follows a very popular politician that reminds me of Ron Paul, whose name is Paul Randall. He is in the midst of a Presidential race and, along the way, makes some compelling arguments about what the American people will face and what he believes they should do to prepare for it. The claims he makes come at a cost, as the current President, who is very Obama’esk, who is at the end of his second term, and the political opponent he faces, try to place the blame for what is happening to the economy at his feet.

One couple that the story follows lives in a suburb in Florida that had seen rising crime before the riots. The couple are prepper’s, and you get to watch as they increase their preparation and follow their decisions. Do they stay in an area with rising crime, with poor economic prospects, or do they make their own American Exit Strategy?

American Exit Strategy isn’t about making a plan to leave America. It is about making a self-sustaining life, not dependent on the country America has turned into.

My Take

At the beginning of every chapter there is a quote, many taken from the Founding Fathers, the Bible and other sources. I enjoyed each one, and it fit well with the chapter.

I think that the events that unfold as the economy falls apart are quite realistic and possible. It’s not TEOTWAWKI overnight. There is a steady decline, with all signs pointing to worse things on the horizon, giving warning to those who are paying attention.

The only negative thing I would say, is that there is some dialogue that is a little clumsy. This is common in books of this genre, as the author attempts to educate the reader on topics like the economy, preparedness, survival and so on.

This, however, doesn’t take away from my overall opinion of the book, which I enjoyed and do recommend. I am looking forward to book two, to see how the story continues.


  1. Thanks. I’ll add it to my list of books to read.
    I do believe that the decline of the USA will more likely be a steady process or a series of crisis that are like step downs. But that’s just my opinion.

  2. Son of Liberty says:

    Will pick it up as I truly appreciate the many who are writing how we as Christians will go through what Scripture calls the time of Tribulation.

    I also appreciated reading the book, “DISCOVERY TO CATASTROPHE” written along the same line it sounds. Again, the dialog is a little clumsy, but stresses the importance of community of like minded patriots and preppers.


  3. Jim Moore says:

    Thanks Chris. Bought it.
    Hope to be able to read it this month.

  4. I just finished the book and have started the 2nd in the series. I totally agree with your evaluation. I enjoyed it so much I had to purchase the paperback copy so my wife could read it. (she doesn’t have a Kindle and I sure ain’t going to loan her mine. LOL Well I offered to buy her a Kindle but she doesn’t ever have much time to read to start with.

  5. KentuckyBoy says:

    Just ordered it from Amazon. Been reading the “Escaping” series by A. American and the 299 Day series by Glen Tate. Wish I had Kindle!

    • Chris Ray says:

      299 is on my list to read.

      I was initially resistant to getting a Kindle because of their cost. But Kindle books are often much cheaper then a paperback. If you buy several books a year I imagine it will pay for itself quickly.

      • Also, if one gets the plain kindle, it’s just $79. Don’t need the kindle fire or other versions, just the basic reader.

  6. Thanks Chris,

    As a writer I appreciate all bloggers who do book reviews. :) Sounds like I’ll have to give this one a read.



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