February 24, 2018

Review of: The Big Berkey Water Purifier

Big Berkey Stainless Steel Water Filtration System with 2 Black Filter Elements

My wife and I have read reports of prescription drugs being found in drinking water. One of the tax return purchases we made this year was a water purification system. I have also heard some concerning things about fluoride in water. I don’t know if they are true but sodium fluoride, which is used in some municipalities to treat water, is one component used in rat poison. We decided to get a purification system that would take prescription drugs, fluoride and any of the other junk that is in our water out.

Side note: Fluoride might be fine topically as it is tooth paste, but I can’t see the benefit of ingesting it.

After plenty of research I settled on the Big Berkey. One of the complaints I have heard about the Berkey systems is the price. While true, there is a higher upfront cost, the filters last a LOT longer than some other popular pitcher type purifiers. Here is a water filter comparison chart. It shows the Berkey costing just 1.9 cents per gallon. The next closest is 9.6 cents per gallon.

•The Big Berkey can take four filters, but we opted to just put two in, mostly due to cost. Four would have increased the purification rate and extended the amount of water the entire system could purify before needing to replace the filters.

•The system is nice to look at; I mean who doesn’t like polished stainless steel? Mine is pictured below.

•Set up was fairly easy. If memory serves, there is an extra step or two to be done for the fluoride filters but nothing that requires rocket science.

•The biggest pro to me is knowing that we have pure water; no smells, no prescription drugs, no chlorine and no fluoride.

•The Big Berkey is a little slow. The fuller it is the faster it filters because more filter space is being utilized.

•There is another filter needed for each of the black filters if you want the fluoride removed. At least you have the option if you want it.

•Remembering to refill it..oh wait, that’s just me.

My Take:

I like the Big Berkey and happily give it 4 starts. I would give it 5 if the black filters removed fluoride.

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