December 17, 2017

Some of the Reasons People Don’t Prepare

Some of the Reasons People Don't Prepare

There are a few reasons that people could give for not being prepared that I could absolutely get behind (Not like you need my approval). If it is a stumbling block for your faith, by all means, do not prepare. If your finances are stretched so tight that you have no money to put up anything extra, while you can still make preparedness plans, I do not think you should try and stretch your finances any thinner.

However, for most people, those are not the reasons. Here are some reasons that I have heard people give for not being prepared, with names that I came up with, mostly because I think I am clever.
Birds and flowers Matthew 6:25-34

In these verses, Jesus is telling of how much the Father loves the birds, but that they don’t worry about food or clothing. The key here is the word “worry”. This verse isn’t against preparing but against worrying.
God Will Provide

There are some people who say that in an emergency, “God will provide”. I would like to ask them if they are trusting in the Lord to miraculously put food on their table today. If the answer is “yes” and He is, fine. If the answer is “no”, and He is not, I would ask what makes them think He will start in their emergency.

“If God gives you a watch, are you honoring Him more by asking Him what time it is or by simply consulting the watch?” A.W. Tozer
Not me and Not Here

People might not actually say this, but I know some believe it. Bad things only happen to other people, or in other places, not to them or in America. I think this type of thinking comes in large part from how blessed we have been as a nation. Aside from 9-11 and Katrina, most of us haven’t experienced a wide scale traumatic event and as horrible as those two were, not many of us were directly affected.

Another reason people don’t think they need to prepare is that they don’t want to think about the fallen-ness of this world. Seeing the evil we do to one another, day after day, in city after city and country after country can, for some people, be too much. It’s much more comfortable to keep the rose colored glasses on. But remember Proverbs 27:12:

“A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

By not being aware, Solomon calls them simpletons. There are days when the evil of this world has me homesick. At those times, I pray for those afflicted by the evil and ask God for strength and wisdom, but I still move forward, and stay vigilant.

Fear of Being The Boy Who Cried Wolf

There are some who do not want to seem like alarmists. They differ from the ostrich in that they might see a possible danger, but won’t sound the alarm in case they’re wrong. The catch is that the boy who cried wolf eventually met a real wolf.

The Anti-Doomer is afraid people might think they actually want the stuff to hit the fan. I have actually heard of a few people who think this of preppers, so I know it exists. I would ask them if they have car insurance. When they say “yes”, I would ask them if they want to get into an accident. No one wants the pain we think is on its way, we just want to minimize how much it hurts us.

I can’t afford it (but check out my new laptop)

If you truly can’t afford prepping, that’s one thing If you can’t afford it because you want “toys”, well that’s a completely different thing. It does take a financial commitment but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. I could build a decent kit for $20 at the dollar store. Would it be a great kit? No, but it would be a start.
I’m Not a Hoarder

Prepping is not hoarding. Prepping is what is done when there is plenty to be had, before an event. Hoarding is going to the store right before or during an event and buying more then you need. Prepping is actually a benefit to the system, because the people who are prepared are not a drain on the system.
Good Old Uncle Sam

Another argument is that the government will help take care of people in an emergency. The Government didn’t do so well right after hurricane Katrina. They didn’t do well at all. People went hungry and thirsty; many were taken to the Superdome. The conditions there quickly melted down; overburdened from too many people and not enough resources. Violence and rape broke out. There were days of lawlessness both in the Superdome and in the affected area.

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