May 27, 2017

Update on the Forum

Some of you may have noticed that you can’t get to the forum. My hosting company made some changes that negatively impacted the forum software, causing it to spike the CPU usage of the server. They then sent me a warning to fix the CPU usage problem or they would be forced to take the site down.

Long story short, I had to take the forum down. I don’t know yet if this is temporary or not, but wanted to let those of you who frequented the forum know why you could not get to it.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. mariowen says:

    Very interesting. I have to wonder…. So keep us informed please and we will pray about it.

  2. Who is your hosting provider? Their statements are illogical, if they made a change to the environment and then the CPU spiked that is their issue to resolve. Unless it is a security fix that they installed they should back out their change. You are paying them not the other way around.

    Just like if I make a change a work and it causes the DB to perform poorly its my problem to fix not the people that are using the DB.

    • Chris Ray says:

      Hostgator is my provider. The forum software has caused some CPU issues in the past, but it was always short lived. Hostgator upgraded the PHP, which lead to a lot of problems, eventually pegging the CPU. They have terms which stipulate each site on any server is only entitled to so much CPU usage, and corrective action will be taken if the site uses more. I have had other problems with them in the past, I’ll just say I’m not thrilled with their support.

      • Yeah Hostgator is notorious for this kind of thing. I have been using Rochenhost for a website, it might not work for a forum but it all depends on how much storage you need. Check them out. I have been trying to get them to be able to add storage ad-hoc without upgrading the whole plan, they are working on that but have not implemented this option yet.

  3. Chris, if there are costs to to fix it, please let us know, & I believe that a few of us can make a donation. I know u’re on a limited budget.

    • Chris Ray says:

      I appreciate it Red. It shouldn’t cost anymore, unless I need to buy a new version of the forum software. The time commitment is another issue, I should hopefully have more in a couple weeks, so it might take me until then to get it fixed.

  4. Rev. Dr. Michael E Harris says:

    Every time Comcast, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, etc. issue an improved version, it takes me months to become proficient again.

    • Chris Ray says:

      I used to be able to keep up because they stayed consistent on where things were. Change is bad! :)

      • Rebecca says:

        I agree with both of you (and Mozilla just went screwy with an update, too, and the last computer I could steal the non-Windows 8 OS from just died – all in the same day although I’d already whimpered through accepting that a replacement was inevitable since pieces were actually coming off at this point, so it was on hand in a box).

        I was very brave and all on my own without comments ordered new pants and shoes, too, just this week, even though I still have a couple with no ad hoc fixes or holes or stains, so I don’t think I deserved the “change-a-phobe” looks of pity and disbelief that accompanied my rightful annoyance that even on the screen that LOOKS like it’s all safe and normal, there’s a landmine waiting for you where the start-up/windows button used to be.

        And riddle me this: Does no one who thinks of all these touch screens own a cat? Or a Lab that is also addicted to lights and has a big ol’ nose?

        I tell you what…Makes a person reconsider whether they knocked the cosmos out of balance because they (kind of) shoe shopped before any holes wore all the way through the favorite mocs.

        I agree with RedC as well as you and The Rev, Chris. If there’s a big expense once you get time to deal with it, put it out and we’ll see what we can cobble up for the site.

  5. GatoreGeek21 says:

    Hey Chris…IIRC you are an IT guy right? Have you ever thought of hosting your own server, forum, etc? That way all you should need is a domain name provider. yes, there would be the extra cost of bandwidth potentionally, but the Lord will provide if it is something that follows His will. I am sure most of us would be willing to throw a donation your way as has already been mentioned. Plus…there is money that you make from ads or affiliation programs. Just thought I would throw that out there. As alternative, I do support for a hosting provider here in Canada. They provide excellent support & there main IT guy (not me) is a fabulous tech & a Linux guru. I can’t call him a tech god as he is a non-theist. LOL

    • Chris Ray says:

      There are to many things that go into hosting my own, that I just don’t know how to do. For the time it would take to learn all of these things, and the added expense, it’s just not worth it to me.

      • clark thompson says:

        Have you thought about creating a facebook group it is not the same as a forum because there is not different sections for topics but it could be a fix in the until something else could happen.

  6. I miss you guys! Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

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