February 19, 2018

What We May See at the End of 2012 that is not related to the Mayans

I’m not a prophet but I have gotten pretty good at watching pieces in different areas move and seeing potential threats.  Here are some possible things we might see late this year and early next year.



I see the potential for chaos no matter who gets elected.  If Romney gets elected there is a very good chance that a certain percent of Obama supporters will riot in protest.  What makes me think this?  The new Black Panthers intimidating voters at prior elections, the almost worship from a large chunk of his supporters, such as the “Obama phone” woman, and the racial tension in America which is covered below.

If Obama gets elected, he has nothing to lose and he could be even more progressive, pushing his agenda faster and farther than we have seen thus far.  In his first four years he was able to:  get homosexuals openly enrolled in the military, push through universal healthcare and appoint many radicals as czars that only answer to him, not to congress or the voters.  I could go on but you get the idea.  He did many things that could be argued as unconstitutional and he still had an election to win.  If he wins another term, all bets are off.   I can see him going after DOMA (defense of marriage act) and the second amendment to name just two.



No matter who gets elected we will have an economy that is in very bad shape.  We cannot sustain this debt and keep living like we have been.  I believe taxes will be raised on the middle class and up.  I also think we will see social programs cut, which could lead to the kind of protesting and riots seen in Spain, Greece and in London.

As I mentioned in When the Trucks Stops, due to a lack of truckers and rising diesel prices, among other reasons, the cost to have freight delivered is going up.  This cost will be passed on to the consumer.  Manufacturers have done some sneaky things the last couple of years, like making the package of certain items smaller but keeping the price the same.  They are trying to avoid raising prices, but soon won’t have a choice.

Here is an article from Comcast’s Xfinity finance news called Forbes: The Drought’s Impact on Food Prices.  The article explains why the drought will impact food prices and how it will impact certain foods such as dairy, chicken, beef and others.

There are also several municipalities declaring bankruptcy, from small cities, counties and soon, I believe, states.  California is the biggest and probably the closest to it.  Here is a Municipal Bankruptcies Map.  Watch it grow over the next few months.  People will lose their entire pensions and cuts will be made to services.  As in Oakland, for example, Police will no longer respond to certain crimes..  Others are doing things like turning off the street lights.  This is just the beginning.


Crime Rates

When social cutbacks are made, the poorest among us will be effected the most.  There is a certain percentage of that populace who will turn to crime to “supplement” their income.  One of the things I learned in my local police citizens academy is that criminals will often travel some distance to do their thieving, not wanting to “make a mess where they live” so to speak.  So suburbs with a relatively low crime rate could see more crime as social programs are cut.

I read a forum post by Ferfal, a gentleman who lived in Argentina until very recently.  He has two blogs, Surviving in Argentina and his newer blog, The Modern Survivalist.  In this forum post he made the point that the crime rate was so high that he always had multiple weapons on him, a knife, pepper spray, an ASP and a firearm.

The most important thing to always use is The Cooper Color Code and Situational Awareness.  These two can help keep you safe.  If you haven’t read The Gift of Fear yet, please do.  It will show you how to trust your instincts and keep you safe.


Race Relations

I have never seen racism.  I believe it exists and until a few years ago, (maybe I was naïve) I would have said it only existed in small pockets but that race relations in America were by and large doing fine.  Then two different things happened.  One, anyone who opposed the President was openly called a racist by many in the media, Hollywood and even some of our elected leaders.  The Tea Party was also called racist as well.

Then Trayvon Martin was shot in Florida.  When George Zimmerman was not arrested, he and his family had death threats made against them.  There were protests against the police, and some small rioting broke out.  There were also stories of white people attacked and told that it was for Trayvon.  Some of these beatings occurred outside of Florida.

Today, if asked, I would say that race relations in America are concerning.  I do believe that if Romney is elected, we will see rioting that makes the LA riots pale in comparison.  If people truly believe that anyone who doesn’t vote for Obama is a racist, losing to Romney will be seen as a far greater injustice than George Zimmerman not being arrested right away.  Any white person may be seen as a surrogate for the white person who did not vote for Obama, just like the white people in other states being beaten for Trayvon.


Civil Unrest

I have had several people email me about things they have seen or that they have been told by insiders.  I have also seen several news stories that point to state and federal government getting ready for civil unrest, from various police agencies being allowed to use drones, to police forces training with the military in urban operations.  Multiple federal agencies have purchased large quantities of ammo, totaling over 450 million rounds without any good explanations.  Then, Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons.

There is also the Air National Guard ordering several LRAD (Long Range Acoustical Devices).  The article also states:

“With this order, LRAD systems will be in use by every major force of the Department of Defense,”

These LRAD systems have already been put to use on American citizens, first at the G20 protests, which can be seen in the video.  Watch to see exactly how the LRAD works and how effective it is.



It was used again; San Diego Sheriff Gore deploys military sonic LRAD area denial weapons at political meetings.

The whispers people are hearing from insiders are vague but point to either something happening or being ready for something big to happen.  I usually take these kinds of whispers with a grain of salt, but like I said, I have had quite a few emails that, while not saying the same thing, have a similar thread.  Combine that with the drones being used to spy on Americans, the hundreds of millions of rounds and the police training in joint urban operations with the military and, well, you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see that something is either going to happen or at least expected to.