June 24, 2017

When Would You Say It Has Hit The Fan?

the fan

The phrase “hitting the fan” is used by many to indicate when things get bad.  We make plans and buy preparations to mitigate future events, but what would need to occur for you to say that “it has hit the fan” and put your plans in motion to start using your preparations?


Defining the Severity of the Event

I think we first need to understand that there are different levels of events and that the severity of them can be somewhat subjective, based on the level of our individual preparedness.  There are large scale events that could affect a large portion of the population, but there are also smaller events that might only impact a single family.  For example an EMP attack over the United States could affect most of America and possibly Canada or Mexico as well.  Conversely a fire that completely destroys your neighbor’s home, while horrible, really only impacts them.

I believe that the large scale events will be easier to tell when “it’s hitting the fan” because multiple news sources will probably be reporting about it.  Other “slow boil” events might not be as easy to tell if there is a problem, or how bad it might actually be.

There is a metaphor about a frog in a boiling pot; I have heard the metaphor is true and false.  Frogs are cold blooded and their body temperature is regulated by their surroundings.  If you place a frog in a boiling pot of water, they’ll immediately jump out.  But if you put a frog in a pot of cool water and turn the heat up very slowly, the frog’s body temperature will rise slowly with it.  The water can slowly be turned up until it reaches a boiling point and the frog will not jump out.  Like I said, I don’t know if this is true or not, but it’s a great metaphor to explain the slow boil event.

Slow boil events could happen over days, weeks or even months; the danger occurs when we become acclimated to it and don’t realize how bad things really are.  An example of it could be a seemingly natural seasonal flu season turning into a pandemic.  It could take weeks before it is full blown.  At what point would you implement a self-quarantine of your family?

The economy is another example; how many of us lost money from our 401k or other investments in the last five years?  When do we decide things are too risky and it’s time to cash out or move to something safer?


Where Do You Draw The Line?

I have written before on Drawing a line in the sand, but how do you know when that line has been reached and you consider it to be hitting the fan?  For example the roads during a Minnesota snow storm can be very unforgiving, made worse by the average Minnesotan driver.  When I had to go into the office, I had a physical line in the sand so-to-speak.  There was an overpass that was the last easy place to turn around for quite a few miles.  If the roads gave me trouble before that spot, it was sufficiently hitting the fan bad enough for me to turn around and work from home.

I wish all events were that cut and dry, but there is no standard answer.  However this is something we all must think about.  Since there are no standard answers, I’ll just provide some topics and give some ideas.



At what point are there enough people sick for you to implement a self-quarantine for your family?  Do you keep your kids home and still go into work or does everyone stay put?


Gun Control

There have been some suggested measures to implement stricter gun control, but I don’t think the Overton Window has moved enough to really go after guns.  Maybe it won’t and maybe we’ll just see tighter restrictions going forward.  If there are more mass shootings, and the cry is made to stop gun violence at any cost, where do you draw the line?  Will you register your firearms?  Will you turn them in?  I don’t know if it will ever come to this, but I think it is something we need to think about now.


Battening Down

I think, in the vast majority of events, battening down is a better solution.  There are scenarios besides a pandemic when implementing a self-quarantine of sorts might be a good idea; civil unrest, grid down events, severe weather and others.  When are those events bad enough for you to say it has hit the fan and you’re staying put?


Bugging Out

While most events are better weathered from home, there are times when you must bug out.  For those with a BOL (Bug Out Location), this might be an easy decision to make.  If you don’t have a BOL, bugging out is far less pleasant, so the pull to leave might be less strong but ignoring it could be costly.  Event’s that could cause you to bug out are wildfire, severe weather, terrorist attacks, chemical leaks and others.  When is it bad enough to force you to flee to safety?


Closing Thoughts

The thought that sparked this article was contemplating how life would be different if we faced a true widespread survival situation, say an EMP.  There must be a point in any type of event when it is bad enough to change your daily life, which is possibly the point when things have “hit the fan”.


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  1. Cannon 12pounder says:

    It is starting to hit the fan now. Congress completely ignores the constitution.

    • to some extent I agree with you, they have ignored for at least the last 4 years. But what they’re doing now isn’t having the same impact as say they try to install martial law or other things on the same level. I think when it comes to our political leaders there are varying levels of hitting the fan.

  2. Very interesting article, and I can’t wait to hear other responses, as I almost always learn from them. Funny, but I’ve been thinking about this same thing for quite some time, and asking myself when will enough be enough? Is this going down in front of my very eyes in such a way that I wasn’t expecting? And in fact feels very much like the frog in the pot scenario! I think of all sorts of scenarios, and like most (at least I think like most) It’s the “big” event that will be the SHTF scenario. But lately I’m thinking that oh my gosh…right in front of our noses, it’s happening….in a sort of slow motion (although it does seem to be picking up speed) Slow, but being attacked in all ways at once! I watch my electric company monitor every kilowatt and are now starting to let me know which “appliances” I need to turn down, or off. I thought if I could just pay their exorbitant prices, I could still heat and cool my home in the manor I’m accustomed. In the name of “global warming” or I guess it’s “climate change” now, we can’t have a fire in our fireplaces here in California, except on a certain day a week. And each county is different. Water company is going bat crazy now, raising prices, telling when and IF you can water a plant. I expect them to tell us when we can do laundry and how much next. Gas and food creep higher and higher in price. Little tiny rights being taken away faster than you can count them. So that makes me think…A) I’m crazy…B) It isn’t going to be a “big” event, each man will have to decide when enough is enough, and alone it’s a harder road to tow. It’s easier to “pick” us off, and write us off as nut jobs, one by one. Without a big event, everyone, especially government, are free to roam around, and continue to dictate how you are to live. This scenario just gets worse and worse, and my vivid mind can dream up all kinds of horror. Although, doesn’t seem like dreaming up, more like tying things together. C) We will continue this path, AND have an earth shattering event.
    All I know is that things are getting crazier and crazier, and that very uneasy feeling is getting stronger and stronger. Like I said, can’t wait to read the responses of others, and like always I continue to pray for all who frequent this site, and give my thanks to Chris, and to Trudy for sharing.

    • I believe the slow boil to be the more dangerous in the long run. If an EMP went off tonight, every person would have reality thrown in their face. If we’re slowly conditioned to believe that our God given rights are gifts, and small liberties are taken away, people become used to the temperature of the water.

      • Chris Ray, I think you are oh so right. When things come on slowly people don’t even notice it until it is too late. When it hits suddenly everyone sees it and will try to deal with it even though some will not be prepared. It is sad that most don’t listen. God help us all.

  3. From the beginning of this nation we have been the frog in the pot of water and the temperature has been incrementally rising ever since. All the founding fathers warned about this and Thomas Jefferson was especially prescient warning about the ways of big government and uneducated citizens. I suppose there have been times when the heat was turned down a bit, but the way power over people works best is to make small changes generation by generation so hardly anyone ever notices. Back in the 30s a book came out by Rose Wilder Lane titled THE DISCOVERY OF FREEDOM. It tells exactly what’s happening now. Few are familiar with that book because Ayn Rand’s ATLAS SHRUGGED came out at the same time. Lenin tried to implement control over Russia all at once in the beginning and it almost backfired on him. He had to slow it down to maintain control. In the Bible – the nation of Israel -things went downhill starting after Abraham and ending with Israel being carted off into captivity. They never saw it coming because it was so gradual. Their prophets were considered crazy. They didn’t listen. You should not be storing up preps for such a time. You should always be LIVING your preps.

  4. Jim Moore (JTHTTK) says:

    Right now I’d rather walk under a ladder than in front of a fan.
    Ignoring the Constitution has been going on much longer than 4 years, just read the Patriot Act of 2001.
    (My problem is I spend too much time watching key indicators of collapse and not really getting ready for it.)
    Being a long time ago student of Biblical prophecy I am truly excited to be alive during these days. Just look at all of the Catholic Saints, Bishops, Cardinals and Popes that have prophesied that the current, resigning, Pope is the last true Pope. Most of their prophecies claim the next Pope will be evil incarnate or some other like term. The Bible has much to say about events surrounding that as well as other complications of our day and our time. Even history shows a doom over the coming days when you study economic problems lead to trade wars and eventually real wars, then headlines today stating, “top economic advisers warn that economic factors could lead to a new world war.” While my excitement grows I get more mixed emotions for those who aren’t preparing physically, emotionally or spiritually. Yet I can better understand the compassion in words of Jesus in Matthew 24:21 “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” My how He must have felt just knowing that future event must take place. Well, I believe it’s here now or will be soon and I’m encouraged to know that I know Him. Fear Not, your redemption is drawing nearer, but prepare, for times of trouble may also be near, very near. Like Nancy, that uneasy feeling grows stronger and stronger but perhaps that is a prompting, a harbinger if you will, of times ahead. Right On Paul, so true!
    Through the trials Joseph endured, God was preparing him for the mission that was to bring him personal victory, salvation for Egypt, and salvation for his family. The threat of slavery and imprisonment for right values is nothing new. Go ahead, threaten me with Heaven and being re-united with Papa, it’s OK. Because I’m here, I know this was the appointed time for my life. God still has a plan for me because, I’m still here.
    Read 2 Peter chapter 3 for a little Prepper encouragement.

  5. I really wish there was a “like” button with each comment! Very much enjoying reading these, and agree with all. And yes, so fascinating the prophecy with what is said will be the last pope. Isn’t the next one suppose to be THE false prophet? Onward Christian Soldiers has so much more meaning for me right about now. Time to all in, and pray for those who are to blind to see. Thank you Father, for giving your only begotten son, that we may call on Him in belief, and live forever with you in paradise. So be it. Amen
    Yes, exciting, concerning times.

    • I’m with you, I would love to be able to like each comment, I added this feature to the forum. Maybe I’ll see if I can find an app for the blog. I don’t really want it tide to facebook, but just a way of liking the comment.

  6. I found the website, http://www.prophecyofthepopes.com as a fascinating website.

    • Jim Moore (JTHTTK) says:

      Yes Tina, that is an interesting site. Would be an interesting book. Tom Horn is kind of funny. I don’t know enough about him. He started mentioning Nephilim returning to Earth in one of the videos I watched of him and I had some alarms go off. I need to know more about him.

  7. Carl Rooker says:

    Very good article, and comments.

    It is very obvious that most people thjnk we are on the brink of something. Being Bible believing Christians we have a take on this that includes Hope. It is for this Hope that we Christians need to stand united in Jesus Christ despite denominational differences. We are one Body, and we need to act like it. As the time draws near, we need this more than ever.

    (I do NOT mean ecumencism. I mean focusing upon our Head, Jesus Christ.)

  8. IMO, it has already ‘hit the fan’. The thing is, the fan’s speed is still slow, and so far it’s not tossing the stuff on everybody.

    So most folks are still thinking that somebody will clean it up – but they don’t need to be that somebody. And a few of us think WE can clean it up – only it just keeps coming and we can’t even catch up let alone get ahead.

    Once the speed of the fan is increased, the stuff will be spread over everyone and people will want to do something about it when it splatters them and their families. But that will be too late for anything except getting rid of the fan and the source of the manure first in order to control the mess, and cleaning up after. It also means running INTO the whirlwind of poop to stop the fan. This won’t be pleasant. It’s going to be one big and nasty job folks. Get ready.

    • very well put. I think the sooner we step into the mess to stop the fan, the smaller the mess will eventually be.

      Unfortunately our leaders would rather bail out companies that are “to big to fail”. They would rather enact new legislation than enforce existing laws.

      But it’s not just our leaders, we are a bigger problem. To many of us vote based on what we can get, long gone are the days of “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.


    • I know many Preppers have a sense that something isn’t right, but I wonder how many people who aren’t preppers are aware.

    • Mr. Prepper, God’s mercy endures forever but that doesn’t mean for everyone. God is being so kind, generous and merciful everyday as we all get to wake up and take a breath. God has certainly had enough, a long time ago. What we need is for God to prolong His judgement that we deserve. Yet His judgement continues to come upon us. First, judgement begins in the house of the Lord. We (God’s children) need to fall on our faces before our Holy God and repent. True corporate repentance is our hope for God to prolong this judgement we are in.
      Or we flee the judgement, just not sure where that would be to.

  10. Montana Rancher says:

    My children work in town about 20 miles from me. I have told them to get home ASAP when they go to the grocery store and the shelves are bare, that is my SHTF indicator.
    More recently I have updated my indicator to include gun confiscation. When the government grabs guns they are admitting at that point they cannot control the system any more.

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