May 29, 2017

Review of Howard Leight Electronic Earmuff

Earlier this year, I purchased the Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff
and have used them a few times. I thought I would do a quick review on them. This was my first pair of electronic muffs, but I was going to take some training and wanted to make sure I could hear the instructor.

The Specs:

•External audio input connects to MP3 players and scanners
•Amplifies conversation and commands with one single volume control knob
•Automatic 4 hour shut-off increases battery life
•Automatically blocks noise above 82 dB, noise reduction rating: NRR 22
•Adjustable, low-profile design folds for easy storage

My Take:

There were fifteen people on the line when I took my course. At times, the head trainer was 20+ feet away. I could hear him better than if he was standing right next to me without the muffs. That might be a bit of a stretch, but only a bit. With the volume control, you can amplify things as little or as much as you want. If you don’t want to use the amplification, they work just like a normal pair of muffs would.

There were a few other people in the class who had the same model, so I asked what they thought. One gentleman said he loves them, that he also takes a rifle class and there are other brands that stick out further and make it so you can’t get the rifle snug. Everyone liked them quite a bit!

The speakers also work in stereo, so while the instructor was walking behind us, we could tell where he was.

There was only one guy in the class that didn’t have some form of electronic ear protection. He had to ask for directions to be repeated several times. Someone let him try theirs, and I bet he purchased a pair as soon as he got home.

If you take any form of firearms training, I can’t recommend these highly enough! Even if you don’t take any firearms training these could still be a huge blessing.

According to the website Hearing Aid Know , here are the decibel levels of some common sounds:

Fireworks (140)
Snowmobile (120)
Chain saw (110)
Amplified music (110)
Lawn mower (90)
Noisy office (90)
Vacuum cleaner (80)
City traffic (80)

Keep in mind that it will limit these sounds but that you’ll also be able to hear if someone is trying to get your attention, as their voice will be amplified.

With a price of only $45.99 from Amazon, well, like I said, I can’t recommend these highly enough and give them 5 stars!

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  1. Carl Rooker says:

    I have had electronic earmuffs. Don’t have one now, but wish I did. Even if you are not in a class, being able to hear others at the range is a good idea. Besides, I shoot even in the winter, and such can help keep your ears warm.

  2. Chris,
    I took a shotgun class and borrowed my husbands electronic earmuffs. They were much more round and each time I put the shotgun up it moved my earmuff. One of the guys in the class had the much slimmer Howard Leight’s and I purchased those and I am so happy with them. I instruct Scouts and it is humorous when the boys do not realize you can hear them with your “ears” on, and you respond to their comment!
    Keep up the good work.

    • I have heard that this model is a better fit for shotgun and rifle work as it is narrower.

      I can just imagine the looks on their faces!

  3. Chris,
    You forgot hunting, bossman, when you can ramp them up to hear the first whisper of the stealthy critters. They’re super nice for the blasting that can accompany waterfowl, especially where this model doesn’t mess up the mount but you can wear a ball cap or ski/watch cap under them. You don’t end up with ringing ears but you can hear your GPS escape its lanyard and your car keys not make it inside your pocket after all.
    Maybe they should add a light…

    • Good catch! I would guess if one has the volume turned up, they might even hear game sooner. I was able to hear birds chirping that were a good distance away and they sounded like they were right next to me.

      I wore a ballcap under mine and it worked great.

  4. My wife and I each have a pair of these Howard Leight electronic earmuffs. Everyone who shoots should have something like this. Being able to hear people talking, even from a considerable distance, while filtering out loud gunshots, is amazing. These earmuffs could save your hearing and they could literally save your life.

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