June 25, 2017

The Survival Summit

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The Survival Summit

I recently found something pretty cool that I want to bring to your attention! There is a “Survival Summit” being held online! It is absolutely free and will run from January 20th, 2014 – January 25th, 2014. It features 25 preparedness/survival experts, many of whom I have followed for some time.

Many of you will be at work or busy and won’t be able to attend. While I don’t have all of the details yet, they will be offering some or all of the videos of the presenters for purchase. In the interest of full disclosure, while the live presentations are free, if you’ve registered through Prepared Christian and make a purchase, I will receive a commission for the sale. If you plan to attend, I would greatly appreciate it if you sign up through the images below. That way, if you decide to make a purchase, you’ll receive an informative video and be supporting Prepared Christian at the same time!

The following is a list of the presenters for the various days. You can go to the Survival Summit to get more information on what the speakers will be covering. Many of these are interesting to me and I’ll attend as many as I can!
Day 1 – January 20th 2014

  • Training Your Mind To Think Clearly In Life Or Death Scenarios – Travis Haley
  • How To Grow All Your Own Food, Without Irrigation… Even If You Live In A Dry Climate – Paul Wheaton
  • Locating The Perfect Survival Retreat or Homestead – Marjory Wildcraft
  • Top 10 Off-The-Grid Cooking Solutions In A World Without Power (Indoors & Outdoors) – Tess Pennington
  • How To Survive A Nuclear Event & The Spreading Fallout – Dr. Hubbard

Day 2 January 21st 2014

  • How To Make Your Own Biodiesel When The Fuel Pumps Stop Working – Graydon Blair
  • Off-The-Grid Food Preservation Techniques For When Your Stove & Freezers Stop Working – Lisa Lynn
  • Urban Foraging: How To Search A City For All The Food & Medicine You’d Ever Need – Nicole Telkes
  • How To Fortify Your Home & Property From Looters – Jim Cobb
  • Top 5 Bug Out Mistakes Everyone Makes And How To Not Fall Victim To Them – Jeff Anderson

Day 3 January 22nd 2014

  • How To Escape From Unlawful Restraint & Evade Capture – Chance Sanders
  • Two- And Four-Man Tactics for Repelling Armed Gangs – James Yeager
  • Trapping Strategies For Harvesting Creeks, Streams, & Woodlands For All The Wild Game You Can Eat – Bruce “Buckshot” Hemming
  • How To Treat Burns, Breaks, & Traumatic Injuries When The Paramedics Aren’t Coming – David Pruett
  • How To Grow Enough Protein To Feed 22 Adults A Year… In A 20×20 Foot Space – Nick Klein

Day 4 January 23rd 2014

  • 47 Tips, Tricks, & Inventions For Developing An Off-Grid Water & Energy Plan – Scott Hunt
  • When The Medicine Is Gone: How To Use Herbal Medicine As A Replacement For Many Drugs & Prescription Medications – Sam Coffman
  • The Darker Side Of Self Defense: Protecting Your Mind From The Effects Of Traumatic Violence – EJ Ownens
  • The Battle Tested Gear You’ll Want With You In A Post-Collapse Gunfight – Jake O’Dell
  • Grow All Your Family’s Food While Spending Less Than 1 Hour Per Day In The Garden – Marjory Wildcraft

Day 5 January 24rd 2014

  • How To Survive In An Urban Environment After A Societal Collapse – Kevin Reeve
  • Constructing A Bullet-Resistant Safe Room – GM
  • How to Store and Generate Emergency Power for your Home – Steve Harris
  • DIY Methods For Heating Your Home With 1/10 The Wood Or Even NO Wood… Even In Northern Climates – Paul Wheaton
  • Alternative Dentistry: How To Care For & Treat Dental Problems In Regions Without Dentists – Doug Simmons

Day 6 January 25th 2014

  • The 2nd Most Important Item In A Bug-Out Bag And How To Use It To Build 10 Life Saving Items In A Pinch – Joe Nobody
  • How To Find Like-Minded Group Members For Your Retreat – Charley Hogwood
  • Extreme Composting: How To Turn The World’s Most Foul & Nasty Things Into Black Gold – David Goodman
  • How To Legally Make Alcohols For Fuel & Barter – Josh Bayne
  • How To Build and Use a Root Cellar for Crisis-Proof Food Storage – Steve Maxwell


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  1. Rooikat the Mighty says:

    This Survival Summit sounds awesome!
    I am looking forward to it.

  2. grammyprepper says:

    Chris, it is my understanding that the video presentations will be available for viewing at your leisure for 24 hrs, then pulled and the next days presentations put up. They will at the end, offer those who have signed up for the summit a discounted price for the recorded video series. I have already signed up. I probably can’t afford the dvd series, but am hoping to view as many of the videos while they are offered free.

    • Chris Ray says:

      That would be nice, but even if that is the case, I don’t know that I can watch 4-6 hours of videos for six days in the evenings.

  3. Son of Liberty says:

    This sounds great! Love the idea and hope to be able to watch/listen to a number of these. A great number of these sound like they would be most helpful in a SHTF scenario.

    Blessings – Son of Liberty

  4. Sorry Chris I’ve already registered. I found out about it from Southern Prepper 1 on YouTube. I see is is creating a lot of buzz in the prepper world. I’m looking forward to see it.

  5. Thanks Chris, Just signed up.

  6. Jim Moore says:

    Signed up, thanks!

  7. I just signed up too. Thank you

  8. Rooikat the Mighty says:

    Got four friends signed up, so far.
    Hopefully, doing some group views.

  9. Well, I signed up and am waiting to learn some more. Thanks for the invite!

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