June 24, 2017

“Super Brains” Trying Predict How the World Will End

Super Brain


Some of England’s smartest people have joined forces and formed a group called “The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER). This group includes Stephan Hawking and 26 other leading thinkers.

The Daily Mail article, Killer robots and crippling cyber attacks: How the world is going to end – according to super brains such as Stephen Hawking states that the groups manifesto is clear:

“Many scientists are concerned that developments in human technology may soon pose new, extinction-level risks to our species as a whole.”

One pearl of wisdom given is this:

“In a modern, efficient world, we no longer stockpile food. If the supply is disrupted for any reason, it would take about 48-hours before it runs out and riots begin. So on a practical level, individuals should keep some non-perishable items at home.”

So what are some of the threats they have identified?

“Cyber attacks: Power grids, air traffic control, banking and communications rely on interconnected computer systems. If these networks collapse due to action by enemy nations or terrorists, the paralysis could result in society breaking down.”

“Food supply sabotage: Efficient distribution networks mean many Western nations have only 48 hours worth of food stockpiled. Any disruption would result in panic buying and riots.”

“Fast-spreading pandemic: International travel means a new killer virus, mutated from animals, could travel the globe in days, wiping out millions before a vaccine can be developed.”

Those are just three. Read the article for others. My favorite is the intelligent technology (LOL).

In all seriousness, I think it is great that they are taking a look at this. Many of the dangers they have listed are things the preparedness community has been talking about for years. If they were really “super brains” they would invite a few preppers! I suppose they would feel that their group would not be taken seriously, which is too bad, because I see a few glaring dangers that aren’t listed.

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  1. Glad CSER is finally taking notice. A common theme is threat from how interconnected we are with so little reserves. No mention of Solar Flare induced EMP but power grid down is listed. No mention of long term loss of power/fuel to facilities with dangerous materials like: nuclear (ex Japan), virus, chemical, etc…

    Good article to catch, thanks Chris!

  2. Jeff Melear says:

    They obviously haven’t read the Bible!

    • I would agree with you.

      • Carl Rooker says:

        I am sure they have read it (at least some of them). It is that they just don’t believe it. Considering the dangers they are investigating, and what is actually going on in the world, it is a real shame.

    • My Bible says that the world will never end. In fact, the New Jerusalem that John tells us about in the book of Revelation will actually be right here on planet earth.
      It’s the world as we know it that will be ending, Satan evil world. Satan is the god of this world but the real GOD of heaven and earth will soon take this world from Satan and that will happen where we read in Revelation at the last trumpet. The kingdoms of this world will then become the kingdoms of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST and he will reign forever and ever. He will reign on this earth. The Bible plainly tells us that this world will never end.
      The surface of it will burn but it will never be destroyed. GOD is going to renew the earth, and make all things new as in the garden of Eden.
      Lets therefore look forward to a new heaven and a newly remade earth in which the LORD our GOD will create.

      • it’s a figure of speech.

        • Carl Rooker says:

          Correct, it is a figure of speech that some misunderstand. Instead of “The end of the World”, many preppers and survivalists prefer to use the phrase, “The End of The World As We Know It”, or TEOTWAWKI. Yes, the Tribulation Period and the Return of Christ will be a TEOTWAWKI event.

  3. Chris, a few or some of those British intellectuals may be secret preppers, for all we know.

    Engineered infection: A terrorist group or rogue nation could develop an infection or disease to use.

    Food supply sabotage – I suspect this has already been done in Africa, given the number of dictators & amount of poverty there. It’d be harder to do in a developed nation, but a group/nation with some resources could probably pull it off.

    The article doesn’t mention water supply sabotage, but that’s a possibility too.
    Evil human nature & the devil seem to have a lot of influence, but we know the Almighty One whose power is endless.

    • with the emptying of the aquifers, water would be near the top.

      There was a group of scientists that were going to release how they engineered a “super bug” to the world, just last year. There was enough outrage in the scientific community that kept them from actually releasing it.

  4. Interesting! Thanks!

  5. dirty harry says:

    He who will not follow the word of God (the Bible) will follow all the EVIL SPIRTS in high places, ( the devil ).

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