May 27, 2017

Why Do You Really Prepare?

Why Do You Really Prepare.

I’m sure you could rattle off several reasons why you prepare. I only want one; but I want the core reason that you prepare. For the moment, I want you to set aside things like economic downturn/meltdown, pandemic, EMP solar flare and so on. To my way of thinking, those are threats to ones level of preparedness, be it good or bad. For me, they are not the reasons I prepare.

I think it is important to know the core reason why you prepare for a few reasons. Here are just two; If I tell myself and others that I am preparing for economic collapse and it doesn’t happen, or if the economy gets better for years, I look or feel like I wasted my time and money. Secondly, preparedness is expensive, takes up a lot of room in your house and can cause friction at home if not everyone is onboard. If you know your core reason, it is easier to stay the course and it can provide motivation to keep going.

To give you an idea of what I mean, here is the core reason that I prepare.

Years ago someone asked me what my biggest fear was. After I thought about it I said “someone I love being in danger and not being able to do anything about it.” To this day I think I would say it still is. When it boils down to it, that is the core reason why I prepare.

I have always been a big believer in personal responsibility and when I think about it and preparedness, 1 Timothy 5:8 comes to mind:

“If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

When I read that verse I don’t see any qualifiers or stipulations that say “only when things are going well” or “disregard if the stuff hits your fan.” This verse is a 24/7/365 day a year duty. It is easy to provide for my family when I am working, the stores are stocked and we’re relatively healthy. It isn’t so easy when I am unemployed, the shelves are bare for whatever reason or when we or the general populace it too ill to be out and about. It isn’t so easy, that is, without prior preparation. Granted, depending on what kind of thing happens, it will still be tough to provide for our five basic needs, but at least I will have made every effort and will not be deemed worse than an infidel.

I’ll ask again, what is the core reason that you prepare?


  1. I don’t want to be a victim. Simple. It’s not that I want control, it’s more about out smarting the control freaks who seek to use me and those I love as pawns in their game of power. As the dollar falls, commodities will be more valuable than money. Your reason also plays into mine, even though those family members around me think I’m a nut. I don’t care, they see my guns, ammo, water storage, food grade buckets full etc. and make fun of me. I’ll remember!!! I’ve committed this process to prayer, I keep coming to the same conclusion, keep prepping! I’m a daughter of the King, he doesn’t have any dumb kids!

    • Chris Ray says:

      Good for you! I refuse to be a victim as well, of any kind.

      • I desire to leave a legacy for those that will be left behind after the rapture has taken place and leads those to our property here in Queensland Australia. god knows my heart and even though we are living out in the bush already on this property god will use what we will leave behind to help those during the tribulation. much has been done here but much more needs doing. it would be great if others out there could help that has the same vision or desire as myself and my wife. I would love to hear from like minded that live here in Australia especially. with kindest regards steve

        • Son of Liberty says:

          Steve, I really feel for you and others who feel they will be raptured out before the trib hits. I have close family who believe the same way, and they continue to ignore the word – even when clearly pointed out to them. A major problem with that is that is not the way Jesus taught us it’s going to happen (Mt 24:29; Mk 13:24). He said immediately after the tribulation of those days, the rapture would occur.

          So get yourself ready, you and your loved ones are going to go through the trib. I’m convinced it will be a time when many will turn toward God, especially those who have some knowledge of the Word, and have a faithful and loving Christian friend/family member who can help lead them into all truth. I pray you will be one of those men.


          Son of Liberty

  2. It’s as you suggested: it’s our Biblical mandate to be prepared. 1. for our family 2. that we may help others.

    • Chris Ray says:

      Good stuff.

    • Ashley Abednego says:

      Clear and simple! Straight to the point. It is our duty to be obediant to The King and be prepared and yet we must also remember the second greatest commandment after Love the Lord your God with all your soul with all your heart with all your mind and stregnth. The second commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. If we love Him we are to be his disciples and further His Kingdom and preach to the lost so that they might come to repentance and be saved.

  3. I’m new tho this whole preparing thing, but as an ordained minister, I look around our world and see that we are in a heap of dodo. The bottom line for me is to help other Christians when times get very bad, which for,the first time in my life,I think are coming soon. Being prepared will also help me help non-Christians as I share Jesus with them.

    • Chris Ray says:

      Hi Ron,

      I’m glad to hear about your starting to prepare.

      I have said before that by ensuring our families needs are met ahead if time, allows us to help our communities in times of crisis. If crisis hit and we were not prepared, we might be to busy trying to meet our families needs to help our community.

    • Ashley Abednego says:

      Ron that is Awesome and makes me encouraged to know there are disciples and children of The Most High willing to do whatever it takes to reach the lost and remembering not to store our treasures here on earth but in Heaven. The Lord will bless you for your intentions are to glorify Him and preach the gospel using prepping as a tool to reach the lost is and will be an incredible way to show the love of Jesus.

  4. George Mason says:

    I prepare because over 50 years ago my Boy Scout motto was “Be Prepared” It made a lot of sense back then–makes even more sense today.

    • Chris Ray says:

      That is one of the better mottos for young boys to learn. My kids weren’t in scouts, but I tried to instill that in them.

  5. Survival, period. My sweet mom, (almost 90) still remembers the depression, and her mom crying when she asked ” is this is the day we get to eat mama? I’m so hungry.” Her mom held her on her lap, crying, while she told her “not today, baby, but maybe tomorrow.” My grandpa worked on a man’s farm for 2 weeks, then the man wouldn’t pay him…so my grandpa and one of the other workers went back and stole a bag of potatoes…and got shot at for it! My grandpa and my mom..(very little girl at the time) planted a tiny garden in the back yard… running water back then (at least for my mom’s family) and my mom remembers going back and forth pumping a cup of water and taking it back to water one plant at a time……they didn’t own a bucket! I love hearing all the stories my mom has told over the years…even though they are sad. But they have taught me a lot. When you see so many things happening in the news, in the world, and put 2 and 2 together, I think you’d be a little crazy not to be prepared. So my “core” is simply survival of my family and any others I feel I can help. I’m also prepared for those you think what I have belongs to them. Knock on my door in hunger, I might be able to feed you…bang on my door in anger, I can only ‘feed’ you lead!
    Also, just listen to the stories from WWII…more wisdom from my mom. Our mainland was never ‘hit’, but we had terrible shortages of things due to the war. Went on for more than a year, that’s for sure… prepare, prepare, prepare.

    • Chris Ray says:

      I love hearing stories from people of older generations. there is so much wisdom to be gleaned.

    • Ashley Abednego says:

      What an awesome testimony. I often hear many people that have started to become convinced my husband and I aren’t so crazy after all that they remember hearing their grandparents or parents tell them to prepare. 50-60 years ago it was a way of life people were raised to depend on themselves. and not rely on the government

    • Nancy, I can relate to your post as I grew up in the projects of Pittsburgh, PA. The youngest of 5 boys, and my oldest brother being special needs, we had little to nothing. My dad worked two jobs to try and make ends meet. It’s amazing what my mom could do with potatoes, flour and some lard. Meat, what was that? Once in a while we had a big soup bone when they were still free from the local butcher. Anyway, a great post and a reminder of how we are blessed to live where we do and have what we have.

  6. I prepare for much the same reasons. The Lord requires me to, my conscience requires me to and common sense says it’s the prudent thing to do. As we get older I don’t want my wife and sister in law to have to decide to either pay the bills that month and eat dog food or not pay the bills and eat better. I want them to be able to defend themselves and what they have from home invaders if I’m not around.
    After most of that is taken care of I then prepare for the many different scenarios that may unfold to create a crap hits the fan or WROL world. That includes a water source, farming, chickens and all the other preps needed.

    • Chris Ray says:

      “The Lord requires me to, my conscience requires me to and common sense says it’s the prudent thing to do.” I like that.

  7. Son of Liberty says:

    I prepare for a couple of reasons, mostly united very closely with my faith in Christ. 1) I see things are developing at a rapid pace, signaling the second coming of Christ and the end times. Since Jesus (and scripture) clearly taught his return would be AFTER the period of tribulation (Mt 24:29ff; Mk 13:24ff), I am preparing for the 3 1/2 year period when the anti-Christ is in control and I am unable to buy/sell/etc. since I will NOT be taking the mark of the beast. Along with my preps, I believe mobility may be a valuable commodity as the anti-Christ will wage war with the saints.

    2), and closely related to it, I sense within my spirit, God’s Holy Spirit urging me the time is now near, and what I do must be done within the next few months.

    While the devil often attempts to mis-lead us to do something, and do it now! — God’s Holy Spirit gives us direction and leadership in a timely manner so God’s work can be accomplished on time. Therefore, I have been prepping for a few years now. PTL for his leadership, direction, and gentle nudges in the right direction over the years.


    Son of Liberty

  8. I prepare because I’m unwilling to live with myself for committing sins against others trying to take care of the ones I love, and so that I can take care of as many young innocents as possible.

    It’s also just insurance or a tangible goods savings account to me, in many ways, but on the larger level, it’s so I can stay a sheepdog.

  9. Growing up on a farm in central Virginia, we learned to provide for our family by all working together on some big projects as well as by being solely responsible for others, like milking the cow. Dad said, “If you don’t milk her right, she’ll dry up and we’ll have no milk.” Sort of teaches you responsibility at an early age. I still had fun hitting the cat in the mouth with fresh milk, so it wasn’t all work. Preparing and working to take care of your family has been a part of life for me forever.

  10. For us it’s combining 1 Timothy 5:8 with Proverbs 22:3. My husband is responsible, but I am commanded to help him take care of our family. It’s not hard to see the possibility of dangerous situations in the world around us. We’ve been told we’re alarmist, extremist, and faithless. My answer, maybe God is giving us this time of plenty to get ready for a time of need. My faith is great enough to understand the possibility of him showing us this opportunity. I always suggest they read Proverbs 22:3, watch the news, and pray for guidance.

    • Chris Ray says:

      Ask them if Jesus showed a lack of faith in God by not jumping off of the top of the temple Satan brought Him to the top of. OF course not, He told satan that one does not put the Lord they God to the test. By preparing, we are making sure we do not.

    • My brother has been a minister of a “fundamental” variety for many years. When I tried to “feel him out” about the subjecting of being prepared at all times, he told me I was “looking for the boogeyman behind every corner” and I was “a little scary”. My response? “I don’t have to ‘look for’ the boogyman – I KNOW where he lurks!”

  11. I prepare because we have a special needs daughter who is totally dependent on us. It would break my heart to watch her starve.

  12. I prepare because I believe that Believers in Jesus are NOT going to be Raptured out BEFORE anything bad happens “End Times” wise, and since I believe it it GOD who has put it in my heart to prep (and many other people’s hearts too) I feel it is wisdom to prepare and act by faith, just like Noah did.

    Maranatha Homestead
    Sneadville, TN

    • Chris Ray says:

      I think the number of people God has stirred to prepare, and will be stirring to prepare is staggering. I do wonder how many ignored His calling.

  13. Son of Liberty says:

    Chris, I appreciate your brief comment about not testing the Lord using Jesus’ example during his 40 day temptation in the wilderness when he refused to jump off the temple. I’m afraid many ARE/OR WILL BE testing the Lord by refusing to do anything until the SHTF. Then if there is a delay to God’s answer (Da 10:13), or one has failed to pray in faith believing (Mt 21:21-22), asks for personal/selfish reasons or with wrong motives (Ja 4:3), or is testing and tempting God, or — any number of other reasons God does not answer their prayer — they will be tempted to give up.

    I believe thousands who believe in a pre-tribulation rapture may be (at least) among those who fall from the faith (2 Th. 2:3) when what they held faith in didn’t happen. I’m not sure their faith is in Christ, but may be in a pre-trib rapture – therefore, a misplaced faith.

    And remember, God does nothing unless he first reveals it to his prophets (Amos 3:7).


    Son of Liberty

    • Chris Ray says:

      During my studies years ago I found a forum discussing the End Times. One of the commenters believed that the pre-trib Rapture was the great deception, and that those who believed in it would be the great many that fall away.

  14. GatorGeek21 says:

    Wow…some great stories/wisdom here as well as some clear, concise, intelligent & focused reasons for doing what we do. With a few exceptions I think my reasons for prepping are pretty much the same as others mentioned. If I had to nail it down to just one I think it is the same reason Chris gave & that Dan so elequantly phrased, “The Lord requires me to, my conscience requires me to and common sense says it’s the prudent thing to do.”

    Yes I still get the sneers & comments when I mention it to people, but I snap back with some great comebacks. My favourite being…”fine…you don’t want to be in the seacan I am burying in the backyard as a shelter (not really doing this)…well when the zombies come a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’.” LOL!

    As I am in a major Canadian city with no real bugout location (at this time); no immediate plans for firearms (mostly due to regulations, other priorities, etc.) at this time; & a wife that is willing to “accept” some of the stuff that makes sense, but only “mildly tolerates” the other stuff; I need to do what I can with the resources I have right now. Although she has started putting together her own simple EDC & is planning a kit of some sort for her vehicle (candles, etc.)…so she is starting to come on side a bit more. She is also a bit more on board with starting some raised garden beds in the spring (among others). I am more focused on it as way to learn new skills, but also as a way to make our money go farther, eat healthier & perhaps a way to share with others on a limited basis.

    This is good though as it has forced me in a way to be more directed, focused & clear on the things I should be spending money on & what I can create or acquire for other itmes. Case in point…for Christmas this year my wife & bought each other something simple due our circumstances over the past few months…part of which was buying a Food Saver (finally) & dehydrater & having to get a new vehicle. So I asked her for the survival knife I have had my eyes on for quite a while. This allowed me to be creative with building car kits for both of our vehicles (to many items to mention in one post). Still not done but getting there. As a side note…when we bought the new vehicle I was looking for something that was still fine for everyday use, but could relate to prepping as well…hence the addition of a trailer hitch on the new SUV & plans to equip the other with the same.

    Some of the other things I stock are condiments, etc. from take out places, etc. Taking a few extra ketchup, napkins, vinegar, wooden stir sticks helps to build some stock, potentially for our use or for barter. I also have my in-laws saving the plastic Folgers coffee tubs for me. I use them to sort things out, but when I am finally done with them I have thought of turning them in what I call “ARK Kits.” Simply put…a small collection of items (i.e. fire kit, decks of cards, toothpaste/brush, heat source, etc.)…& the bucket can be used for water collection, storage, etc…that could be given to someone in any type of emergency situation…or as an anonymous gift on someones doorstep in a PHTF situation. Incidentally the name comes from the movie “Evan Almighty” where at the end the God character draws ARK in the dirt & says something to the affect of changes happen with a single simple “Act of Random Kindness.”

    The long & short of all of this is that if I do all of this stuff & am able to provide for my immediate circle in the here & now as wella s the future then it is all worth it. If somethign does happen & I am raptured up or whatever….then whoever finds my stuff…well they can have it.

    Sorry for the long post. Guess I have been thinking of this for awhile & it all blurs together.

    • Chris Ray says:

      Lots of good stuff here. Doing what you can with what you have is what this is all about.

      ARK kits, I like it, and might have to use it in the future, good stuff.

      • GatorGeek21 says:

        Actually Chris the Ark idea came from you. You had mentioned in a recent post about someone willing to be an arc for others. That combined with some other stuff I picked up along the way (I.e. barter kits, supplies to share with teams, how to help others who aren’t prepared, etc.) helped come up with the idea. Have been thinking of developing it more and possibly presenting in in some forum…but not sure.

  15. Ashley Abednego says:

    I prepare out of obediance for The Lord and His Word. However I do not put all my hope and faith into being prepared or my preps. Last year I was all about prepping and gunho about it, then something happened. A huge massive warehouse fire where there were loads of 500 gallon propane tanks caught fire right across the street from where we were living. We had to evacuate. Fortunately for my family and I a friend on the fire department privy to the situation and its dangers called and told us to start packing before the came knocking saying we had to evacuate. Of course the streets of these 6-8 blocks were packed with onlookers drivers and gawkers (or as we call them rubber neckers) One woman even tried to get her 5 year old to sneak past the baracades with her so they could watch the fire (what is up with peoples fasination with fire and especially if it is causing massive destruction?) Another man tried to bum rush the police on a bicycle to get past and get a close view of the fire. Never the less we had about 30-45 minutes max to get whatever items we could that was necessary for us and our 4 children and get out of the area (or risk being blown to smitherines, inhalation of poisonous warehouse chemicals etc) That day I learned I could have had thousands of dollars and hours stored in preps and it could have all been for naught ( you would be surprised what you grab when you have to evacuate fast) needless to say we chose both our swords (The Word and means of protection) seeds, a few books, electronics, any small valuables like jewelry, medical supplies, and enough clothes for a week and we walked out of our home not knowing if we would ever return and that gave us a lot of time to think about our plans when it comes to preparing. By God’s grace the fire was contained and nothing was harmed and it turned out to be a blessing in disguise which allowed us to reevaluate our plans. We have since moved the Lord miraculously blessed us with a home that we had no means of affording let alone getting a loan for on 12 acres with three sources of water in a secluded area however we still understand that the unpredictable is the only thing you can count on to be predicable. Our faith is First in God and our prepping is part of our obediance to Him but we understand that we can’t put our faith in any of the preps we have made we must hope and trust only in Jesus Christ and have faith that in the event we have to walk away from all our hard work or it blows up that Our Heavenly Father will provide and will honor us for our obediance. I firmly believe that the Church/Body of Christ will be Gods tool for feeding the hungry and helping those who are displaced. We are not going to be able to hole away in a bunker until the second coming of Christ or the rapture (whichever you believe not here to debate rapture timing) We as Christians are to go out and proclaim the good news and share the gospel of Christ. We must prepare while keeping our duties as disciples in correct priority. We must also remember the second greatest commandment. To love our neighbors as ourselves. There may come a time when the Lord sends those who are displaced to you and when / if that time comes will you be prepared for that? Please prepare your hearts saints keep your lamps full of the oil of the Holy Spirit so that he may guide you in all your ways. Thank you for sharing all your comments on why you prepare. This is a very resourceful website and I am very thankful for our brother Chris for being a good steward of it.

    • Chris Ray says:

      Glad to hear the fire was contained. That new home is a blessing from God!

      Your story is the perfect example of something I have been saying. in 95% of situations we’re better off staying home and not bugging out. But that other 5% still happens, so we need to have a plan so that we’re not struck with analysis paralysis.

      Thanks for sharing!

    • Schieftain says:

      Ashley’s post hits on some of my own questions about preparing.

      By preparing, am I trusting in myself vs. trusting in the Lord?

      And trying to exert “control” over something God is really in control of?

      Am I basing my security in my own preparations rather than the Lord?

      If something happens and I’m prepared, and my neighbors (who have not prepared) show up at my door, how will I respond? WWJD?

      If hordes of neighbors find out I’m well-provisioned, and try to storm my house, how do I respond as a believer? WWJD?

      I do prepare, because like most people have said, I think God instructs us to use to exercise wisdom, and prepare for the future, including the potential for a future that could be really bad. But I have to accept that my preparations could all be for naught. God could take me home tomorrow, or steer world events however he wants. I have to hold all my plans loosely. “If it is the Lord’s will, we will do such and such…” (James 4:15)

      One of my struggles is asking “how far do I go?” Do I prepare for 2 weeks, a month, a year…?
      How much do I spend of the time and financial resources he gives me to prepare for potential disaster, vs. serving others here and now?

      Am I also “preparing” my character by digging into his word, serving in our church, seeking him, and sharing the Gospel?

      • GatorGeek21 says:

        I feel the same way about a lot of the things you mentioned…WWJD? I especially like but seem to miserably fail on your most important prep…preparing your spirit.

      • Chris Ray says:

        I had some of the same questions, as I am sure many have. Because each persons faith walk is different, I can’t tell you what is right for you. What I can do is list some links to articles I have written on the subject, that may help.

        This is the most updated article.
        Here are a link to several others.

        The bottom line is to seek God, ask for wisdom and continue to pray on it.

        I will say this on the WWJD, I don’t care for the phrase. Jesus acted in certain ways to fulfill prophecy’s, and we’re only shown a small segment of His life. If I were to do as Jesus did when teaching, I would more than likely speak in parables. I think better advice is to look at the entirety of the Bible and see what our Lord had to say throughout.

        Jesus never used violence when he walked the earth, but He very much does in Revelation.

        On what to do about neighbors; I believe the best solution is to give in secret. This lets us aid them, and keep what we have a secret. I wrote on this here.

        I think I’ll address some of your points in an article soon.

        Just keep seeking Him.

      • Read the Word carefully; you will find many examples in which the Lord sent someone out to do His work, but did so with very clear, very detailed instructions. The servant was to obey all that he was instructed to do in each case, and failure to comply completely usually resulted in some very unpleasant “retraining”. There are a few examples in the Bible in which the Lord said, “sit there and watch while I work”, but, very few; there are far more where it took effort on the part of His child/children, and, when they had fully and completely obeyed, then HE did what He said He would do – and not before. I am firmly convinced, after many years walking with Him, that we are to do all that we have been given the time, talent, and means to do “in the natural”, and, when we have done all those things, then, and only then, does He act in the “supernatural”. That has been my walk with Him, at any rate.

  16. I prep because the Bible teaches very clearly, IMO, that we are to do all that we ae equipped, trained, and provided for to do; when we have done all in our power, then, and only then, does Holy G-d take over in the supernatural. Nowhere does He instruct us to sit on our gluteus maximus while He does it all; on the contrary, He is usually very specific in His instructions and, if we fail to cross a t or dot an “i”, He lets us know.

    I prep because He never said, “check your brain at the door”.

    I prep because I watch what’s going on in our world, and align it with the Word of G-d. It is time. It is past-time. Stack it high.

    I prep because I spent years as a volunteer with the American Red Cross; I have worked just about every “job” possible. I never once met an individual or a family who was actually “prepared” for what hit them.

    I prep because even if I don’t need the “stuff”, someone sometime somewhere will. I am my Brother’s keeper (to some degree).

    In short, I prep because I am not unaware of the realities of our world, and because I believe it is my job to do so. And because I believe Him in His Word.

  17. Are you prejudiced against my views? I sent them in yesterday, so why didn’t they get printed? Jeremiah

    • Chris Ray says:

      uh come again? I didn’t see a post from you, and just went through 25 pages of spam comments in my filter to make sure it wasn’t stuck in there and it wasn’t.

      Maybe your browser hiccupped?

    • Jeremiah,

      Your comments came through on Jan 6, at 10:04pm. Chris Ray responded to them within 5 minutes.

      • Chris Ray says:

        Thanks Jason, I looked at the comments from the inside the blogging platform and didn’t see his was already posted.

  18. The core reason I prepare is to maximize my independence from “the system.”

    Simply put, I don’t trust the system and I resent being utterly dependent on the infrastructure of modern civilization for my every need. The more I prepare, the more I can disconnect and be self-reliant.

  19. 1 Chronicles 12:32. In the list of tribes and people who joined David to do battle against Saul, most of them highlight each tribe’s ability to do battle, except for one, “from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do”.

    I feel like preppers understand the times and know what America should do. I could be spending my money in any number of fruitless ways, but I find prepping and homesteading to the most worthwhile causes. It allows my boys to get involved too, taking care of the animals and garden. It’s too much for me alone, as I still have to work every day to bring in the money (for now).

  20. Peggy Selden says:

    When I have faced a “disaster” = job loss, lights out, snow storm, traffic delay, No money > I have had my preps to fall back on and relieve the anxiety of the situation. I have even used the situations as teaching tools for others by documenting the event and explaining the calmness felt during the extreme moments. Of course my faith plays a large part since my Savior has instilled in me the special talents and wisdom to seek Him and all else will be provided. As scripture indicates the wise man see dangers approaching and takes action while the foolish man does nothing and will perish. Thank you for allowing me to share.

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